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  1. Gift opportunity!
  2. Gift opportunity
  3. I am so psyched for this survivor season,
  4. Although I am not a huge survivor fan,
  5. "Jen, as happy as you are to be leaving,
  6. Under 15 dollar birthday gift ideas?
  7. Shops blatantly suck!
  8. If you go to college, what are you majoring in?
  9. Messed up!
  10. k Im TV star
  11. what ya got
  12. well...
  13. keep it moving
  14. I know you got history
  15. No title
  16. We come running
  17. Mirror in the sky,
  19. This is tengaged
  20. put my name in bold
  21. swerve
  22. great
  23. shots fired
  24. yes etienne
  25. Thanks for the stars win
  26. New York or California?
  27. sky level
  28. Cuz Ive got you with me
  29. Which survivor season should I watch?
  30. Baller
  31. going to mcdonalds for a salad
  32. lolz
  33. Go on
  34. The only way
  35. Was it worth it?
  36. Im gunna mark my territory
  37. Drugs are bad
  38. started from africa
  39. Will the landslide bring you down?
  40. All we got is right now

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  1. Halloween in "Gift opportunity" 22 hours

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Gift opportunity!vote Oct 8, 2015
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Gift opportunityvote Oct 8, 2015
In the stars pollbox, remind the public of the amazing things Halloween has done! I have already typed a few of his amazing achievments in life! Did you guys know he is a fairly god parent? That he helped Batman defeat Joker in that one movie? That he used his magic to defeat Voldemort in Harry Potters deleted scenes? :O

I'll be browsing the pollbox all day today and tomorrow. Most creative/funniest one will get a gift by me! (no joke, I have hella Ts and im hardly on here anyway)

Gooo to that pollbox!!!
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I am so psyched for this survivor season, Sep 12, 2015
even though the last season I watched was Cagayan.  Still, I am EXTREMELY disappointed that J'tia was not chosen. WHYYYYYYYY.
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Although I am not a huge survivor fan, Aug 29, 2015
The one survivor contestant that stood out the most to me was J'tia. I watched the whole cagayan season and even as a pre-Juror, she was the most memorable of the season lmfao.
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"Jen, as happy as you are to be leaving, Aug 25, 2015
we are happier to see you go"

*Stops at door, looks at houseguests, and with a no fucks given and clear boss attitude along with a smile...

"That's perfect"

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Under 15 dollar birthday gift ideas? Aug 20, 2015
My female cousin's birthday is in 3 days so I wanna buy something for her on Amazon. She is 20 years old though, so I have no idea. I was thinking like a pillow pet or a plush toy pikachu or something but I feel like that is too basic/childish.

Ideas? Anythinggggg.
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