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  1. First I gotta keep enough lettuce
  2. My 49ers
  3. haha I loved these calls
  4. some guy a few blocks away
  5. for people who still use the
  6. This video will LITERALLY change your life
  7. I got a B+ in my geology class
  8. I want to do a pokemon nuzlocke
  9. someone on here
  10. how mad do you think
  11. Shop for the public! (designs for noobs, gift..
  12. poll: gay guys and girls
  13. who is the NEW tengaged queen?
  14. college is so much harder than I thought it'd be
  15. Am I still somewhat known on here?
  16. Non karma-hungry people only
  17. my all time fav skype fight
  18. These are the skype calls I truly miss
  19. chlltownofcourse
  21. I just want somebody to love =(
  22. I wish I can have those best friends
  23. dumb question (not too active on here anymore)
  24. My roommate just said..
  25. I sincerely think,
  26. Call me nerdy for watching disney channel
  27. breaking someone's heart sucks
  28. wowww
  29. Quick stars insight
  30. good morning!
  31. LMFAO
  32. when you see my avi
  33. how ironic
  34. did I just see morgan
  35. + If I should join stars
  36. I like college parties
  37. a shot of vodka
  38. My favorite moment in a stars
  39. I love kaitlin here
  40. People I miss

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First I gotta keep enough lettuce Jan 11, 2014
To support your shoe fetish
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My 49ers Jan 6, 2014
Are going to win the upcoming Super Bowl, mark my words ^_^

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haha I loved these calls Dec 19, 2013
#kingmac1 What do you guys think about this sweater? *posts link in chat*
karim: It looks horrible etc.
@kingmac1: Shut up karim youre arab you dont know nothing about fashion sit down

LOL those calls were so fun
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some guy a few blocks away Dec 18, 2013
just won the lottery. he won 685 million dollars,
im tempted to be like "hey whatsup how have you been i havent seen you in a while"
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for people who still use the Dec 18, 2013
"all they did was sheep" statement in stars to bash on other peoples gameplay, PLEASE explain:

If no one "sheeped", that would mean everyone would be a leader. As a result, they would make their own decisions, and 16 random different nomsets would be locked in on day 1.

like... please explain..
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This video will LITERALLY change your life Dec 17, 2013
I feel like I just have to share this. I just watched it, and honestly, this guy is spot on. He makes his message clear. Watch it, understand it, and breath it, because once you do, you will become successful.

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