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What the hell, Nov 23, 2015
Why was my previous blog removed? Are we not allowed to do gift giveaways? ummm...
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"Jen, as happy as you are to be leaving, Aug 25, 2015
we are happier to see you go"

*Stops at door, looks at houseguests, and with a no fucks given and clear boss attitude along with a smile...

"That's perfect"

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Shops blatantly suck! Nov 12, 2014
I want to gift certain people but GTFO with the 1000T sales.
And then other times, It is strictly a week where the same people get gifted over and over.

Nothing against the shop owners, but I am just saying, go follow tigger's advice and stop supporting the owners please.
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If you go to college, what are you majoring in? Oct 26, 2014
Or what do you plan to major in if you want to attend some college/institution/university/academy?

If you graduated, what was your major?

I am curious to see what people are studying/want to study.
Im studying neurobiology/physiology
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Messed up! Oct 5, 2014
Edit: lol at this being a top blog lol thanks I guess

When I was a noob, I wanted a design, and wumblebee told me that If I spammed his design to auctions, he would gift me.


and it did get to auctions:

ive messaged him alot about it, but nope, he just ignored me. So giving you one last chance, pls make it right!

diva1, can you tell him this?? maybe he can listen to you.

Im such a victim :(((

#used #makeitright!
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k Im TV star Sep 6, 2014
imageGive me my free top blog.

Love you all!
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