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  1. My laptop is like
  2. Oral presentation day
  3. Morning whores < 3
  4. It saddens me
  5. Did y'all know that
  6. Feelin' motivated
  7. Mass Effect Andromeda
  8. How to write and good speech
  10. I'm a speedy bitch lol
  11. Hey babez !
  12. LMFAOO whaat
  13. How do you get motivated
  14. pyn if u wanna gift
  15. Sooo I got drunk 2day
  16. You know what I hate the most on tg?
  17. come n plug with me
  18. Why do ppl fight so much
  19. I hate when someone screenshots
  20. OMG I have a new crush
  21. lmao thanks
  22. Can anyone make male designs?
  23. I miss her
  24. Can't wait to go for
  25. Who wants to form Vivor tribe
  26. Who can design male clothes?
  27. Can you guys stop sending me
  28. I love Spanish
  29. Let's think about it
  30. So in Tg world
  31. Pyn and I'll tell u
  32. I'm already at over 4K
  33. Thank God I don't watch
  34. Hunger top 5
  35. I made top 7 in hunger
  36. I watered my phone
  37. How's my new blog pic
  38. Blow meee
  39. Morning Wood
  40. Just created chat

DId you ever dream of a design

Jan 10, 2017 by Arris
but could never afford it?
PM if you have 500TS


LMAO this sounds like an advertisement
Sent by KatarinaDuCouteau,Jan 10, 2017
Yes but after your betrayal .. :s
Sent by ItsAustin,Jan 10, 2017
No alliance = no betrayal :s ItsAustin
Sent by Arris,Jan 10, 2017

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