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  1. Listening to the newest
  2. Have you ever snapped
  3. Do you ever get a boner
  4. Chester of Linkin Park
  5. we're ofifically 2gether
  6. Soo I'll be California
  7. Name hottest
  8. Pyn and me
  9. Sometimes when I'm drunk
  10. She said she's gonna
  11. Who banned u
  12. Yeeess
  13. Everyone in UK
  14. New Kesha music is sooo good
  15. I can't imagine being
  16. Never joining Stars again
  17. Looool I was spammed out
  18. Any last minute saves?
  19. Looks like ill be spammed out
  20. What kind of muffins r the best
  21. I can't believe I have to work
  22. sucks being up against spammer :/
  23. Being spammed / multid (?) out sucks but oh well
  24. I still can't at how hot
  25. oh fffs
  26. I just got mail ffrom uni
  27. Who's online rn
  28. one thing I love about having big dick
  29. So in 2 days I work 5.30 am
  30. I've put Despacito in plug dj
  31. join plug dj :DD
  32. Why do people say blondes are stupid
  33. Pyn 4 a Stars Shoutout
  34. Lauren and I will always be
  35. Stars Vlog yoloo
  36. Thank You 50.2% ILY Lauren < 33
  37. Vlog incoming uugh
  38. Sooo when you eat banana
  39. Kinder surprise
  40. has anyone seen

DId you ever dream of a design

Jan 10, 2017 by Arris
but could never afford it?
PM if you have 500TS


LMAO this sounds like an advertisement
Sent by KatarinaDuCouteau,Jan 10, 2017
Yes but after your betrayal .. :s
Sent by ItsAustin,Jan 10, 2017
No alliance = no betrayal :s ItsAustin
Sent by Arris,Jan 10, 2017

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