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  1. how do you like ur coffee
  2. Add me on snap xx
  3. LOL get a life
  4. *Stars Nominated for 13th Vlogs*
  5. Choose one Ed
  6. The LEGO Batman
  7. Pyn for a random song
  8. I love to have a winter break off
  9. I played golf today
  10. About to play golf
  11. thank you to all my supporters
  12. When exactly is Stars enrollment?
  13. Shall I join Stars?
  14. Camila Cabella & Pitbull
  15. Is Australia a good
  16. My phone won't connect nor see wi-fi
  17. I love Spotify tbh
  18. I was supposed 2 go out
  19. Bebe Rexha is a BAD BITCH
  20. i keep on sneezing like crazy
  21. I haven't seen 50 Shades Darker yet
  22. What are the good ways
  23. Why do some guys have
  24. I can't breaaathe
  25. I like when girls play hard to get
  26. Do I go for another shop?
  27. MEEE
  28. How fucked up you must be
  29. That moment when all you dream about
  31. What I love about collage
  32. I had the best Sunday ever
  33. Can't believe I saw Emma Stone
  34. Morning !
  35. Morning hoes xx
  36. Morning
  37. When you're booked in Saturday
  38. Morning bitchez !
  39. Anyone watched Riverdale ?
  40. We just slayed frookies 2gether

DId you ever dream of a design

Jan 10, 2017 by Arris
but could never afford it?
PM if you have 500TS


LMAO this sounds like an advertisement
Sent by KatarinaDuCouteau,Jan 10, 2017
Yes but after your betrayal .. :s
Sent by ItsAustin,Jan 10, 2017
No alliance = no betrayal :s ItsAustin
Sent by Arris,Jan 10, 2017

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