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i keep on sneezing like crazy

Feb 16, 2017 by Arris
ffs how do I stop it


Sent by Kaylabby,Feb 16, 2017
Your heart stops for that second when you sneeze. Fun fact.
Sent by MeykingWeyvs,Feb 16, 2017
Oh, and try a inhaler nasal stick. Might help.
Sent by MeykingWeyvs,Feb 16, 2017
oh yes i need to get one asap meykingweyvs
Sent by Arris,Feb 16, 2017
Sent by Jkjkjk15,Feb 16, 2017
It sucks babe
Sent by Manda17_xoxo,Feb 16, 2017
stop sneezing
Sent by AxKxAxBatman,Feb 16, 2017

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