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  1. im in love
  2. the whole running man challenge
  3. can u believe
  4. serious question
  5. who was smokin more crack
  6. #PegasusIsACrackBaby
  7. i just have 1 question for u @pegasus123
  8. im like 90% sure
  9. stars tonight?
  10. its funny how everyone hates me
  11. "if you dont like my attitude then..
  12. maybe if we didnt make rape a joke
  13. another thing i dont understand
  14. seriously how can ppl online date
  15. My Dad: "I'm Voting For Trump"
  16. " Please, please, please, please,
  17. if there was a list
  18. people be backing michele
  19. honestly
  21. plz tai
  22. Aubry Bracco
  23. survivor is so rigged lmfao
  24. honestly
  25. if guys "cant" get raped
  26. people really dont believe
  28. shoutout to Donald Trump
  29. am i the only one
  30. can you believe
  31. All SNL Has Become
  32. is this fucked or am i overdramatic
  33. MY LIFE
  34. all im gonna say
  35. Sandra Diaz-Twine
  36. dont it always seem to go,
  37. does anyone wanna frook
  38. Drunk Tweets <<<<
  39. y do ppl like julia
  40. I live for Aubry

wow what a shocker...

Dec 29, 2012 by BB5lover
5 americans are dead and 0/7 .br/.es are dead

good job turning on each other AMERICANOS!


BB5Lover I suicided to give my Indian friend health. I was about to give faygo health but I died just before I could.
Sent by AlexRyder,Dec 29, 2012
Sent by Trust,Dec 29, 2012

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