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  1. who remembers when the survivor editors
  2. why is patrick319 so loved now
  3. if u want to see me in stars this weekend
  4. who has the vine
  5. netflix and chill
  6. this is my most iconic blog ever
  8. was the intro to AHS
  9. did anyone catch the squirrels fucking?
  10. the most iconic moment of my time on tg
  11. jesus christ
  12. what should i do for the next hour
  13. if i had a voice
  14. this girl in my class just referred
  15. can someone normal join
  16. confessions of a teenage STARSOHALIC
  17. my roommate watches me sleep
  18. night
  19. am i liked or hated
  20. one of my favorite past times
  21. if i flip a coin
  22. hey
  23. is it weird that i dont take nudes?
  24. i have a deep appreciation for tengaged
  25. if were being honest
  26. stars?
  27. the one thing I love about my best friend
  28. lol i really dont get it
  29. if you're reading this
  30. Vessel > Blurryface
  31. how can there be world hunger
  32. i dont believe in love at first sight
  33. its been 1 year and some change
  34. i have some news that im revealing soon
  35. u gotta pay the troll toll
  37. how do u ignore someone
  38. the evolution of Hwest14 when he was 14
  39. kob3sm1ths most iconic blog
  40. this is my most iconic blog

wow what a shocker...

Dec 29, 2012 by BB5lover
5 americans are dead and 0/7 .br/.es are dead

good job turning on each other AMERICANOS!


BB5Lover I suicided to give my Indian friend health. I was about to give faygo health but I died just before I could.
Sent by AlexRyder,Dec 29, 2012
Sent by Trust,Dec 29, 2012

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