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  1. sexts from bae
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  17. i think its adorable
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  23. serious question
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  25. jesus christ
  26. i think its so funny
  27. lmfao at the #BoycottStarbucks
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  34. do i join stars tomorrow?
  35. im screaming
  36. so
  37. does anyone want to buy my account?
  38. gagaluv is such an ugly cunt
  40. does anyone know

wow what a shocker...

Dec 29, 2012 by BB5lover
5 americans are dead and 0/7 .br/.es are dead

good job turning on each other AMERICANOS!


BB5Lover I suicided to give my Indian friend health. I was about to give faygo health but I died just before I could.
Sent by AlexRyder,Dec 29, 2012
Sent by Trust,Dec 29, 2012

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