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  1. Isnt it kinda funny
  2. There Is No Better Reality TV Season
  3. wtf...
  4. ive never understood
  5. my bmi is 23
  6. uh...
  7. *Logs Onto Tengaged*
  8. what happened to qooper
  9. does anyone want 2 frooks and chill
  10. what was that
  11. hey
  12. what if i told yall
  13. i hate that i live in a world
  14. i hope sillysuzy's next vlog
  15. everyone is so scared of sillysuzy
  16. #TBT
  17. round 2 of college is everything
  18. ppl who think jackie returning
  19. thank u for all the kind messages =]
  20. cool blog was removed
  21. he works in an AE bathroom
  22. its funny
  23. BB Ranking
  24. bernie sanders 4 pres
  25. becky got hit by a train
  26. I cant believe she created the whip
  27. "Fuck Whoever Invented Netflix...
  28. LMAO
  29. should i join staws
  30. if tengaged has taught me anything
  31. when lamia said
  32. who else is excited for me
  33. I am invited for Big Brother Turkey
  34. LNF?
  35. i cant wait for ADC to take control
  36. whats the comp
  37. the new American Eagle playlist
  38. i really wanna start getting into orgs
  39. who's gonna support me in stawsss

wow what a shocker...

Dec 29, 2012 by BB5lover
5 americans are dead and 0/7 .br/.es are dead

good job turning on each other AMERICANOS!


BB5Lover I suicided to give my Indian friend health. I was about to give faygo health but I died just before I could.
Sent by AlexRyder,Dec 29, 2012
Sent by Trust,Dec 29, 2012

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