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I actually DO feel bad for Aaryn..

Aug 31, 2013 by BB5lover
imageCBS gave her the most random edit ive EVER seen on big brother...

weeks 1-4 they portrayed her as the disgusting full of herself racist
weeks 5-7 likeable.. great at challenges (2nd coming of Janelle)
weeks 8-9 Mccranda sheep.. bottom of the totem pole

then on the way out... after 40 days of not really acting racist.. settling down without Jeremy/Kaitlyn/David there.. Julie tries to get "revenge" for the things she said...

i understand that was the hot topic of the season, but when she said she didnt remember what she said.. its becuz she didnt.. its not that shes trying to defend being a racist.. she said it 60 days ago ROFL.. if u ask me what i said in a convo 60 days ago id have no idea.

CBS knew what they were doing.. they set her up to look disgusting and it worked.. Thursday's eviction was the biggest eviction ever on big brother... the most anticipated as well and one of the most watched.

and its her PARENTS fault.. not hers.. she was brought up to hate minorities, she didnt randomly think one day that she hated them, thats how most people are in the south.


I'm sorry but Big Brother can't edit a racist.
Sent by Matthew09,Aug 31, 2013
You had this all right up until the last paragraph
Sent by nmh95,Aug 31, 2013
uh ya they can matthew09 they werent even going to show her saying racist things until it became a hot topic in the outside world.
Sent by BB5lover,Aug 31, 2013
< 3
Sent by TylerK,Aug 31, 2013
Yeah I feel bad for her because she hadnt really made racist remarks many days and then they decide to bring it up after it happened awhile ago
Sent by HipposUnite,Aug 31, 2013
they sure do really pick and choose what makes it onto the show, and how they piece it all together
Sent by Belmont,Aug 31, 2013
Lmao but people watch the live feeds and after dark and would see the comments she's made, so they couldn't edit that shit BB5lover ppl still see the horrible person she is, that's why they didn't' like her, don't blame that on CBS, those are HER actions.
Sent by Matthew09,Aug 31, 2013
y couldnt cbs air all the times she said she loves helen and andy and respects howard matthew09 which i saw on the feeds, i mean surely an actualy racist wouldnt say those things. we all say offensive comments, but racism means hatred towards a certain group which she doesnt, so ye shes not racist
Sent by karim,Sep 1, 2013

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