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What causes men to ejaculate different amounts of semen?

6thAug 15, 2010 by BengalBoy
imageI was curious, why do some men ejaculate much more semen than other men?

And how come sometimes, a man can have a huge amount of semen and other times, not as much?

Does it mean that he's more aroused when he produces more?

And I don't mean in succession. I mean one day he ejaculates A LOT of sperm, and then another not so much?

Just curious, couldn't find the answer. Haha.


Sent by tofutime,Aug 15, 2010
wtf? XD
Sent by vh1luvr15,Aug 15, 2010
oh boy.....
Sent by MarieEve,Aug 15, 2010
interesting question
but i think hes more aroused
Sent by cubs0707,Aug 15, 2010
ive wondered the same thing. do me a favor and mail me when you find the answer.
Sent by PortugalPauleta20,Aug 15, 2010
hey dru! :)
Sent by Savcodushe,Aug 15, 2010
The more you save up the more you produce, like if you avoid sex for 3 days, you will produce alot more baby batter than you will if you are having sex every day
Sent by Oscirus,Aug 15, 2010
Sent by Nicolette,Aug 15, 2010
haha u are so cute <333
Sent by britt0729,Aug 15, 2010
i think its the hair
Sent by sw33t,Aug 15, 2010
saw a vid on this acctually,'

depends on how ur glands r workin that day like ur cowpers gland or ur prostate gland
, n if the hormones from the brain [ GnRH ] r being sent quickly to ur penis (hella turned on or not)
so if ur brain likes whut it sees-more hormones-more semen.
Sent by tittysaurusrex,Aug 15, 2010
you should try
Sent by PackingCub,Aug 15, 2010
Sent by Robbster1313,Aug 15, 2010
this oddly makes me want to look it up....
Sent by StarLicious,Aug 15, 2010
couldnt resist....and found in the first 3 posts a yahoo questions entry from 9 months ago that asked that same exact (i mean, exact even in the format) question.  Did you post that?  LOL!!!

There are some good answers in there too  ;)
Sent by StarLicious,Aug 15, 2010
I think you are spanking the monkey too many times a day!!
Sent by Diva1,Aug 15, 2010
it depends on arousal and how long you haven't had any sexual activity
Sent by Akron,Aug 15, 2010
What Oscirus said, it also comes into factor how much you eat/drink and what you eat/drink.
Sent by Smartguy95,Aug 15, 2010
Dru you're a horrible human being.
Sent by WillyEx,Aug 15, 2010
Sent by connorthomson,Aug 15, 2010
Sent by konohavillage1,Aug 15, 2010
r u horny today? what we talked about today and two blogs about this kind of subject in one day. hmmmm....
Sent by ZIMY,Aug 15, 2010
HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHA This blog made my day!
Sent by chewbacca,Aug 15, 2010
if I don't cum in a long, I cum a lot.
If I cum like 15 times a day, it gets less and less
Sent by Gabriella,Aug 15, 2010
Sent by InSaNiuM,Aug 15, 2010
if I don't cum in a long, I cum a lot.
If I cum like 15 times a day, it gets less and less
Sent by Gabriella,Aug 15, 2010

You came 15 times in a day? :^) Interesting..
Sent by Phenomanimal,Aug 15, 2010
Ha ha oh my
Sent by dreambabe01,Aug 15, 2010
Interest is part of it, stress, diet, time of day, personal strength and time factor.
Sent by Mattq,Aug 15, 2010
you seem curious!
Sent by MaryC,Aug 15, 2010
Sent by lala303,Aug 15, 2010
Sent by AntNikiaBonnie,Aug 15, 2010
oh god lmfao
Sent by crazy342,Aug 15, 2010
Sent by BigBrotherFanGirl09,Aug 15, 2010
+10  lol!
Sent by jenani,Aug 15, 2010
these are moments when google is applied
Sent by Fizzeray,Aug 16, 2010
um, you are a man arent you???  shouldnt you know?
Sent by JustMe,Aug 16, 2010
Its def based on how turned on you are.
Sent by Banjo,Aug 22, 2010

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