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He got me! Jan 7, 2015
+0 points wwemrpeeps 2 hours 36 min ago
most of her friends are realy good in survivor, maybe they keep her cuz she a girl and she shows them nudes

#110merges #thatsalotofnudes
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Genderfaking.. Jan 4, 2015
Is when you actively go out of your way to LIE about your gender... by sending pictures of a girl that isn't you, giving a girls name, answering questions about your life falsely as if you were the opposite gender. And generally genderfakers are lying to straight guys and thats why it's been such a big thing. (Eg.. Sash and TheKid28 )

A guy dressing their avatar as a girl but openly being known as a guy to their friends is not genderfaking..

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travisd13 Dec 23, 2014
Points: 57 3 comments
Who has photoshop or similar thing Dec 20, 2014
And would do me a huge favour??

I bought my sister a ticket for the lion king for xmas and it hasn't come yet so need to make my own to show her what she's got.. I don't have any type of design program anymore cause MacBooks are crap for that and I'm not paying money for photoshop :(

Tagging a few shop type people
Tag others who design and are nice pleaseeee < 3
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X factor fans.. Dec 14, 2014
The vote percentages are released on the website! I always find them super interesting..

Ben topped the vote since week 4 onwards!! Quite shocked, I def thought Fleur was for sure winning.
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What did I miss Dec 14, 2014
From the first part of X factor??
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