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  3. To spend 1000t$ on a design..
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  8. Happy Birthday Brandon!!!
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Oh shit.. Apr 20, 2014
I'm illegal now?! :S

"If you are seen wearing that design you will be asked to remove it within a certain time period. If you fail to follow through you will receive a ban until you email us saying you are ready to remove the design."

I love my avatar :( I worked hard on this!!!
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4 years! Apr 7, 2014
:( I hate this day
Points: 79 8 comments
To spend 1000t$ on a design.. Mar 25, 2014
It BETTER be something I've never seen before, recoloured hair/eyes/sweaters just doesn't cut it imo and y'all are mental to not see this!

Let's get creative shopowners!
Points: 134 14 comments
One of the best things I've ever seen!!! Mar 16, 2014
Points: 60 3 comments
Well! Mar 16, 2014
I sure wish the same harsh moderation was implimented back in 2011 when I got out of my 60 merge streak cause Hash and gang were fiddling around with challenge times and getting 90k in wof!

This is an outrage, give me back my rightful spot in hof!!!!

#Justwantedtogetinvolved #Notreallyarsed #Shithappens
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Happy Birthday AlphaBravo < 3 Mar 10, 2014
imageYa lil Irish twerp! 24 today, ooooo getting old now! He's an inactive twat nowadays but either way he was and is one of the best people I've met on here! AlphaBravo, enjoy ya day pal!

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