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whats the heart for? Feb 21, 2015
on peoples profiles.. I just clicked one and nothing happened
Points: 88 7 comments
Hakuna Matata! Feb 19, 2015
What a wonderful phrase...
Points: 60 3 comments
Didn't even realise.. Feb 17, 2015
that this Jordanlloydfan vs sjsoccer88 tribe showdown was happening til tonight since i've been pretty busy over the last few days and barely had time to check my own survivor let alone every Tom, Dick and Harry's..

Pretty interesting reading back over both tribes comments and seeing just how many times my names been dragged into it as if it's got anything at all to do with me.. Jamie is a grown man who makes his own decisions based on his own emotions.

Please can both tribes kindly keep my name out of it, thanks!
Points: 120 5 comments
How often.. Feb 15, 2015
do people know they are going to be voted out in the tv show Survivor?
Barely bloody ever..

So why are we crying over people not being brutally honest to eachother on this gaming site based on cutthroat reality games... shut the fuck up jhelsdon2478 you whiny little bitch #Boreoff
Points: 0 19 comments
How much do you actually need.. Jan 28, 2015
For a shop?

I've been saving for a while now just cause I don't care to buy designs for myself or anyone else really at 1000t$ so like is it 5000? More?

And how does it work with discounts etc etc etc.. I know it's not how it used to be, can someone explain it to me, ty
Points: 64 5 comments
Meeting Tengagers IRL.. Jan 26, 2015
I've met 18 different people off here now IRL (some people multiple times).. Just curious to see if anybody has met more than that? Maybe it can be another record I can hold alongside most merge streaks :p

Meeting people from the "internet world" used to be quite scary for me, but now it doesn't even phase me.. Kinda wanna find 2 more people to meet to make it a nice round even 20! that'd be cute!
Points: 133 14 comments