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  11. Fucking .es
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  13. What website has BBUK episodes?
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  17. Can you tell what we are!?
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  39. 4 years!
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Are people aware.. Jul 26, 2014
That a tribe consists of 10 people? Lol... Don't really get why the hate is all on me but cool, loving the attention :)
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My face when... Jul 26, 2014
imageSomeone who is overweight calls ME fat... Pot, kettle, black. #Vileperson

"...but I should expect nothing less from a fat pile of trash like yourself.
Sent by KarmaSutra,Jul 25, 2014"
Points: 184 9 comments
Bore off! Jul 25, 2014
Everyone bitching that moderation didn't have proof to ban a tribe of cheaters... What do you honestly think happened? I sent a mail saying "pretty please ban this tribe so I can keep my precious streak :( "

No, I sent a well thought out mail with 2 different forms of proof! I had a conversation with #lemjam and #jdog earlier and both were more laid back about it than half of the whiners I'm seeing on the blog page!

People complain when cheaters cheat and complain when cheaters are caught! So dumb....
Points: 1514 47 comments
You would think.. Jul 25, 2014
That bitches would know better by now not to cheat when facing me in survivor...

It never turns out well! :)
Points: 788 11 comments
You heard it here first guys.. Jul 22, 2014
A glass of milk before a challenge is the KEY to doing good!

[22/07/2014 23:18:49] Jeff ( Aimers): what i used to do
[22/07/2014 23:18:51] Jeff (Aimers): is practice a lot
[22/07/2014 23:18:55] Jeff (Aimers): then drink a glass of milk
[22/07/2014 23:18:57] Jeff (Aimers): lol
[22/07/2014 23:19:00] Jeff (Aimers): then i would do relaly well

Good ol' Calcium! Great for your bones, teeth and tg competition scores (y)
Points: 76 2 comments
Join survivor Jul 14, 2014
If you are good at challenges!!!!!111!!
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