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  1. George Ezra < 3
  2. Omg..
  3. People tell their hairstylist everything!!
  4. I'll never learn!!
  5. WTF kinda world do we live in!!!
  6. Eeeek
  7. I'm such a good friend!
  8. Happy 21st Birthday!!!
  9. Halfway there now..
  10. So beautiful
  11. These blogs are so dumb lol
  12. Manchester United match days!!
  13. RIH!!!
  14. Dear everyone in this game..
  15. For the first time in my life..
  16. Morninggg :)
  17. Cuz the players gonna play..
  18. Ios8
  19. I got glasses today..
  20. D'awww
  21. Tbh.. Can we all just stop talking about me..
  22. Moral of the story
  23. Happy Birthday Sash!!
  24. Honestly..
  25. Now that I'm home..
  26. Sam Smith!
  27. It's hard..
  28. My Karma Right Now..
  29. Matching my avi irl..
  30. Bloody hell
  31. Dilemma..
  32. Is facebook broke?
  33. T-Mod is so nice to me
  34. FML!!
  35. Left my iPhone in a taxi..
  36. Can't wait to go into work today..
  37. Cut a little GIRLS hair today..
  38. Hey
  39. Stylist to the stars..
  40. Best ALS video I have seen so far!!

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George Ezra < 3 Oct 24, 2014
Just got tickets to see him, yayyyy < 333

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Omg.. Oct 23, 2014
Thank you Aquamarine.. If it wasn't for your blog I wouldn't have realised that it's my 18 month Surviversary!! < 33333

23 Apr, 13 - 23 Oct, 14 so far :D
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People tell their hairstylist everything!! Oct 9, 2014
I'm used to the occasional life story, and people enjoy to have a moan at me about their partners/children/job etc..

But today was a little too far as a client sat down in the chair and was like "Ugh, I'm on my period"................................ oh.. ok? *awkward silence*

Idk about the rest of the girls on here (I know there aint many) but is that really something you blurt out to someone you just met?
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I'll never learn!! Oct 9, 2014
Ugh.. I feel really sick but I hate phoning in to work, I always think if I go in and show that I've made effort they'll send me home cause they can see I'm not right to be here!

But nooooooo, someone else phones in sick so now I'm here doing their clients Aswel as my own.. I'm a bloody mug :(
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WTF kinda world do we live in!!! Oct 4, 2014
In the last 24 hours I've seen a story about a kid that murdered his GF and cut her to pieces like in the TV show Dexter.. The horrific story about Alan Henning being beheaded brutally by Isis, and I've just found out that a group of 15-18yr olds stabbed a 22yr old man over 15 times at the back of my actual street in the early hours of this morning!!

There is truly some vile people in this world :(
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Eeeek Oct 4, 2014
Huge scary spider 0 - 1 Me!

I'm getting brave in my old age!
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