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  1. I
  2. Next year
  3. #GoBroncos
  4. Dead
  5. It sure is easy
  6. It must be nice to be a girl
  7. Lowkey
  8. Rubio or Sanders
  9. what tv channel
  10. group games arent working again
  11. any skype games tonight?
  12. Good luck brother
  13. I can't believe
  14. What's wirh the beef
  15. Nommed for 5th in Stars
  16. For the record tengaged
  17. well
  18. Surprise Surprise
  19. I love
  20. Very ironic
  21. King
  22. my skype turned into chinese
  23. You know a kid doesn't have a life
  24. If you don't like JesseM
  25. I won the raffle but i wish
  26. Just because I join Stars
  27. Who is all joining Stars
  28. I won the raffle
  29. NightMAN
  31. where can i watch
  32. join frookies 1 spot left
  33. Are mails not working?
  34. BrookieCookies Phone #
  36. I'm not gonna cry like a bitch
  37. Go hawks
  38. I'm too lit
  39. Packers fans be finding excuses
  40. Go Seahawks

POST THE BB15 alliances

Jun 29, 2013 by Bradyman7
+ the members!


Sent by unkown,Jun 29, 2013
the who gives a fuck alliance

by all the tengageders who dont watch feeds 24/7 and actually have a life
Sent by BB5lover,Jun 29, 2013
Boats and Hoes- Jeremy, Kaitlin, David, Aaryn, Nick, and Gina. Superfans- Mccrae, Helen, Amanda, Andy, Spencer, Howard, and Judd.

Candice, Elissa, and Jessie are just kinda not in either of them. Jessie has been hanging with the Couples though(b&h).
Sent by xoHannaHxo,Jun 29, 2013

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