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  1. Rip
  2. Most annoying thing irl
  3. I am the king of this website
  4. lmao at sprtsgy thinking he is relevant
  5. I have no reason to stay on this site
  6. is thg ending tonight
  7. I kinda wanna start a long-term game
  8. any1 hosting a bb/survivor group game?
  9. what happened between
  10. Shark Tank Group Game
  11. Any good Netflix TV shows?
  12. Rodgers with 4 td passes
  13. Won Turney's BB S1
  14. If the Seahawks lose today
  15. I would wear my Dez Bryant jersey
  16. If the Giants beat the seahawks
  17. Go seahawks
  18. Happy Birthday Jess!
  19. Nba 2k15
  20. 4 cop cars outside my neighbors house
  22. any1 trying to spam 4 a gift?
  23. Browns and Bengals in TNF
  24. can some1 link me
  25. this survivor season blows
  26. But i might get dat 20k
  28. Best player in each sport
  29. are the republicans or democrats winning
  30. that annoying moment when
  31. BACK OFF
  32. who moves on in shops
  33. College Football is boring as fuck
  34. giants gonna get smoked lol
  35. My Madden 15 Ultimate Team
  36. I feel bad for the people on Utopia
  37. im angry with "how to get away with..
  38. what rule is every1 talking about
  39. Fantasy Football Question
  40. When does daylight savings start

POST THE BB15 alliances

Jun 29, 2013 by Bradyman7
+ the members!


Sent by unkown,Jun 29, 2013
the who gives a fuck alliance

by all the tengageders who dont watch feeds 24/7 and actually have a life
Sent by BB5lover,Jun 29, 2013
Boats and Hoes- Jeremy, Kaitlin, David, Aaryn, Nick, and Gina. Superfans- Mccrae, Helen, Amanda, Andy, Spencer, Howard, and Judd.

Candice, Elissa, and Jessie are just kinda not in either of them. Jessie has been hanging with the Couples though(b&h).
Sent by xoHannaHxo,Jun 29, 2013

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