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  1. Guys I haven't joined a Stars
  2. where can i watch bbcan3
  3. Why do people like Joe so much
  4. Survivor Rankings
  5. survivor this seasons
  6. name a rapper
  7. i got banned 3 days
  8. Whoever links me to BBcan3 full episodes
  9. LINK ME TO BBCAN3 full episodes 4 gift
  10. link me 2 bbcan3 losers
  11. where can i watch bbcan3
  12. since when is it bannable
  13. Back from a 3 day ban
  14. if kentucky loses
  15. well these 2 are retards
  16. Bet on me
  18. I wear a crown
  19. Having friends on this site is overrated
  20. I haven't joined Stars since December
  21. Real charities vs fake charities
  22. March madness...
  23. why is utah throwing this game away like
  24. cmon cinci please
  26. how come this guy
  27. actually i believe u
  28. when does bbcan3 start
  29. That Rodney and Joaquin future alliance
  30. It's funny that all the irrel noobs
  31. haha yay i got 2 gifts for 1000 Ts
  32. any noobs want anything from sexgodds shop?
  33. etiene respond to mails boo
  34. im about to gift from sexgodds shop
  35. whats bogo
  36. Money: 1216.2 T$
  37. My spotify keeps crashing
  38. Any group games or roblox
  39. I can not WAIT
  40. Made a bracket

POST THE BB15 alliances

Jun 29, 2013 by Bradyman7
+ the members!


Sent by unkown,Jun 29, 2013
the who gives a fuck alliance

by all the tengageders who dont watch feeds 24/7 and actually have a life
Sent by BB5lover,Jun 29, 2013
Boats and Hoes- Jeremy, Kaitlin, David, Aaryn, Nick, and Gina. Superfans- Mccrae, Helen, Amanda, Andy, Spencer, Howard, and Judd.

Candice, Elissa, and Jessie are just kinda not in either of them. Jessie has been hanging with the Couples though(b&h).
Sent by xoHannaHxo,Jun 29, 2013

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