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  1. read this
  2. Who should I start drama with next
  3. sad how the friends of people
  4. the cycle of lemjam6
  5. Which button would you hit
  6. Which button would you hit
  7. me at the fuck-ups on this site
  8. join frookies
  9. my friend got me sick
  10. calculus is too hard
  11. Eff u!
  12. I HATE when people say "wow"
  13. i dont understand this blog
  14. Congrats Akora
  15. i was playing football
  16. Who does
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  19. the two gay guys
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  21. Cody cost himself 450k
  22. #DownWithThumper
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  24. Stars Rant
  26. i need
  27. Has Derrick said
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  29. Anyone wanna join survivor with me?
  30. AGT Predictions:
  31. This shit is why i get mad
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  33. So pissed off
  34. Join castings if u wanna play with me!
  37. Why didn't mike super go through
  38. Donny crushed Christine today
  39. The 4 minute jury bit
  40. well our only hope is caleb

whats this bb15 drama about candice

Jun 30, 2013 by Bradyman7
sitting on some1s hat??
what happened ROFL

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