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  1. Don't waste your time on this stupid website
  2. How do you predict when a key or apple is coming?
  3. Why is every auction for someone now?
  4. After 4 years and 9 months...
  5. I'm getting sick of not doubling my money
  6. I'm gonna hack into the site
  7. I need new designs
  8. If a mod comes back
  9. Why don't people like Pegasus?
  10. In Stars
  11. How many shops do people usually bid on?
  12. outbid me
  13. Can there be one castings game
  14. lmao
  15. Error 410, This post has been removed
  16. Do people still get banned for having multis?
  17. Anyone want a free group?
  18. Why are the shops just for gifts now?
  19. This game is still waiting...
  20. cheaters never win
  21. Haven't been here in a while
  22. Can someone make a starflakes tutorial?
  23. Can low level unknown people stop making..
  24. New Group Game. Applications Open!!!
  25. Can we bring it back?
  26. Who remembers me?
  27. Indian Jewels should have hints
  28. No title
  29. He's been in the bathroom a long time
  30. How do frats get points?
  31. Brown poop?
  32. Why is your profile description so long
  33. wtf
  34. Can you remove someone from your frat?
  35. How do you pronounce Jouix?
  36. Join Pinkies
  37. can a tv star make a frat for me?
  38. Lol
  39. I Don't Care
  40. Can someone PLEASE post lips in shops?

My dog tried to fuck me

Sep 10, 2010 by Chima
imageI got home from school. My dog looked really excited so I brought him up to my room with me while I got changed. I put him on my bed. I got dressed then sat down next to him. He was standing up with his back curved up like he was about to poop. Instead of pooping, which I thought he was gonna do, He started moving his bottom half back and forth like he was having sex with another dog. And he's neutered! This is the first time he's ever done this. :O
I wish I caught it on tape.


Sent by Pepper,Sep 10, 2010
Sent by 2008girl,Sep 10, 2010
oh my....
Sent by Noontar,Sep 10, 2010
and it is at 60 points right now, too.
Sent by Noontar,Sep 10, 2010

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