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  1. Wow, been gone for 1 week
  2. Time for me to go
  3. 3500th Blog!!!
  4. What do you hate more?
  5. This is actually a good season
  6. OMG WHAT???
  7. LJ is playing the idol
  8. Oh, so because they are from
  9. YES!
  10. I never understood how they determined the tribes
  11. She just killed her game in 3 seconds
  12. Might as well post a blog
  13. Well, they found the brains
  14. Francesca's Rock>J'tia
  15. Someone please tell me
  16. Happy Birthday Cmack!
  17. It's been my B-day for 3 minutes...
  20. How about those Winter Olympics in Russia?
  21. Is there a March Madness group?
  22. I would watch BB Canada...
  23. So...
  24. Wait, they actually have a BBCanada 2?
  25. That is amazing
  26. Garrett gets the award for
  27. J'tia>Jane
  28. OH MY GOD!!!
  29. J'tia is screwed now
  30. This should be called Blood Vs Water
  31. The Black girl curse ends
  32. Luzon is Losin
  33. Survivor:Cagayan Premiere Tonight
  34. Ummmm, Survivor:Cagayan twist?
  35. Wait a minute
  36. RIP Jerry from BB10
  37. Who?
  38. McCranda is no more
  39. So, basically this Republican lady says
  40. The Republican Response

Apply for Whodunnit?

Jul 7, 2013 by Cmack311
Think you have what it takes to cheat death? Or are you sneaky enough to be the Killer?



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