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  2. Russell finally accepted his loss in Samoa
  3. Jury Vote Prediction
  4. He created a challenge
  5. Anyone have a live stream for Survivor?
  6. Coincidence?
  7. Frankie said he's had better
  8. Derrick wins 7-2 or 8-1
  9. The one time we all want fish
  10. They should fire Jeff
  11. Double Eviction next week
  12. Donny just realized
  13. If Christine/Victoria left next
  14. This reminds me of GinaMarie(BB15) and..
  15. Funny how on night 1
  17. The Bomb Squad Alliance
  18. I think if they had a season
  19. A lot of the pre-season discussions are wrong
  20. So, I want to know
  21. Oh by the way
  22. BB Fan's Logic
  23. I've figured it out(Hopefully)
  24. LOL!
  25. How does Julie Chen slide down a slide?
  27. Wow, been gone for 1 week
  28. Time for me to go
  29. 3500th Blog!!!
  30. What do you hate more?
  31. This is actually a good season
  32. OMG WHAT???
  33. LJ is playing the idol
  34. Oh, so because they are from
  35. YES!
  36. I never understood how they determined the tribes
  37. She just killed her game in 3 seconds
  38. Might as well post a blog
  39. Well, they found the brains
  40. Francesca's Rock>J'tia

Apply for Whodunnit?

Jul 7, 2013 by Cmack311
Think you have what it takes to cheat death? Or are you sneaky enough to be the Killer?



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