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On Whodunnit

Aug 12, 2013 by Cmack311
Isn't it obvious that Melina isn't dead?

When they did the limo thing and then they ran back in the house, Melina was giving confessionals, so she clearly isn't dead(For the show)

I think what happens is there will be clues leading to someone finding out it was her, and during the course of the finale, another one of them dies, and then it all ends when someone figures it out



And did you catch how Giles said "You need to find clues about the upcoming CRIME and not murder so yeahhhhhhh"
Sent by Fern111,Aug 12, 2013

I thought he said "impending", but either way, yeah

BTW, thanks for the vote to win Gaia's BB
Sent by Cmack311,Aug 12, 2013
i said it was melina from the start.
Sent by heyitsmaggee,Aug 12, 2013
Yeah, I really hope it is Melina. I've had my eye on her ever since Dana died and I don't wanna be wrong again lol
Sent by bkt707,Aug 12, 2013

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