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  1. The girls can't be this stupid.
  2. Frankie revealed Detonators boot order
  3. SO the nominees are...
  4. Who wants the Brittany shirt?
  5. team America should of failed
  6. Cody is a pussy
  7. WHy is Christine 16 on jokers?
  8. Get it Donny!
  9. BB16 questions
  10. artRave in Dallas was fun
  11. at artRave in Dallas
  12. Ashleigh looks disappointed....
  13. Nicole is my pick to win.
  14. WHo wants the Grammy Dress?
  15. BBUK on yet?
  16. Lol Amanda
  17. Ariana should be in the house
  18. AHS: Freakshow Teaser!
  19. BB16 Prediction Update Week 3
  20. Saw Joey on the feeds
  21. Are nominations tonight?
  22. I'm glad we have new hohs
  23. WHat is HoH tonight?
  24. Does BB16 come on tonight?
  25. If BB continues to be like this
  26. So BB16...
  27. Elissa would have feared for her life
  28. Loving Jocasta on the feeds
  29. So Brittany is gone this week..
  30. Lol @ Ariana's tweets
  31. Jeff called Daniele...
  32. remember when Erika won unfairly
  33. fml.
  34. hoh redo?
  35. Yay Donny!!!!!!!!!
  36. What kind of competition was that?
  37. so Caleb wants Amber out asap
  38. Bb16 girls need to realize
  39. BB16 Drinking Game
  40. NO!!!!

Survivor 27-28 spoilers

May 11, 2013 by Cray
27 is Plus One (Survivor plus loved one...check my blog for cast)
28 is Hall of Fame (Ozzy, Sandra, and others rumored....but not any of the Hantz) #Survivor


Sent by BBobsessor,May 11, 2013
i thought season 28 was an all-newbies season. They did accept applications for seasons 27 and 28...
Sent by Alyxandra,May 11, 2013
Alyxandra Hall of Fame could be a split season.........the title doesn't necessarily mean that it's an all returnee
Sent by Cray,May 11, 2013
Ughhh. I don't like returning players for back-to-back seasons!
I want a new cast to add more to the Hall of Fame!
Sent by Duffybutt11,May 12, 2013

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