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Survivor 27-28 spoilers

May 11, 2013 by Cray
27 is Plus One (Survivor plus loved one...check my blog for cast)
28 is Hall of Fame (Ozzy, Sandra, and others rumored....but not any of the Hantz) #Survivor


Sent by BBobsessor,May 11, 2013
i thought season 28 was an all-newbies season. They did accept applications for seasons 27 and 28...
Sent by Alyxandra,May 11, 2013
Alyxandra Hall of Fame could be a split season.........the title doesn't necessarily mean that it's an all returnee
Sent by Cray,May 11, 2013
Ughhh. I don't like returning players for back-to-back seasons!
I want a new cast to add more to the Hall of Fame!
Sent by Duffybutt11,May 12, 2013

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