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  1. Is someone replacing Tila Tequila?
  2. Julie laughing at john
  3. Abi maria is the only female
  4. Scream Queens Episode 1
  5. Anybody wanna know
  6. Scream Queens was so good!
  7. About watch Scream Queens
  8. Which is worse?
  9. Steve should of put Becky on the block.
  10. Prays Becky leaves tonight
  11. Week 1: Shelli aligns with Audrey & Davonne
  12. Ready to watch it win hoh tonight
  13. Fingers crossed Becky
  14. Of all people...that thing won hoh
  15. Go Julia!
  16. Clay vs Shelli?
  17. Theres only been 3 hohs this season...
  18. Julia is gonna be loved
  19. That was kind of like Daniele's speech
  20. Jackie coming alive
  21. Did we really get a bunch of newcomers?
  22. So will Julia get to play?
  23. I love The Sixth Sense
  24. Yes Vanessa and Austin are hohs
  25. Julia for hoh!!
  26. Liz & Julia for hoh!
  27. I guess they don't realize
  28. Really Jason?
  29. Ugh they just figured out the twins
  30. Finally got internet in my apartment.
  31. John in the Diary no.
  32. Battle of the Block ruins BB
  33. They're gonna switch live
  34. PYN!
  35. Who's the target this week?
  36. BB17 Premiere Spoilers
  37. On Week 4
  38. But why does the memory wall have 16 slots?!
  39. The vid Julie just tweeted
  40. Fun Fact

BB15 New Prediction

Jul 16, 2013 by Cray
Since Spencer is not going I have to do another prediction. *NOT WHAT I WANT*
Week 3: Jeremy (First Season 3 guys have gone in a row)
Week 4: GinaMarie (No one wants her on jury)
Week 5: Kaitlin (Already She is Pissing Off Everyone.....More Than Aaryn)
Week 6: Aaryn (First member of jury)
Week 7: Elissa (MVP is done and no one trusts her)
Week 8: Spencer & Amanda (Double Eviction)
Week 9: Jessie (Bottom of the alliance)
Week 10: Judd (Bottom of the alliance)
Week 11: McCrae & Andy (No double eviction...2 ppl always go this week)
Week 12: Candace gets 3rd. Helen gets 2nd. Production Fave Howard gets 1st.


Pretty decent
Sent by MISSimogen,Jul 16, 2013
If Howard isn't evicted next week I would honestly be shocked.
Sent by Clone,Jul 16, 2013
and where is amanda what
Sent by Clone,Jul 16, 2013
eh Howard won't make jury imo.  And if he does he'll be one of the first couple of jurors.
Sent by Amanyaman,Jul 16, 2013
joe Mike Nick in bb8
nathan justin jack jee 4 in a row
Sent by best,Jul 16, 2013
best joe wasn't first evicted...carol was. Justin, Jack, and Jee were at the end of season 4.
Sent by Cray,Jul 16, 2013
Sent by Jordannnn,Jul 16, 2013
howard cant win ugh
Sent by jharrin7887,Jul 16, 2013
i thought you meant 3 in general, you didn't specifically say first 3.
Sent by best,Jul 16, 2013
Howard and Candice both wont go this far
Sent by owee13,Jul 16, 2013
Lol Gina Marie won't be evicted next week...she's not a comp or social threat. Howard and Spencer probably won't make jury.
Sent by lamby,Jul 17, 2013

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