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  1. PYN!
  2. Who's the target this week?
  3. BB17 Premiere Spoilers
  4. On Week 4
  5. But why does the memory wall have 16 slots?!
  6. The vid Julie just tweeted
  7. Fun Fact
  8. I just want to watch the Interviews
  9. What if there are 3 returnees
  10. How many returnees & who r rumored?
  11. Sarah from BGC on BB17?
  12. SO someone is leaving on Premiere Night
  13. Interesting. I wonder how this plays into the..
  14. The BB17 House is nice
  15. Is snap chat down for everyone?
  16. The Top 25 on CBS website
  17. Any BB17 rumors?
  18. Just got home from watching Insidious 3
  19. Diary Room is green this year.
  20. Any news on The Challenge: Bloodlines?
  22. Enter stars today for my birthday?
  23. I'm 20 today!
  24. Finally my favorite wins a show
  25. The day just keeps getting worse
  26. I think I'm done with this site.
  27. Texas Weather sucks right now
  28. I want the grin!
  29. Stephanie is the only one
  30. Jenn & Shirin were the best
  31. Mike wins.
  32. BBUK
  33. So Sarah or Brittnee are leaving this week
  34. The Cast Reveal for Survivor
  35. Survivor 31 Cast
  36. My guess is Sierra wins
  37. Mistaken, always second guessing
  38. The Challenge Bloodlines cast looks good
  39. Carl needs to die.
  40. Then I go to sex clubs

Spencer's Girlfriend must be desperate.

Jul 28, 2013 by Cray
"Spencer says he never gifts his wife on her birthday or Christmas because he doesn't want to spoil her."

WTF?! OMFG are you serious?
Horrible boyfriend/husband there.


Is it his girlfriend or his wife?
Sent by tiafrsn4,Jul 28, 2013

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