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  20. I am excited for bb now
  21. yay Nicole is back!!!!
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  23. Donny & Nicole need to get HoH
  24. julie no
  25. Yes Nicole call Christine out!
  26. Yes Nicole sees to live another day!
  27. Yep Nicole is gone.
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  30. RIP Nicole
  31. Zach Nicole
  32. Donny is playing great. Jocasta has hope.
  33. yay Frankie is going this week
  34. Double eviction means
  35. grats everyone on jury
  36. she ignored frankie
  37. really...I hate Frankie
  38. The girls can't be this stupid.
  39. Frankie revealed Detonators boot order
  40. SO the nominees are...

Spencer's Girlfriend must be desperate.

Jul 27, 2013 by Cray
"Spencer says he never gifts his wife on her birthday or Christmas because he doesn't want to spoil her."

WTF?! OMFG are you serious?
Horrible boyfriend/husband there.


Is it his girlfriend or his wife?
Sent by tiafrsn4,Jul 28, 2013

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