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  1. I wish Survivor didn't stop at merge
  2. This time last year
  3. Join survivor
  4. I wish we can play games on phone
  5. I actually looked forward to playing survivor
  6. Have the survivor changes been made?
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  13. Watching The Challenge Rivals 3.
  14. I wanna gift someone......but idk who
  15. Look at the game before you bet.
  17. 1200 days since the Duel
  18. Porn on the homepage
  19. Just when it looks like New York is gonna win
  20. New York is the clear favorite to win
  21. Rihanna is now a has been.
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  26. I wanna play Hunger
  27. Rip Trasha to shreds Abi!
  28. Im loving the jury
  29. Worst survivor player of all time...
  30. They basically handed the idol
  31. Soooo.....just watched
  32. Cambodia's editing sucks.
  33. I wonder if the real reason
  34. The fact that they cried
  35. Steve talks like he was the best
  36. Pray for Liz
  37. Ugh i dont want steve to win
  38. Vytas is out! Yes!!!!
  39. Scream Queens was so good!!!!
  40. Becky was the worst houseguest ever.

Spencer's Girlfriend must be desperate.

Jul 27, 2013 by Cray
"Spencer says he never gifts his wife on her birthday or Christmas because he doesn't want to spoil her."

WTF?! OMFG are you serious?
Horrible boyfriend/husband there.


Is it his girlfriend or his wife?
Sent by tiafrsn4,Jul 28, 2013

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