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  1. Corey won acp
  2. I hope davonne returns
  3. Queen Natalie
  4. The only person I see winning
  5. Paulie is staying.
  6. I feel like Natalie
  7. That episode though
  8. Dammit....
  9. Yes Michelle stayed
  10. Michelle doesn't have round trip
  11. Someone better have round trip ticket....
  12. Fml.....
  13. Here we go. Pray for Natalie
  14. If everything goes planned tomorrow night.
  15. "James please stand and announce the two..
  16. I swear....7 and a half hours
  17. They only want to use the power
  18. I can't at James right now on the feeds
  19. Like honestly...
  20. BB19
  21. I hate seasons like this
  22. Voiding 2 votes
  23. Natalie got the first care package
  24. BB18 Rankings
  25. Frankie Grande is gonna be on cbb
  26. I hope Natalie wins
  27. There's an extra week missing
  28. I like this season because
  29. It's all Da's fault that
  30. I hope Corey goes this week
  31. Is it just me or does Natalie
  32. Watch...
  33. Maybe Michelle will get airtime
  34. It saddens me that
  35. I wanted Natalie to win hoh last night
  36. Would not be surprised if
  37. It disgusts me that Frank
  38. 2 HoHs Kristen
  39. Hope Frank and Davonne get evicted
  40. Bbuk ends in 3 and half weeks

Spencer's Girlfriend must be desperate.

Jul 27, 2013 by Cray
"Spencer says he never gifts his wife on her birthday or Christmas because he doesn't want to spoil her."

WTF?! OMFG are you serious?
Horrible boyfriend/husband there.


Is it his girlfriend or his wife?
Sent by tiafrsn4,Jul 28, 2013

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