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  1. Can't wait for Dom to get halting hex
  2. I hope Christmas wins veto
  3. Dom/Jess are noms
  4. Christmas is off high
  5. So Mark wants Christmas out
  6. I like that there's no clear
  7. So Paul is pulling a Nakomis
  8. Vote Christmas for Den of Temptation
  9. Yeah four gone in one week
  10. Xmas is staying
  11. So who is going as if now?
  12. Legit can't wait for Cody & Jessica
  13. Cody wants to do an irl spam line
  14. There's gonna be sex for sure this season
  15. Jason is so gone this week
  16. "It's my third time on the block"
  17. So my cat...
  18. So we have cats this summer
  19. We're losing 3 people
  20. We don't even get feeds tonight
  21. Twist Revealed
  22. House guests move into the house
  23. Lmao Julie mouthed
  24. Me when Jillian is rumored
  25. Who do you think is the first boot?
  26. 20 plate sets
  27. I love the house.
  28. The twist is revealed today
  29. Knowing Erin could of been on this season
  30. Alex, Jessica, & Jillian
  31. Alex wants to lose on purpose
  32. Alex didn't know Jeff
  33. Guarantee when the feeds turn on
  34. Like Ramses and dislike Josh
  35. Christmas is just an unusual name
  36. People going in on Raven on twitter
  37. Raven lost me at Frankie Grande
  38. I love that there are people
  39. Yay I'll be able to watch the cast reveal
  40. Remember last year

Survivor Blood vs Water is gonna suck.

Aug 31, 2013 by Cray
I just read all of the twists.
Sounds confusing and ridiculous.


What kinda username is cray
Sent by jfkburks4,Aug 31, 2013
It's not that confusing...
Sent by Kaitx,Aug 31, 2013
The whole idea of someone replacing someone on Redemption Island then getting to be on a different tribe plus a day zero twist plus 2 ppl voted out from the start. I mean come on......

jfkburks4 I fun one. What kind of name is jfkburks4?
Sent by Cray,Aug 31, 2013
Sent by Cray,Aug 31, 2013
Sent by Jenna2010,Aug 31, 2013
Day Zero is whatever, hardly matters.

Vote 2 people out, like that hasn't been done before. Then they go to RI.

Then I doubt many people will switch in and out, but it's basically just tribe swapping one at a time if they do.
Sent by Kaitx,Aug 31, 2013
This season is going to be so stupid it's not even funny, for the following reasons.
1) Redemption Island SUCKS!! If you're voted off, you don't deserve to be there.
2) We are sick of returning players. Give someone new a chance.
3) The whole family/veteran idea is awful. It will make for a very personal, very ugly season. People will be mad if someone lies to their family member, and there will be a ton of arguing.
Sent by masterchef,Aug 31, 2013

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