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  1. how does it feel to be overweight
  2. when roshy is a petty cunt
  3. today was going so good
  4. Stop bluffin
  5. Name an iconic bb houseguest
  6. Name an iconic bb houseguest I'll start
  7. The only people i love in the Midnight crew are
  8. I used to love the midnight crew
  10. Name a horrible bb houseguest i'll start
  11. Good Morning Tengaged < 3
  12. i love being told to die
  13. Last time I applied for tvivor
  14. When t-brother is 18+
  15. Me in the t-brother house
  16. My Total Drama S6 Cast
  17. Mark my words tengaged
  18. heyyy
  19. i need friends
  20. Cirie Fields winner of bb19
  21. Good night :)
  22. not my fault you're petty
  23. i really cannot stand
  24. add lee crimson on le snap
  25. I love Miss Artichoke
  26. LOL
  27. Josh is literally
  28. Josh is annoying
  29. Christmas is such an icon
  30. When the people who think I'm annoying
  31. I took a lovely nap
  32. i thought the chicken was lovely
  33. Who is your winner's pick?
  34. me playing stars gif
  35. I am so ready for
  36. LOL
  37. Winner of Total Drama Season 6
  38. WHOS YA WINNERS PICK!!!??!?!
  39. the cast reveal is tomorrow wtf
  40. Me waiting for Tea Brother 2


Jan 8, 2017 by CrimsonEnnui
Idk why people are yelling at danny12
It was koolcoop 's decision for what he did ....
So it really isn't Danny's fault :X


He liked it tho
Sent by Wade03,Jan 8, 2017
cause hes 17 almost 18 now and still has it? if u agree with that then im sorry i dont know what to say CrimsonEnnui
Sent by koolcoop,Jan 8, 2017
And how old was danny at the time? wade03
Sent by CrimsonEnnui,Jan 8, 2017
17 /18
Sent by Wade03,Jan 8, 2017
the fact he's threatening to post it
and still has access to it after 2 years
Sent by Michaelf1114,Jan 8, 2017
He still has the picture now, though. He should delete it. And all 11 year olds say and do stupid stuff. They don't know any better.
Sent by Thirteen,Jan 8, 2017
Good point michaelf1114 but it isnt just danny's fault if coop didnt want people to see it then he shouldnt of sent it
Sent by CrimsonEnnui,Jan 8, 2017
the fact is Koop aside simply POSSESSING the picture is illegal soooooooooooooooooooo
Sent by NexusCain,Jan 8, 2017

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