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  1. how does it feel to be overweight
  2. when roshy is a petty cunt
  3. today was going so good
  4. Stop bluffin
  5. Name an iconic bb houseguest
  6. Name an iconic bb houseguest I'll start
  7. The only people i love in the Midnight crew are
  8. I used to love the midnight crew
  10. Name a horrible bb houseguest i'll start
  11. Good Morning Tengaged < 3
  12. i love being told to die
  13. Last time I applied for tvivor
  14. When t-brother is 18+
  15. Me in the t-brother house
  16. My Total Drama S6 Cast
  17. Mark my words tengaged
  18. heyyy
  19. i need friends
  20. Cirie Fields winner of bb19
  21. Good night :)
  22. not my fault you're petty
  23. i really cannot stand
  24. add lee crimson on le snap
  25. I love Miss Artichoke
  26. LOL
  27. Josh is literally
  28. Josh is annoying
  29. Christmas is such an icon
  30. When the people who think I'm annoying
  31. I took a lovely nap
  32. i thought the chicken was lovely
  33. Who is your winner's pick?
  34. me playing stars gif
  35. I am so ready for
  36. LOL
  37. Winner of Total Drama Season 6
  38. WHOS YA WINNERS PICK!!!??!?!
  39. the cast reveal is tomorrow wtf
  40. Me waiting for Tea Brother 2


Jan 8, 2017 by CrimsonEnnui

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