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  1. Movie to watch?
  2. Why are you using a different guy
  3. Why did Imogen Heap
  4. What is the likelyhood
  5. Neg
  6. Who is happy Natalie won Survivor?
  7. hi
  8. Do you guys think there will be
  9. He left your ass, twice.
  10. Iggy Azalea is so wrong about everything
  11. LMFAO
  12. I hate how there are survivor fans
  13. please help!
  14. The biggest winner of this season
  15. Hey
  16. Happy Birthday Henny!
  17. I cannot believe
  18. MY QUEEN
  19. I love not having hair.
  20. Bitch I'm Madonna.
  21. How am I supposed to breathe
  22. There's a different side of Tengaged
  23. You stole from my shop?
  24. My fav BB Queens player is
  25. im really hungry
  26. I am Ongina.
  27. How am I supposed to breathe
  28. Wow! Wow! The PGA!
  29. That Christmas Sweater is so cute
  30. Updating as we speak!
  31. PYN for a few nice words.
  32. Forgot to join a charity
  33. I only like hipster/underground music
  34. Gift Giveaway
  36. My cat just had a seizure...
  37. How could you know what it feels like
  38. I have joined the OT
  39. Nobody Asked Me (If I Was Ok)
  40. :|

Why did they kill off Finn on Glee?

Oct 10, 2013 by DanielKennedy111
:( He was my favorite character!


the actor died irl
Sent by sahmosean,Oct 10, 2013
Because Corey Monteith died....
Sent by XavierR83,Oct 10, 2013
Sent by survivornerd,Oct 10, 2013
hi if you losers dont realize im kidding i pity u
Sent by DanielKennedy111,Oct 10, 2013
Y'all dumb but this isn't funny.
Sent by Ladris,Oct 10, 2013

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