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  1. Are you joining Stars?
  2. Question
  3. All the Tengaged users
  4. Frankie is insufferable.
  5. I feel bad for
  6. Coming from the person
  7. There was a drunk fight on Utopia.
  8. Why did David BB15
  9. Are there any calls?
  10. I want this on my tombstone.
  11. I'm Alana, I'm 6.
  12. I feel like Utopia will be cancelled
  13. Why was Leslie evicted?
  14. LMFAO, my fate.
  15. Is Snoop Dogg back to being called
  16. As much as most of us hate Christine
  17. Well, Caleb is winning HoH.
  18. Victoria is killing it.
  19. The worst part about this competition
  20. Me @ The Soap Opera
  21. Praying for a Nicole win
  22. That was our shoutout, Tengaged.
  23. Endurance is bad...
  24. Joan Rivers is in stable condition.
  25. Joan Rivers isn't dead.
  26. I think it's funny
  27. Please don't let Joan Rivers die
  28. good morning!
  29. :( just facetimed with my best friend
  30. Listening to HAIM's album.
  31. I didn't know you had a World Record
  32. hey friends
  33. Survivor Brant Steele
  34. Play with me. :) (h)
  35. Why do people hate the TWINNIES
  36. Julie + The Twinnies + Missy
  37. Me winning survivor
  38. Nadiya & Natalie GODDESSES OF SURVIVOR
  40. exile island our fate

Do you like the X Factor?

Oct 12, 2013 by DanielKennedy111
Go check out my Top 10 X Factor USA Moments!

Here is #1 -

OR if you want to start with #10 -


I love both versions of The X Factor. :)
Sent by Janelle_Pierzina,Oct 13, 2013

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