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  2. Sometimes I think about the friends
  3. Britney Spears is the halftime performer????
  4. I judge people
  5. "Why Do You Love Me" by Adele
  6. The anxiety
  7. Hello Hi
  8. People who play the victim
  9. My favorite song from ANTi is
  10. When he licks the tip
  11. Why did you name your shop
  12. Omg...
  13. You know when someone is trying to
  14. Who got out on X Factor UK
  15. Are you still embarrassed by
  16. Aw! Can't wait for BAMA
  17. When people become friends with you
  19. My social media is blowing up
  20. Stars Support
  21. *revs engine*
  22. *rage refreshes games page*
  23. If you're gonna let me down
  24. I'm honestly a little perched
  25. It's been 4 months since my last Stars
  26. I miss a lot of my friends on here
  27. Has anyone listened to 25?
  28. I want to have a Groj Sale
  29. "Last Christmas" by Carly Rae Jepsen
  30. I'm so bored. pyn
  31. Someone message me
  32. Hello
  33. Some people in the collage
  34. Fleece Navidad!
  35. Hello! It's me
  36. My flight landed...safely!
  37. "25" - 1st Week Re-Rank
  38. I'm thinking about hosting a group game.
  39. Updated!
  40. Fortune Teller Daniel, here! PYN!

Do you like the X Factor?

Oct 12, 2013 by DanielKennedy111
Go check out my Top 10 X Factor USA Moments!

Here is #1 -

OR if you want to start with #10 -


I love both versions of The X Factor. :)
Sent by Janelle_Pierzina,Oct 13, 2013

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