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  1. Hello!
  2. When Rihanna raps out of a helicopter
  3. Is Race to Black still happening?
  4. I have a stalker...
  5. If it wasn't for you fucking
  7. This has been an amazing week.
  8. I am still so tired
  9. OMG!
  10. Seeing MisterWives
  11. Crocs
  12. Now Zayn can cheat on his girlfriend
  13. I'm going to my first concert tonight!
  14. There's always drama in Stars
  15. Me in Stars
  16. Something's in the water...
  17. Where were you when I was walking?
  18. Sigh.
  19. Will you love me forever?
  20. Public Poll: Spamming in Stars
  21. I would never do anything sexual
  22. Mrs. Doubtfire is so good
  23. Will I make $3K this weekend?
  24. Might make 3K this weekend
  25. oh you're mad over survivor?
  26. I am so good at stars
  27. FML
  29. Has anyone listened to Kendrick's
  30. The clown looking bitch
  31. I have a confession.
  32. Truth Tea or Lie Pie?
  33. I wouldn't be worried
  34. What I don't understand is
  35. Tengaged
  36. I'm apparently scheming in Stars
  37. is my avatar a lesbian
  38. Every Stars I join
  39. is my avatar ok
  40. who are the premades

Do you like the X Factor?

Oct 12, 2013 by DanielKennedy111
Go check out my Top 10 X Factor USA Moments!

Here is #1 -

OR if you want to start with #10 -


I love both versions of The X Factor. :)
Sent by Janelle_Pierzina,Oct 13, 2013

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