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WHODUNNIT Season 1 Finale

Jul 3, 2013 by Darriusdabest
- @Tennister /Jacob
- Cromatique /Kelly
- Bluba164 /Jay


Hello, Jay, Kelly and Jacob! We all know one of you is the killer!
Jay is safe this week so the killer has to decide to kill Kelly or Jacob
There will be no investigation this week because all dead Houseguests will vote on who they think the killer is!
On the count of three I will announce who the killer has asked me to kill
I'm sorry but you have been killed!

Now it's time for the votes
Remember you are voting for who you think the killer is

Jimmy vote.....Jay

Brooke votes.....Jay

Austin votes......Jay

Chris votes.....Jacob

Mike votes......Jay

Hayley votes.....Jay

Shane votes.....Jacob

Kenny votes.....Jacob

Christian votes.....Jay

Kelly votes....Jay

By a 7-3 vote! The house thinks that Jay is the killer!
You guys are...
Jacob was the killer the whole time and Jacob wins
See ya next season


Sent by samnala,Jul 4, 2013
lmao he was bannedddddddd
Sent by Bluba164,Jul 4, 2013
Wait idgi, if they all guessed Jacob then would I have won?
Sent by Bluba164,Jul 4, 2013
Bluba164 no they thought u were the killer but they were wrong
Sent by Darriusdabest,Jul 4, 2013
Darriusdabest Yeah I know, Im saying if they had all guessed who the killer was, would I have won for being the last person standing

Also, how are dead people voting?
Sent by Bluba164,Jul 4, 2013
yaaaaay! only 24 hour ban brother has account
Sent by tennister,Jul 5, 2013

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