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DevinB's Big Brother Blog Game S4. Ep4

Jan 10, 2017 by DevinB
imageBy a vote of 0-4-2...
Helen (EllaYay) you are evicted from the BIG BROTHER HOUSE!!!

-If you are a houseguest and you are NOT HOH or a Nominee and you DON'T vote three times in a row you will start getting strikes!
Strike one- Name goes in 2x to be a nominee
Aaryn (TR1364)
GinaMarie (TayBear17)
Amanda (MJFJUNE)
Judd (Renny10)
Strike two- Name goes in 3x to be a nominee
Strike three- Evicted.

~Day 4~
HOH: Jessie (Latisha0987)
HOH's Nominees: Elissa (LoopyCoco1) & Howard (Emmett4)
MVP Nominees: Candice (MagicalBaby)
POV: Nick (pizzawithcookirs)
POV Ceremony: Nick (pizzawithcookirs) has decided... to USE the POWER OF VETO to save Candice (MagicalBaby) from eviction!
Final nominees: Elissa (LoopyCoco1), Howard (Emmett4), & GinaMarie (TayBear17)

~Vote to evict~
-Comment who you want out
-HOH CAN'T vote
-The three nominees CAN'T vote
-Every other houseguest MUST vote
-Everyone else on tengaged CAN vote

Elissa Slater ( LoopyCoco1)
Aaryn Gries ( TR1364)
Andy Herren ( Scooby0000)
Ginamarie Zimmerman ( TayBear17)
Howard Overby ( Emmett4)
Nick Uhas ( pizzawithcookirs)
Amanda Zuckerman ( MJFJUNE)
Jessie Kowalski ( Latisha0987)
Kaitlin Barnaby ( BigBrotherDonny)
Judd Daughtery ( Renny10)
Candice Stewart ( MagicalBaby)

13th: Mccrae ( M_Davis1998)
12th: Helen ( EllaYay)


Sent by BBobsessor,Jan 10, 2017
Sent by pizzawithcookirs,Jan 10, 2017
Sent by EliOrtiz1234,Jan 11, 2017
TayBear17 Nominees can't vote
Latisha0987 HOH can't vote
Sent by DevinB,Jan 11, 2017
Sent by HarleyPuddin,Jan 11, 2017
~Voting Closed~
Sent by DevinB,Jan 11, 2017

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