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I feel like

Feb 16, 2017 by DumbGinger
the vast majority of the Survivor community is still misinterpreting the whole idea of a "game changer". Probst has clearly laid out what the term means. Most people seem to define it as "someone who made a bunch of moves or at least one big one that really changed the course of their season", which I mean I think that's a fair conclusion to come to with a name like "game changer".

But that's really just not what production means by it. Direct quote from Probst in an official video posted by the Survivor youtube, explaining their definition:

"Let's be clear what WE call a game changer; my definition is people who are WILLING to make a move to try and change the game. We picked 20 people who love to play."

So obviously you have people like Tony or Cirie that DID do these things, who did make big moves to change things up, but production says that's not really the qualification. It's someone who, in their eyes, is someone who is WILLING to make these moves if they see it as the right move to make. I touched on this back when the theme was first announced. Even someone like Sierra Dawn Thomas, who played a very UTR game, can be considered one. She ALWAYS talked about the possibility of flipping on the Blue Collars. Did she ever do it? No. She weighed out her options and decided that was the smarter path to take. What matters in production's eyes, then, is that, were the situation a bit different, she WOULD have made that flip, she WOULD have made a move. The fact that at any given moment she WAS willing to make a move if it was the right one to make, this makes her a "game changer".

This correct definition makes everyone in the cast a "game changer", except Caleb really. I mean we really didn't see strategic talk from him in his time. He's really the only one I don't think fits with either definition. But Hali, Sierra, Sarah, etc, they all are Game Changers, by production's terms. And since production invented the term itself, theirs is factually the correct definition.

This really wasn't my first interpretation of the phrase either (mine was someone that changed the game of Survivor itself, like Cao Boi or Rob Cesternino), but once you adopt CBS's school of thought, I think this cast becomes more enjoyable and fitting.



the term game changer is meaningless, its just an empty term to hype the season up and give an excuse to do all-returnees. i think people are overthinking it way too much TBH
Sent by coolnarwhal88,Feb 16, 2017
this is probs one of your first survivor blogs i disagree with
Sent by koolness234,Feb 16, 2017
coolnarwhal88 well yes, this is also true. I think people also tend to forget that this wasn't production's first choice in a theme. With all the last minute casting changes they had to kinda just whip something up, which I think they did a decent job of.
Sent by DumbGinger,Feb 16, 2017
I respect all your opinions.  But to me game changer means someone who is a changer of the game.
Sent by noah_kondon,Feb 16, 2017
I wanted to blog this but yeah he said in a video
As @coolnarehal88 said, it's just a way to "theme" the season since probts and co. Think viewers like it
Sent by bowling4fun,Feb 16, 2017
noah_kondon but objectively speaking, production's definition is the correct one. They invented the term, so they invent what the term means. I mean it's kinda like if you looked up a word in the dictionary then said to yourself "hm, no, I think it means something else".
Sent by DumbGinger,Feb 16, 2017
I agree, Caleb is the only one who isn't there to make big moves. He said he'll play the same game as last time, so he'll probably just go hard in challenges and let others strategize.
Sent by __A__,Feb 16, 2017
actually i read recently from the guy who runs insidesurvivor that production's intention from the start was to have the season be "game changers". it's just a rumor, but kinda interesting
Sent by coolnarwhal88,Feb 16, 2017

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