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  1. hey guys Stephen Fishbach here
  2. someone help
  4. + if you call them Chicky Nuggz
  5. Gingey's going to Colorado
  6. Honestly
  7. i am spooky ghost Ginge :0000
  8. dont miss my tribute to last night's episode
  9. also, side note
  10. I appreciate that i've just like
  11. i made a tribute to last night's episode
  12. SHIT LOL
  13. Participate in my Survivor poll
  14. My favorite game to play
  15. Update on Season 35
  16. Survivor fans please contribute
  17. if you like Survivor go here
  18. question
  19. im shiteed and I win Survivor 35
  20. hey if you like Survivor go here
  21. Tengaged's First Survivor Popularity Poll
  22. the only Tengager I like
  23. After recently rewatching it
  24. the superior choice each generation
  25. Orisa is officially live in Overwatch
  26. Ranking reality shows
  27. In THIS roadblock
  28. I'm John Quiñones
  29. Gingey's BB1 s1 results
  30. I need 7 more Survivor players
  31. Post a Survivor contestant
  32. The quickest Survivor season
  33. Question
  34. im proud of this one
  35. forget all these bland Tengaged ORGs
  36. Palau ep. 1 rewatch ranking
  37. Newest Tengaged ORG!
  38. Which would you say
  39. If there is one player
  40. everyone help Derfoo NOW

Considering doing one of those

Feb 16, 2017 by DumbGinger
"every x number of points ill share a fact about me" blogs. Figured it could be kinda neat since I actively try and avoid getting personal in any way on this site. But also I don't know if anyone would actively give a shit since it wouldn't be very Survivor related/stupid troll bullshit so it'd be pretty out of character for me here.

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