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  1. a very select few have my snap
  2. Quick list
  3. dont miss the latest
  4. I live next door (Story Time with Ginge)
  5. Easily one of my favorite challenges
  6. I recently started Workaholics
  7. i dont get it
  8. "What IS your sport, Dave?"
  9. No title
  10. i have a crush
  11. god I fucking hate EA
  12. I think this is my favorite cast
  13. yeah this is an ugly community
  14. I think i'll always believe
  15. hey tell me if you like this joke
  16. yay or nay to this stand-up bit?
  17. PYN
  18. pyn
  19. i legitimately find Jessica Lewis attractive
  20. chinese food
  21. tell the crows at Castle Black what you saw
  22. No title
  24. No title
  25. Official Tengaged poll 2017
  26. My favorite thing
  27. i somewhat ranked the Survivor seasons
  28. for real though
  29. would u rather
  30. Gingey's Survivor Season Rankings... sorta
  31. Man getting older is so weird
  32. V don't call out someone's grammar
  33. that awkward moment
  34. Hey TAR fans
  35. do any of you
  36. this is for my own reference later
  37. Honestly
  38. There's this super cute girl
  39. whats ur fave rose mulet song

Considering doing one of those

Feb 16, 2017 by DumbGinger
"every x number of points ill share a fact about me" blogs. Figured it could be kinda neat since I actively try and avoid getting personal in any way on this site. But also I don't know if anyone would actively give a shit since it wouldn't be very Survivor related/stupid troll bullshit so it'd be pretty out of character for me here.

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