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  1. Also
  2. this hot and muscular 22 year old
  3. Just got this message on Grindr LOL
  4. watching White House conference live on FB
  5. I'm highkey living
  6. the muslim with a 9 inch D
  7. so I bought an iPhone 7 plus
  8. i'm such a messy little faggot
  10. Trump will celebrate black history month
  11. who wants a mouthful of warm cum
  12. 6 Muslims were shot to death
  13. good fucking bye
  14. I haven't bottomed in over a month
  15. i love my new gym pants
  17. unattractive gays make the best of friends
  18. i wanna masterbate a girl
  19. i need a cock for Valentine's day
  20. who has a nice bubble butt i could fuck
  21. thirsty bitches
  22. When is the next season of RPDR
  23. i used to be bullied by people at school
  24. + if i should fuck a twink tonight
  25. OMG i'm seeing my nephew this weekend
  26. Ummm lol ok
  27. Some of you should be aborted
  28. I need a boy hole
  29. Do you have sex with the lights on
  30. When is Taylor Swift
  31. Is it normal to get depressed
  32. If you have a hairy body
  33. Do butt implants make your ass harder?
  34. I just saw the Mariah disaster performance
  35. Is Fifth Harmony
  36. RIP George Michael :(
  37. Follow me on Instagram HUNS!
  38. my friend stayed at my place for 10 days
  39. my 7 year anniversary on this site
  40. I told my mom about my night

Do you have sex with the lights on

Jan 11, 2017 by Etienne
or off?


Sent by vh1luvr15,Jan 11, 2017
Off because when you nut you make a werid face
Sent by Maryland,Jan 11, 2017
off its weird if its on
Sent by RoboZoe,Jan 11, 2017
Off because I like doing weird shit that the light shouldnt grace on
Sent by XxLoveWakizaxX,Jan 11, 2017
On so you can see that shit
Sent by LasVegas,Jan 11, 2017
On. I wanna be able to see their "O" face
Sent by garrievans97,Jan 11, 2017

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