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  1. who has a nice bubble butt i could fuck
  2. thirsty bitches
  3. When is the next season of RPDR
  4. i used to be bullied by people at school
  5. + if i should fuck a twink tonight
  6. OMG i'm seeing my nephew this weekend
  7. Ummm lol ok
  8. Some of you should be aborted
  9. I need a boy hole
  10. Do you have sex with the lights on
  11. When is Taylor Swift
  12. Is it normal to get depressed
  13. If you have a hairy body
  14. Do butt implants make your ass harder?
  15. I just saw the Mariah disaster performance
  16. Is Fifth Harmony
  17. RIP George Michael :(
  18. Follow me on Instagram HUNS!
  19. my friend stayed at my place for 10 days
  20. what's up faggots?
  21. my 7 year anniversary on this site
  22. I told my mom about my night
  23. I hope Dylann Roof
  24. white faggots are the most racist of all
  25. i had a rough day
  26. LMFAO some high school girls
  27. Are we talking about the Titanic?
  28. i wanna have bareback anal sex
  29. Britney Spears is 35 today
  30. When i blog about anus
  31. What is more loose?
  32. how is it Thanksgiving?
  33. I'm gonna buy a Kylie lip kit & lipgloss
  34. Lauren from Fifth Harmony is bisexual :o
  35. My friend is suing a guy on Grindr
  36. a 49 year old man on Grindr
  37. should i buy the Kylie lip kit??
  38. lol
  39. I want to shit in Mike Pence's mouth
  40. @Shonaynay

Do you have sex with the lights on

Jan 11, 2017 by Etienne
or off?


Sent by vh1luvr15,Jan 11, 2017
Off because when you nut you make a werid face
Sent by Maryland,Jan 11, 2017
off its weird if its on
Sent by RoboZoe,Jan 11, 2017
Off because I like doing weird shit that the light shouldnt grace on
Sent by XxLoveWakizaxX,Jan 11, 2017
On so you can see that shit
Sent by LasVegas,Jan 11, 2017
On. I wanna be able to see their "O" face
Sent by garrievans97,Jan 11, 2017

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