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9thOct 5, 2016 by Flickgamecolin
[3/12/17, 10:28:20 PM] ~amtht Jade: i just want colin to date me
[3/12/17, 10:28:37 PM] ~amtht Jade: i just want colin to be like u know what imtht
[3/12/17, 10:28:42 PM] ~amtht Jade: ur rlly hot lets fall in love
[3/12/17, 10:29:13 PM] SaraJ: that's every girls dream honestly

[3/13/17, 10:49:40 PM] Queen Elise: U know whats awful about being a girl
[3/13/17, 10:49:52 PM] its billy: what elise
[3/13/17, 10:50:01 PM] Queen Elise: When u cant tell if ur horny or if u started ur period
[3/13/17, 10:50:15 PM] its billy: why not both

stJan 11, 2017 by iYBF
This is actually really hard for me to do... I have been living a lie on this website. Now this is going to come to a shock to some people & some people will probably think I'm lying. I'm not.

I have told people on this website that I am gay from the moment that I started it. I've had "crushes" on guys, I've talked about my "exes" with some people, I've done some outrageous thing that make me seem gay. This was on purpose.

I'm making this blog to "come out" in a way. This just feels really weird. For years, I have been pretending to be gay online. I know, it's weird. I have made up many stories & memorized them so that I wouldn't forget. I am not gay, I am in fact straight.

I felt like the only way to get attention on this site was to be gay. I felt like I couldn't be friends with anyone on here because they shunned straight people, or because many people on here are gay.

I have sent nudes to guys from Tengaged to even further cover up my real identity. I have faked liking guys on here to make sure no one suspected a thing. I have gotten fake pictures of guys & claimed that they were my ex or my boyfriend to ensure that my secret stayed a secret.

I just wanted people to actually like me for me & not pre-judge me for my sexuality, although I am technically a "majority" in the real world, on here, the majority is gay. I wanted people to give me a chance without thinking "oh, he's just another hetero" or "why are we friends with a straight boy?"

I know this sounds stupid, but after a while, it wasn't an option for me to turn back & change it. Once I started, it was impossible for me to stop. If I revealed that I was actually straight, everyone would call me a "catfish" or a "liar" and I would lose friends, but I can't be afraid of that anymore. I just keep pretending. I can't pretend to be someone that I'm not. I can't keep fake-flirting with guys & making up stories & ranting about boys.

I'm sorry to everyone that I've lied to & if this in anyway affects our friendship, I completely understand. Anyone that wants to talk to me about this is welcome to & anyone that wants to bitch me out is welcome to.

Again, I'm sorry.

On 2/8/17, at 3:54 PM, Ashley The Rapper wrote:
> i think anthony has a crush on me

[4:28:29 PM] Joe: Del and nick the 2 most annoying people in this chat.
[4:28:44 PM] Nick//BluJay112: I'm sorry joe :/

Colin, enjoy your buttsex with Darius behind the shelter, you're going to make an unattractive final

On 1/17/17, at 4:55 PM, TITO wrote:
> they know each other from that road blocks game

[1/10/17, 4:17:36 PM] Queen Elise: Devon I love you
[1/10/17, 4:17:36 PM] Devon Withers: Oh fuck off

[1/9/17, 12:31:00 AM] Ashley The Rapper: Colin,you are really nice to me and I appreciate you calling me beautiful. Thank you so much for being there for me. You are my new best friend and I hope it continues for a very long time. We are both really attractive and I can't wait to spend time on call with you.I remember the first day I entered the Flora tribe and I laid eyes on you. You were the most beautiful man to ever set foot on t-vivor and we started talking and you’re such a good friend. You create all the aspects of a perfect husband and anyone who marries you or is your friend is so lucky. I am so lucky to be your friend and I am so lucky to have that shirtless picture of you ;) Luv u daddy

[1/10/17, 4:53:23 PM] Ryan(Iceey): We are the minority
[1/10/17, 4:53:27 PM] Ryan(Iceey): We're tired of this treatment
[1/10/17, 4:53:48 PM] Ryan(Iceey): Us straight men can't get anywhere with you gays

[10/2/16, 3:44:42 PM] evan (essence): the only way id move to america is to live with Eli
[10/2/16, 3:44:51 PM] Eli: guess ur never coming then

No title
Oct 20, 2016 18:46:57
No title
Put me up. You really think I give a fuck you bitch

[1/11/17, 5:18:37 PM] Ashley The Rapper: BILLY PPOST IT ILL SEND U NUDES
[1/11/17, 5:18:45 PM] chilly billy the bufanda. ❄: I don't want
[1/11/17, 5:21:05 PM] Ashley The Rapper: billy i want to date u
[1/11/17, 5:21:08 PM] Ashley The Rapper: come kiss me
[1/11/17, 5:21:13 PM] chilly billy the bufanda. ❄: I'm ok
[1/11/17, 5:23:46 PM] Ashley The Rapper: i love you billy


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