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❤️Juan - Titoburitto❤️

14thDec 19, 2016 by Flickgamecolin


whoa this brought a tear to my eye dude
Sent by BengalBoy,Dec 19, 2016
whoa this brought a tear to my eye dude
Sent by alanb1,Dec 19, 2016
Sent by Jinxh,Dec 19, 2016
whoa this brought a tear to my eye dude
Sent by lionsden121,Dec 19, 2016
what the hell lol you're just like devon, you cause a huge fuss and then you turn yourself into the victim. Sorry for all the things going on in your real life, I truly hope everything gets better for you, but it doesn't change how nasty you were to people on here?
Sent by LmaoAmethyst,Dec 19, 2016
lmaoamethyst what nasty thing have I ever said?
Sent by Flickgamecolin,Dec 20, 2016
you sat there and told me I was annoying even though I literally never talked to you or anyone else for that matter, told me i was irrelevant, and just trying to gather relevancy, then you said you & half the cast were on call talking shit about me so I look stupid,  and this ones my favorite

[12/17/2016 10:31:43 PM] King flick .: go back to being a white level that no one cares about, this was your one chance at relevancy and its over bye!

Sent by LmaoAmethyst,Dec 20, 2016
lmaoamethyst that wasn't what I would call nasty, idk about you, but I was also very frustrated at the moment since the whole cast decided to go at me, I think you can see why I would lose control. That being said I apologize for my comments to you.
Sent by Flickgamecolin,Dec 20, 2016
you wouldn't call telling me that nobody cares about me nasty? :S
And it wasn't even the whole cast it was me arguing with only you and Devon, and I wasn't even trying to argue with you, I was trying to speak solely to Devon, so no, I really can't see why you'd lose control. But thank you anyways, I appreciate it. Flickgamecolin
Sent by LmaoAmethyst,Dec 20, 2016

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