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GentG's BB Blog Series [Week 11 - Finale]

Mar 19, 2017 by GentlemanG
imageI used to do these a long time ago when I was a noob and people liked them so I decided to do them again.

This season will consist of my 15 front page friends and me. The challenge winners will be random.orged, but I'll do evictions and alliances based off how I think you guys would connect with each other.

17th: #Judi
16th: #Semajdude
15th: #Megan
14th: #Temponpetune
13th: #CaptainZacSparrow
12th: #GentlemanG [Expelled]
11th: #Bomberv
10th: #RobertGuajardo
9th: #IcarusMark
8th: #Stunzer

Player Left:

I got really lazy so this is what happened for the rest of the season it seems rigged but it really wasn't I just random.orged everything really quickly so yeah here you go...

HOH: Bryce
Noms: Jake/Sara
POV: Galaxies - Uses on Jake
Final Nominees: Sara and Jojo
Evicted: Sara 2-2 [Bryce evicted Sara in the tie]

HOH: Legendary
Noms: Jake / Galaxies
POV: Jojo - Uses on Jake
Final Nominees: Galaxies / Bryce
Evicted: Bryce 2-1 [Jojo and Legendary flipped on him]

HOH: Jojo
Noms: Jake/Galaxies
POV: Jake
Final Nominees: Galaxies/Bryce
Evicted: Galaxies 1-1 [ Jojo evicted Galaxies]

HOH: Ridster
Noms: Legendary/Jojo
POV: Jake - Doesn't use
Final Nominees: Legendary/Jojo
Evicted: Legendary 1-0

HoH #1: Jake
HoH #2: Jojo
HoH #3: Jojo
Evicted: Jake

Bomberv: Jojo [proud of both but voted the one he think played better]
Robert: Jojo [respects their game]
Icarus: Ridster [thinks he played better game]
Stunzer: Jojo [close with Jojo]
Sara: Ridster [likes Ridster better]
Bryce: Ridster [bitter jojo flipped + closer with Ridster]
Galaxies: Ridster [bitter he got him out]
Legendary: Jojo [f2 most of game]
Jake: Ridster [hates jojo]

By a vote of 5-4
Congratulations Ridster  !


Grats Ridster!  lol  Funny thing is I would have voted this way too!

This was actually fun to follow!  ^_^
Sent by Icarus_Mark,Mar 19, 2017
When I slayed favs mama yess
Sent by RiDsTeR,Mar 19, 2017
Evicted: Jake
thats funny
Sent by Lemjam6,Mar 20, 2017
The robbery
Sent by jojo7784,Mar 20, 2017

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