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  1. If you're not into this
  2. These new eyes really
  3. *spits out drink*
  4. Question,
  5. They couldn't win RTB,
  6. I'm calling it now,
  7. Where the Brits at tonight?
  8. Happy Holidays!!!
  9. My Besties as a N00b
  10. Stars 308 Finals @_@
  11. I haven't played Stars in two and a half years...
  12. Me playing Categories in a Skype game.
  13. As the radio show abruptly cuts out
  14. PYN
  15. Lurvs my tengaged family.
  16. suzycroatia and I are loving Ponderosa.
  17. Top 10 Things I Could Care Less About
  18. Five years ago today
  19. LucyX3Jean says: [Part 100]
  20. dorkishbarbi says: [Part 5]
  21. dorkishbarbi says: [Part 4]
  22. dav_o_79 says: [Part 4]
  23. I can't reveal too much at the moment,
  24. Pulled this vintage design out of my closet;
  25. I B TV STAR N0WZ 2.
  26. Zeptis says: [Part 3]
  27. Kentuckyy says: [Part 32]
  28. BbDamian says: [Part 49]
  29. WillyEx says:
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  32. LucyX3Jean says: [Part 98]
  33. The Game Makers have unleashed
  34. BbDamian says: [Part 48]
  35. LucyX3Jean says: [Part 97]
  36. Me when ShayyBayy
  37. LucyX3Jean says: [Part 96]
  38. LucyX3Jean says: [Part 95]
  39. ShayyBayy says: [Part 53]
  40. dorkishbarbi says: [Part 3]

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  1. Tigger in "If you're not into this" 5 days

Best believe that.

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If you're not into this Oct 4, 2015

you're dead inside.
Points: 27 1 comments
These new eyes really Sep 15, 2015
complete my look don't 'cha think?  #beautyinsideandout
Points: 72 3 comments
*spits out drink* Sep 15, 2015
image"Should I just tell you to go fuck yourself now or wait? who the fuck do you think you are? you guys MAY run this tribe BUT you don't run tengaged and I am not one to be bullied.....I don't give a FUCK about my placement in this survivor or any other but I DO care about being fucked with and will be in every fucking game you join until I get the anger out so JUST LEAVE ME THE FUCK ALONE, focus on your own self and learn how to LEAVE shit alone, you bullying jerk."
"I guess we will just see how all of this plays out. Make sure you remember that I asked you to not fuck with me. I sure will."
AlbertHodges is gettin' those ratings.  #Survivor #tooturnt

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Question, Sep 14, 2015
JordanLloydFan, why do you hate hazelnut?  #idontgetit
Points: 15 2 comments
They couldn't win RTB, Apr 11, 2015
so now they joined #Stars together. Aquamarine LucyX3Jean Interesting...
Points: 1218 16 comments
I'm calling it now, Dec 29, 2014
patriciasigmond will win Stars one day. #markmywords #Stars
Points: 287 13 comments