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Best believe that.

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They couldn't win RTB, Apr 11, 2015
so now they joined #Stars together. Aquamarine LucyX3Jean Interesting...
Points: 1218 16 comments
I'm calling it now, Dec 29, 2014
patriciasigmond will win Stars one day. #markmywords #Stars
Points: 287 13 comments
Where the Brits at tonight? Dec 27, 2014
Holla at me!
Points: 104 10 comments
Happy Holidays!!! Dec 13, 2014
Wishing you and yours a happy holiday from me, BbDamian, Aquamarine, Lockie, & ShayyBayy!

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My Besties as a N00b Oct 13, 2014
Richpaca - My first; he's probably off with a herd of alpaca.
Elliott - Too cool to be on this site and I don't blame him.
Lockie - I've literally never really lost touch with this one.
rockgoddess - Lovely lady who outgrew tengaged.
IrvinIcon - Da baddest.
#Chels05 (now Obsessed_4405) - Unfortunate that we are not close anymore.
Oldies but goodies; forever they remain with me as they are unforgettable.
#originals #classic #2008 #thegoodoledays #iwillrememberyouwillyourememberme
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Stars 308 Finals @_@ Oct 11, 2014
imageTL;DR version:
I came into this game with a target despite not playing Stars or even surviving an eviction in literally forever. I made the best effort I could to lay low and make the moves necessary to get myself to the end. With only one seemingly inevitable nomination I did just that despite my own constant paranoia. Any votes from you for me to win I'd greatly appreciate!  @_@
Vote here: http://www.tengaged.com/poll/bigbrother-game-124827
Full-length version:
Coming into this game I don't know what I was thinking as I was overwhelmed by the instant feeling of regret I felt after enrolling. I really didn't plan on joining but decided to on a whim after seeing the enrollment freeze for whatever reason. As I haven't played in what feels like forever (two and a half years ago; Stars 179) I wasn't exactly prepared for what would turn into quite a mess of a game. Sure, there were people in the game I knew prior as there were also plenty I had never even spoken to or heard of for that matter. Despite this, the people I did know were on opposite sides which made everything all the more difficult. Add in the fact that I was screwed over by my friends in each of the last two Stars I did play there wasn't much comfort to be had here.
My first initial scare came from the word going around that I was a "popularity threat." Now, perhaps years ago when I was active in games and hosted various group games I had that going for me. Fast forward to now when I play games literally once in a blue moon and not being active at all on the site. Yet still a target remained on me even though I hadn't survived an eviction since 2009. My only hope was to lay low and allow others to make themselves bigger threats. Luckily they did just this and got their selves evicted one by one allowing me to pick and choose which was exactly the right move for me each and every round. My only blip in the game was going up for 9th against Aquamarine. I felt this nomination was inevitable as at this point even with the effort of distancing ourselves from one another we were still seen as a pair. I honestly thought I was done for but by the courtesy of tengaged I stayed.
After surviving eviction my only goal was to ensure I didn't go up again and to keep targets on those who hadn't been nominated as well. Enter Addrian and meduncan; both of which were yet to be nominated. They were suppose to be a set to go up at one point however with both of them going up together that would only have made myself go back into the eyes of the other players so it was only to my advantage to split and have Addrian face Stary. Finally this left meduncan, who is one of the people I hadn't ever really spoken to prior to the game I actually found to enjoy talking to the most. He was definitely the slicker of the two out of him and LiteCitrus and their pairing was painfully obvious. Hence why it was crucial they were nominated together. Placing the blame on the other four remaining in the game for this nomination must have worked as I wasn't even a counter to be nominated (even with my insane paranoia) for 5th right after.

The last nominations were ultimately the hardest and most stressing of the entire game. It was eerily quiet for some time after RoseMaria and LiteCitrus going up and I believed there was no way I would ever escape what seemed like a definite doom of going up for 4th. After much denial and throwing suspicion upon others I was granted a miracle and was not nominated. As a result I now find myself in the finals. After all is said and done, I did everything I thought was necessary to get myself to the end. Never in a million years did I think I'd have any chance of going this far in Stars again. When push came to shove though, I proved to myself that I could do it and for that alone I feel accomplished. Now it's up to you. I did my thing and any votes I receive to win are greatly appreciated. This game despite its stressing nature has truly been a blast. Thank you, tengaged for allowing me to actually survive an eviction and have this opportunity. I wish RoseMaria and Addrian the best of luck and may the best man win!
Vote here: http://www.tengaged.com/poll/bigbrother-game-124827
#Stars #Casting #Rookies #Survivor
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