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"The Gunslinger" Review + Predict "The Drawing of the Three" for a Gift Chance Jun 18, 2017
The Gunslinger by Stephen King

Pages: 231

Chapters: 5

Warning: This review may contain spoilers about the book.  If you are planning to read and don’t want to be spoiled, please proceed with caution!

Here begins the series of Dark Tower books, and to celebrate the movie coming out this summer, I will be reviewing EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM!  Now, I read this back in 2007, but this is one of the few books I remember enough that I can still review pretty easily, and I own every book from Waste Lands on forward, so I will reread every Dark Tower book I have in my possession, and the books I don’t have in my possession, I don’t need to reread because I remember enough of them to give a fair enough review on them.  So we start with the book that started it all, The Gunslinger, which is centered on a lone surviving gunslinger named Roland Deschain.  I feel the movie will cover this book, so it’s good I’m getting a head start here by reviewing The Gunslinger.

Now some complaints I have heard people I know say about this book is that this was the slow start to The Dark Tower series, but I find that I disagree.  I actually remember when I read this that I went through it pretty fast for my age, which was unusual for me when it came to Westerns at the least.  It felt like the beginning of something great, and it took a stray away from the usual horror story I might find and it actually felt like I was going on an adventure.  This might be because Roland is on a legendary quest for The Dark Tower, which is said to be the center of the universe.  Another character you’ll meet is Jake Chalmers, a boy that goes on the quest alongside Roland.  Jake is actually really important here because he will be a major character throughout the series.  Think Clementine from Telltale’s The Walking Dead and you’ll get an idea of Jake will become throughout the series.

Another thing I liked about the book is the flashbacks to Roland’s past and where he comes from.  They’ll be present throughout the series as well, but from the first flashback you see in The Gunslinger, I really see myself get attached to Roland despite the fact that he’s made some very cold-blooded decision both present and past.  The way they come up too works because Roland tells stories of his past to Jake just to give an idea of who Roland really is and how he became the way he is.  I also love how the last chapter foreshadows and sets up the entire series.  The whole Tarot Card segment was fascinating, and I couldn’t wait to see how it all unfolded with the whole Prisoner, Lady in the Shadows, Life, Death, etc.

The only negative I really have to say about the book is actually a minor one, but although this book did seem like I was going on an adventure, I knew full well that this only seemed like one long prologue to the true novel that spans the entire series, but The Dark Tower is meant to be like that, so it’s nothing major and it really tells me that I want to read more, and in the start of a series, you always want me anticipating the next book.  I can also see why this book would confuse people.  You kind of have to go forward with the sequels to make sense of The Gunslinger, so if you get too confused with the story, I don’t blame you.  Just read on with the sequels and you might get a better understanding of what’s going on.  So while this was not a long review by any stretch of the means, and neither should the review for the next book, it’s here to show you that I really want to cover The Dark Tower series and I am very excited to go and see the movie.  So I will give the book 8.5/10, and that score is actually me being hard on this book because, as you will see later, The Gunslinger is NOT my favorite Dark Tower book in the series or anywhere close to it.

So, let’s explain how this whole system will be tracked.  If you get the score right on the money, you will have an = by your name.  If you within 1 point, an ! will appear by your name for the book.  A – will appear if you were not close enough to make the close mark.  Remember that you have to be at least close to the mark 6 times and get it right on the money 3 times to be eligible to win a gift.

So to take everyone’s guesses from the predictions blog for this book, let’s see how you all fared:

DevinB !
Hisoka !
Mine =
legend_of_link !
Krisstea !
Carriexoxo24xo !

The guesses for “The Gunslinger” were in the blog below:

If you missed the previous blog, you can still enter the giveaway as there are still more chances to get the scores right.  You may now guess how I will score for the next novel, “The Drawing of the Three”.

Good luck and happy guessing!

EDIT: Could you please plus the blog as you guess?  I put time into these reviews.

Points: 36 10 comments
"The Dark Tower" Gift Giveaway: Predict "The Gunslinger" Jun 16, 2017
I decided despite not getting the Top Blog to do the Giveaway after all.  It seems the people who have actually seen the blog have expressed interest, I was out for most of the day today, and I feel if I show people how to enter, more might want to take part.

So here’s how the Giveaway will work.  As I reread through the novels from "The Dark Tower" series, I will post reviews for each of the novels and give a rating for them, and the same will go for the movie.  I have already begun rereading through the novels, and I do have a review for the first book written that just needs some finishing touches.

Now here’s how you play in this giveaway: one installment at a time, you will predict a rating out of 10 I give each of the books.  Then every time I review, you will guess the rating for the next novel, and it will go all the way up until I review the movie.

In order to be eligible to win, you have to get at least 6 ratings within ONE POINT of my actual rating, and at least THREE of your predictions have to be exact!  The person who gets the most ratings correct will win the gift (gift will be something of your choice from a competing shop).  If there is a tie, I will random.org the winner!  There are 8 novels and 1 movie, so there will be 9 chances to get the correct answer.  This also means anyone can enter the Giveaway UP UNTIL the review I post for the 4th book goes up.

For this blog, you will be predicting what rating I will give "The Gunslinger", and those who comment will automatically be entered in the Gift Giveaway!  My scoring scale goes from 0-10, and scores are rounded to the nearest half-point (so possible scores include 0, 0.5, 1, 1.5, 2, and so on all the way up to 10).  You only get ONE scoring guess per book/movie, so do make it count.

Good luck and happy guessing!

People who have shown interest:

Points: 57 12 comments
Good luck to frat mate Bella! Jun 16, 2017
By a frat vote of 4-2, Bella1, you've won your way into Stars!  Thank you so much for getting the seat for our frat!  I know you will make us proud and you will be having the support of me and the frat this week!

You've made a good case Dejaman to go on back, and honestly, I wish I could have sent you both in.  As president, even though we haven't been acting together too much as a frat, it's always fun getting something to do for you guys and our frat winning the Frat Game really set a fun night!
Points: 28 1 comments
"The Dark Tower" Gift Giveaway Jun 15, 2017
So if you’ve seen the summer movie line-up, one of the movies that will be coming out this summer will be The Dark Tower, the film adaptation for the Stephen King series of the same name.  I’ve long been looking forward to see the movie, and I have and have read most of the novels from this series.  I was already planning to read through them again, but I figured to why not spread the wealth and make a Gift Giveaway out of it!

So here’s how it will work.  As I reread through the novels, I will post reviews for each of the novels and give a rating for them, and the same will go for the movie.  Now here’s how you play in this giveaway: one installment at a time, you will predict a rating out of 10 I give each of the books.  I will have a blog for ratings predictions for “The Gunslinger” up tomorrow if you’d like to play.  The every time I review, you will guess the rating for the next novel, and it will go all the way up until I review the movie.

In order to be eligible to win, you have to get at least 6 ratings within ONE POINT of my actual rating, and at least THREE of your predictions have to be exact!  The person who gets the most ratings correct will win the gift.  If there is a tie, I will random.org the winner!

+ the blog if you think this is a good thing for me to do for you guys!  This WILL be a legitimate giveaway, and I will also post the review in another website where there are some people from Tengaged, so that no accusations of rigging can be made.
Points: 88 7 comments
tbt Jun 12, 2017
to when 50 Shades of Grey disgraced our screens and I was sitting here listening to this

Points: 24 1 comments
My Karma Divisions Jun 4, 2017
FASTINGS (+131):
1st: 9 times (+108)
2nd: 8 times (+16)
3rd: 7 times (+7)

CASTINGS (+1910):
1st: 45 times (+1800)
2nd: 5 times (+50)
3rd: 4 times (+36)
5th: 2 times (+14)
6th: Once (+6)
8th: 2 times (+4 as the first Castings I ever did I died off from because I didn't know how to play at the time  lmao)

1st: 3 times (+75)
2nd: 2 times (+6)

CROOKIES (+720):
1st: 5 times (+400)
2nd: 6 times (+120)
3rd: 2 times (+30)
4th: 7 times (+70)
5th: 5 times (+40)
6th: Once (+6)
7th: 2 times (+10)
8th: 3 times (+12)
9th: Once (+2)

SURVIVOR (+1200):
Merged: 30 times (+1200)

And the rest:
4th in Fastings: 7 times (including my 1st game on Tengaged)
5th in Fastings: 2 times
6th in Fastings: 2 times
7th in Fastings: 3 times
8th in Fastings: Once
10th in Fastings: 4 times
12th in Fastings: Once
14th in Fastings: Once
3rd in Frookies: 3 times
4th in Frookies: 4 times
5th in Frookies: 4 times
6th in Frookies: 3 times
7th in Frookies: 5 times
8th in Frookies: 2 times
9th in Frookies: 3 times
10th in Frookies: 4 times
11th in Crookies: Once
11th in Survivor: 3 times
12th in Survivor: Once
13th in Survivor: 4 times
14th in Survivor: 3 times
15th in Survivor: Once
16th in Survivor: 3 times
17th in Survivor: Once
18th in Survivor: 3 times
19th in Survivor: 3 times
5th in Hunger: Once
11th in Hunger: Once
13th in Hunger: Once
27th in Hunger: Once
Points: 29 0 comments