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What song is stuck in my head Feb 18, 2017
that I don't know the name to?  I know that these lines are in the chorus:

"Am I losing you 
Is this where the story ends"
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Ode to the Battle of Camlann Feb 18, 2017
So I dug up this little poem I did back in the fall of 2010 that I've actually been wanting to share since I found it.  It's based on the final battle of King Arthur and I actually think it's one of my finest pieces of poetry I've done.

"Ode to the Battle of Camlann"

On pristine fields, two armies group to negotiate
Armed, suspicious, ready to attack at moment’s notice
Hearts beating fire to and from the always unhinged gate
As a king and his kin stayed wary for any malice
The kin, Mordred, talks first, brave despite the given events
The king, Arthur, listening with intent yet cautious ears
Both men give each other different points of view as men
The talking goes fondly, keen to satisfy both intents
When an asp creeps by, stinging a soldier, swelling his fears
He draws his sword to kill the creature that stung him just then

Others see the sword, mistaking it for sinful deceit
All bets off.  Blood can’t think to escape getting shed today
Kindness dies on the spot as the fiery fury heats
Swords are drawn as the y say “So long!” to a nice, peaceful day
Souls buckle up to leave as their hosts take to the field
Everyone charges, set to clash and die for their country
As the asp wonders, “Why dost mine faults so cause this harsh fight?”
One by one, soldiers fall and die, impartial to shields
All passions cannot be allowed to know any boundaries
They must battle hard if they so wish to survive this plight

Arthur and Mordred meet with faces like fuming raptors
Swords begin playing bloody knuckles with their aching palms
Both their noble lives replay all of its vital chapters
Boiling down to one insane move, eyes gritty without qualms
Their epic war simmers as the blood cascades scarlet skies
The stench of the armor penetrates without one regard
As they mêlée to breathe without a shard of remorse
Their skills unparalleled, unforgiving flames marked their eyes
As the blades of glory sing a gory tune in this yard
Dyed in a sea of red, haunted like an evil black horse

A fatal weakness in them shows itself to each other
In this hell aroused from violence and relentless bloodshed
The final clash collides, determined like warring brothers
They connect their blows, with gore gushing out till they were dead
The skies are dark as they witness what happened before them
The legendary King Arthur was gone without a doubt
Mordred the traitor alongside him as they rest in peace
And the clouds began to turn a timberwolf shade of gray
No one lived to mourn Mordred as the late day wore out
Many other bodies spread Camlann, yard of the deceased
But seven true to Arthur lived through the end of the day

Tagging people that might care and want to read:

Anyone else who may want to read
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Gen. 2 One Killer Assessment Feb 17, 2017
So One Killer Season 3 has reset and apparently this is a new generation.  This means this is the new generation here as well.  No link to previous assessments.  Honestly, I would rather not go back and fish for the last Assessment I did on this series.  But it is the first time I’ve done an Assessment in a while, so expect me to be a bit… rusty.

With the move just about over, this might have not come at a better time.  I can take my time on the train to write these up, and I can begin to think again and know how it all looks after taking a step back.  Anyway, a new generation of characters has come, and this might be the most unexpected thing I could have seen coming or the most expected thing I didn’t see coming.  Whatever way you look at it, the new cast does make the playing field a bit more interesting.  But, let’s say goodbye to those we lost in the beginning of the 2nd generation of One Killer.

In Memorium:
MelindaMrskk – Jessica Kelly – EPISODE 1 – EPISODE 1 – I wasn’t expecting Jessica to be first victim just like that, and honestly, it was sad she had to be the first to die.  She seemed like she had lots of potential, even to be the main protagonist.  Better luck next story, I guess.
Nenalalala – Lochlan O'Brien – EPISODE 1 – EPISODE 3 – Ever the fool I was to think he could have still been alive.  Episode 3 revealed Lochlan to be dead, and a shame too.  I seriously thought he and Caitlin were going to truck on through as the cute, cohesive couple that could do no wrong.  Ah well.  Rest in peace!
Kaseyhope101 – Tess Briar – EPISODE 2 – EPISODE 3 – Piglett was slain too soon *insert epic sad face here*  Tess came across to me as someone who was a bit over-the-top nervous, and while it was unfair how she died (and idiotic in ways I will explain with a certain someone), I’m not the saddest in the world that she’s gone.

As always, we move on now to the characters who have survived, starting with whatever characters I have.  This time, I have just one character in Jack Strife.

Jack Strife – EPISODE 1 – So first impressions on Jack, I’m not really sure what to think of him.  I was shocked that he smoked in-story considering I have never smoked in my life nor would I ever start doing so.  He’s just the mysterious guy that I probably care about until like halfway through the season, but then again, I did intend for him to take on a Cloud Strife kind of persona, and anyone who’s played Final Fantasy knows how iconic Cloud is.

QueenMichelle – Alexis Silver – EPISODE 1 – Alexis may just be the most mistreated girl in the cast.  Mac basically Scooby-Doo’s her to go on her own, which in turn gets her kidnapped by the Killer, and now her life is in danger.  Alexis rightfully argued Mac’s decision-making skills and called him out on it, so that gets her brownie points with me.
RyanAndrews – Astrid Scott – EPISODE 2 – I don’t know about you, but whenever I pictured anyone named Astrid now, I think of Astrid from the How To Train Your Dragon movies.  To be fair, that’s actually how I’m gonna picture this Astrid here because that’s the most convenient way for me personally.  Anywho, Astrid actually seems like she’s got some spunk in her.  She will definitely be and interesting character to follow even if her pushiness can sometimes place her at home in Antarctica with a bunch of penguins.
MelindaMrsKK – Bethany Lee – EPISODE 1 – Bethany has been in the spotlight more than anyone else, but after this episode, I wonder if that was always meant to be an off-shore made to throw us when searching for the main protagonist.  At least she isn’t caveman dumb like a certain someone in her current group we’ll be getting to soon!
MelindaMrskk – Caitlin Jade – EPISODE 1 – Like I said about Lochlan, I seriously thought these 2 were going to become the power couple of the season, but alas it was not meant to be.  You can’t help but feel sorry for Caitlin for losing her boyfriend the way she has.  I am interested to see if she will survive long enough to help us see if she can actually cope with these kinds of demons or not.
Indiybomboo – Callie Kori – EPISODE 2 – It hasn’t even been 2 episodes with Callie and already she’s pulled off a move that’s made her into a complete and utter idiot.  This is actually uber ironic since an idiot is exactly what Callie called Tess before proving to be the biggest plebe in the entire cast.  DO YOU NOT SEE THAT YOU BASICALLY KILLED TESS BECAUSE YOU PULLED HER DOWN WHILE HER NECK WAS TIED TO A BARBED WIRE ROPE!?  Seriously, if I ever need someone I need to trust my life to, I now know one more person NOT to turn to.  Oh, and also, she ran into a room with the Killer, but ran out of bullets before entering the room.  Someone get me a powerful dose of NyQuil please!
PoohSnap – Camille Shire – EPISODE 2 – Here we have Astrid’s friend, who I’m not quite sure what to make of.  She so far seems to be one who does not like to stray from the rulebook.  Not that I have a problem with that as long as she finds a way to distinguish herself in some ways, even if she stays close to the script.
Nenalalala – Emily Wilson – EPISODE 1 – Well someone sure is petty.  Her feud with Sophie really just rubs me off the wrong way as far as Emily goes, and no I don’t mean THAT kind of rubbing you dirty perverts!  Otherwise, she seems rational, but also pretty vanilla because there’s really not a whole lot else to say about her.
CoolKat – Essence "Esse" Craine – EPISODE 1 – So when it comes to Esse, she’s one of the few people I have actually seen in blog series with a parent of theirs in present time.  Most of the time, the parents are either dead, their father was the stereotypical abusive cunt from their past, are off-screen like all the time, or any combination of the aforementioned 3 things I’d just mentioned.  To see Esse’s bond with her mom was quite heartwarming, but otherwise, neither character is really that memorable so far except that her mother is a part of the story in some way, shape, or form.
Tkoj555 – Light Nighton – EPISODE 2 – Light Nighton…  Change “light” and “night” and you’d have a night light ON!  Get it!

*gets tomatoes thrown at and booed for bad pun*

Oh fine whatever!  You guys are no fun anywho!  But I will say this, Light isn’t the best or worst character One Killer has ever had.  I mean, he’s no Burt or Alex, and he is at least better than Callie for now, but there’s certainly people I have read about in One Killer who’s better than him (Serena, Viola, or even Andrea, for example).  His sudden crush on Camille is rather weird, but there are worse ideas for couples, like a certain couple named Anna and Burt.
Macda27 – Mac Ander–West – EPISODE 1 – Another day, another Mac.  Let’s be fair, this Mac is already trying way too hard to be the Fred of the whole Mac/Alexis/Emily group and it’s already making Mac look like an asshole.  All we need to do now is have him eat an apple so he’ll look even more like that.  CinemaSins jokes aside, I do feel like this Mac might get more of a chance to develop into something.  Hopefully he would in the end turn out a bit better.  One can only hope.
IceIceBaby – Myrtle Hennessy – EPISODE 1 – Assessing Myrtle is right now like assessing a tree branch.  You don’t really know how to assess it until you do.  However, what I can assess is that she seems like a shady son of a bitch.  All these calls she makes AND she keeps Jack waiting for some person who we don’t even know the name to.  What exactly could she doing behind Jack’s back?  Find out soon when Jack dies in the very next episode!  (JUST KIDDING!)
MrBird – Samuel Live – EPISODE 3 – Why do I have the feeling that this guy is gonna get his ass cheated on at some point?  I mean, this IS Astrid we’re talking about here that he’s trying to get with.  He was only introduced this past episode though, so I’ll give him a chance to impress me while he tries getting in Astrid’s pants, and if I have to compare myself in stones with someone like her, Samuel had better deliver.
MelindaMrsKK – Sophie Stoupe – EPISODE 3 – So wait a minute… Was Sophie Alexis’ lesbian ex-girlfriend?  Anyway, Sophie seems to me like she’s kind of a homewrecker, kind of like how a certain someone they call Kyle back in Season 2 mayhap?  But like Samuel, she was only introduced this past episode, so thus, she needs to be given a chance.

That's it for this assessment.  Thank you so much Melinda for putting up with my absences and being there as a support for me as I go through this hard time in my life.  It really means so much to me that you have been there and had my back.  < 3  I've begun to reconnect a little bit with the real world as a result with my older brother purportedly coming to visit me in mid-April.  I also just found out the place I had come to Tengaged from back in 2012 is actually shutting down itself this weekend, so I went over and made one final goodbye post there.  Hopefully I can finally get a sense of normalcy going on back in my life, but until then, I will try to get on when I can.

Until next time, and hope you enjoyed reading.  < 3

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Just wanna wish a Happy Valentine's Day Feb 14, 2017
to some of the people I've been closest with, new and old.  I know not everyone on my list gets along with everyone on my list, but I love you all and that's all that should count!

Yale (Welcome back!)
Wisconsinite96 (My VP < 3)
Aydanmac01 (Fellow writer ^_^)
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Checking in once again Feb 10, 2017
Don't ask me to gift you or any of that shit because this just hasn't been a great time for me and I'm too broke right now.

Anyway, this move is taking more out of me than I previously thought.  We are all out of the old apartment, but setting up in the new place just hasn't been easy in the slightest.  I've only really been able to check on the Internet during my work days to even see what was going on.  The people supposed to install the cable and therefore the Internet has already been postponed because of a blizzard, but they've been rescheduled to next week.  Hopefully I'll be back soon.
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Need donations please Feb 3, 2017

I need T$ AND health!
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