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Reviewing Gen. 7 Pokemon (Grubbin - Crabominable)vote Mar 23, 2017
Welcome back to me reviewing the Gen. 7 Pokemon!  Last time, I went through the Pikipek evolutionary line as well as the Yungoos evolutionary line.  I disliked 3 of those 5 Pokemon, but I liked 2 more, so last review was a mixed bag of sorts.  This time, we will be looking at 2 more evolutionary lines, and then the next review will be focused solely on Oricorio as there are 4 forms to go over.  Also, I made categories on where I put each Pokemon based on how much I liked them.  They are only in the order I reviewed them, so if I for example put Rowlet ahead of say Decidueye, that does NOT mean I like Rowlet more than I do Decidueye as long as they are in the same category.

So without further, let’s get into our next Pokemon!

Grubbin – We kick things off with Grubbin.  Now is this supposed to be Gen. 7’s Caterpie?  Regardless, if you started off with Litten or even Rowlet, then maybe catching a Grubbin will be for you as that Electric-type will come in handy once it evolves.  It’s also very passable design-wise considering it’s a bug.  That being said, I never really got to encounter this evolutionary line outside of Trainer battles unless I was facing this line in the Electric trial, so it just didn’t get enough experience from me to really say what it could be.  And the fact that Alolan Raichu can be found just by getting a Pikachu in the wild (or is Pichu?) much easier than Grubbin can, this Pokemon will sadly be one of those Pokemon that unfairly gets forgotten.  Because I don’t know a whole lot about Grubbin, I am going to give it a Fair.

Charjabug – Here is what Grubbin evolves into at Level 20.  Now, I’m all for this looking like sentient rectangle as long as it doesn’t take 15 years for this thing to evolve… oh wait, it does!  In order to evolve it, you have to go through the same procedure you would for a Magneton or Nosepass (not that I want to talk about what the latter evolves into), but in order to GET THERE, you have to go ALL the way to Poni Island, which is the LAST ISLAND IN THE GAME!  That means that by the time this thing gets to evolve, most of the other members of your team will likely have already evolved ages ago.  And even when you GET to Poni Island, that still isn’t enough.  You have to go to Vast Poni Canyon and level it up there.  So basically, you are taking a Bug Pokemon you evolved at Level 20 and can catch towards the beginning of the game, and you’re not getting this thing to evolve again until it’s basically on par with the levels Pseudo-Legendary Pokemon evolve.  How fucking dumb is THAT!?  But that’s really my only complaint about the Pokemon, yet because it is a major one, I also have to put this in Fair.

Vikavolt – Now this is a well-worth it final evolution!  Although it is slow, it really gets the job done if you need a Special Attacker, and it’s really rewarding design-wise!  It does have more Physical moves than Special, but there are enough Special Attacking moves for it to take advantage of its 145 base Special Attack.  The Pokemon’s even more pleasing to the eye in its Shiny colors, which is a nice touch indeed.  I do hate that you have to wait until you get to pretty much the end of the game if you really want to use a Vikavolt in your team.  I would have much preferred it if, had you a Grubbin at the beginning of the game, it would allow you to evolve it into a Vikavolt near the Observatory so you can match Vikavolts when you face its Totem form.  That would really have been epic and I think GameFreak really wasted an opportunity by making Charjabug evolving so late.  Also because of this, Vikavolt is left in the dust a lot because, like stated with Charjabug, by the time you get one, you will have already evolved the rest of your team to their final forms (unless you’re carrying around say the Bagon you can somehow get on Route 3).  But I do like Vikavolt although I can’t exactly say I love it.

Crabrawler – Okay, we’ve had crabs before with Krabby and Kingler, but a Fighting-type crab is definitely something I haven’t seen befor, so I will give due props there.  However, it runs into the same problem Charjabug ran into.  You cannot evolve Crabrawler UNTIL you are in Mount Lanakila, so you have to wait EVEN LONGER!  In fact, you have to wait until after you beat Lusamine to even get this boxing crab to evolve.  That being said, I did get the chance to carry one around, so I have more experience with it than I did with the Grubbin line.  But therein lies another problem: it faints too quickly!  Sure, if you can land an attack with this crab, it’ll score you some KO’s in the early part of the mid-game, but it is the definition of a glass cannon if you also count the fact that said cannon is also rather slow.  It’s alright design-wise.  All-in-all, it’s nothing to write home about, but there are definitely Pokemon I’ve hated a lot worse.

Crabominable – As the first Fighting/Ice Pokemon, I had mixed feelings about this once I first found out this even existed.  While it might not be appealing to the eye, there actually is a hidden treasure in its design.  Have you noticed that its claws or whatever now look like footprints of a woolly mammal?  Granted, I can’t think off the top of my head what animal I’m thinking of, but I think that’s a really nice indicator that it is an Ice-type.  If we want to be honest, this is actually a good fit for its typing, so it all makes sense, except for maybe how it would go about changing into the Abominable Crabman.  But the glass cannon problem I had with Crabrawler is also prominent in its evolution.  Considering it is Fighting and Ice, It gained weaknesses to fatal types such as Fighting and Fire, no longer resists Steel or Rock, and still has the same weaknesses it had before it gained the Ice-type.  If your type coverage is going to flop like that, you need the stats to back that up, and Crabominable just doesn’t have that.  This makes the fact it can kill dragons moot when dragons can easily take it out too, either by sheer force or a secondary typing it either had already been weak to or has become weak to.  Safe to say this evolutionary line had glaring disappointments, but also showed some potential.

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Reviewing Gen. 7 Pokemon (Pikipek - Gumshoos) Mar 23, 2017
Welcome back to me reviewing the Gen. 7 Pokemon!  Last time, I looked at the Starter Pokemon!  Now, I will be taking a look at the next 5 Pokemon introduced in Gen. 7!  For the link to the Starters, click link below:


The first I will be looking at is Pikipek.  Now the thing about Pikipek is that, yes, it’s a cute Pokemon, but it’s Alola’s Pidgey, just like Hoothoot, Taillow, Starly, Pidove, and Fletchling were for Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh, Unova, and Kalos respectively!  It terms of cuteness for these bird Pokemon, Flecthling is pretty hard to top, but Pikipek does a decent job challenging Fletchling for the cuteness crown.  Must be the pipsqueak size that does it for me, but it looks playful too, which is a nice plus.  That being said, you don’t really want it tagging along with Rowlet if you have nothing that can take of its weaknesses such as to Electric-type attacks.  Also, I just don’t see this cute little bird standing the test of time in memory.  Fletchling was seen at the beginning and ending of Pokemon X and Y, Pidove annoyed into an annoying mess, and Pidgey has the Kanto icon to its name.  What does Pikipek have?

Trumbeak – The middle stage evolution in the Pikipek, and while I could potentially see Pikipek evolving into this, it really takes a nosedive here.  It’s almost as if the designers took a stick and decided “Hey, let’s somehow turn this into a bird!” and what comes out is a jumbled avian facepalm that looks like it wants to attack you.  Granted, this is a middle stage Pokemon, so I GUESS I can give it a bit of a break, but it’s almost like Pikipek let itself go in this evolution!  A positive I will give out is that its attack can be useful, especially if you’re dealing with the Grass Trial and ripping Lurantis a new one.  However, after you defeat the Grass trial, you face Olivia, a Nihilego, and then an Alolan Raichu once you get to the 3rd island, and you ALSO have to deal with the Electric trial as the next trial.  Basically, once you’re done with Lurantis on Akala Island, you’re not going to get much use for Trumbeak until well after it evolves!  Needless to say, Trumbeak is wasted potential.

Toucannon – Trumbeak evolves into this much-better Pokemon, and at a rather early level too!  Now, one thing I find funny about this Pokemon is that its beak is really like a cannon!  No, really!  Its beak turned red when firing out of its mouth!  I find this hilarious when it uses moves like Bullet Seed.  Of course, it comes with its own signature move where it charges up its beak, and then any physical moves used against it will burn the opponent before it gets hard with that beak!  That’s a really good move they went for in Toucannon!  To be fair, this Pokemon should have been Fire/Flying, and tghat’s what bothersome to me about Toucannon!  That being said, I love the idea of having a toucan Pokemon despite failing to see how something that doesn't look like it's Zazu from The Lion King could evolve into this pleasant surprise.

Yungoos - And now we get to the Rattata of Gen. 7 with what is supposed to be a mongoose but is instead a rodent that is trying to hard to look hardcore.  What the flying fuck is with that facial expression!?  Well, I guess it's better than looking at Bidoof, but I still don't see how this is a good alternative.  This only time these rodents were ever cute was when it was Zigzagoon, and I even tolerated Sentret and Patrat!  Of course, I forgot about Bunnelby, which I think was the rodent for Kalos, but that's a tale for another time.  While it might not look like it snorted crack cocaine like Patrat, Yungoos is still a fail, and that's not EVEN mentioning that you can only evolve it during the day.  *epic eyeroll*  Thankfully, they're easy to kill so you can get along with your story that much quicker.

Gumshoos - Really?  Gum shoes?  THAT'S the name they went with?  I never knew that Pokemon could be named after something that literally sticks to your feet!  Oh, and to make matters worse, it looks like Donald Trump.  Now, the rodent have had decent evolutions before.  I actually began to appreciate Linoone a lot more after seeing Fries the Linoone basically be the main protagonist in an Emerald Nuzlocke I watched on Youtube, and Bibarel made for a good HM slave for those of you who bonded with Diamond/Pearl (I personally didn't get a chance to play any of the Gen. 4 games, so I don't even know why I'm bringing this up to be honest).  But what exactly does this Donald Trump wannabe bring to the table?  I mean, okay, they're the first totem you face if you're playing Sun like I did, but aside from that, it didn't do a lot to redeem itself.

Let me know what you thought of these reviews, and comment below if you wanna be tagged or untagged for future updates!

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lol @ Brad's vote for Caleb Mar 22, 2017
Being on Wikipedia for the Episode FOUR Vote Tally!
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Reviewing Gen. 7 Pokemon (The Starters) Mar 22, 2017
So Pokemon Sun and Moon added at least 80 new Pokemon.  Now, I have heard there was more on the way, but I only know up to Magearna, so we are doing the first 80 introduced as well as the Alolan Forms of new Pokemon to see who has benefited or devolved from previous editions.  So with that out of the way, let's get started, and what better way than to start off with the Pokemon we begin our journeys with?

The Starters will be reviewed by evolutionary line to make sure that everything fits in the blog.  I saw a blog about Carl Grimes earlier get cut off because too much was on it, so yeah...  lol

The Rowlet Line – Rowlet was the Starter I chose, so I have a better perspective on the Rowlet than I do on the other 2 Starter lines for Gen. 7.  Now, I know middle evolutionary lines get canned a lot for having mid-stage Syndrome, and for a lot of Starters in previous generations *cough* Quilladin *cough*, that was indeed true.  BUT design-wise, none of the Rowlet line really seem that awkward although how Dartrix can transform into some Robin Hood-esque bird known as Decidueye can raise some eyebrows.  In its first 2 stages, it has a double weakness to Ice while having an Immunity to Ground that it doesn’t really need.  But replacing the Flying-type with the Ghost-type upon becoming Decidueye works.  Losing the Immunity to Ground isn’t a total loss as it is now a resistance, and in exchange, it gains immunities to Normal AND Fighting!  It also gains a resistance to the Electric-type, is no longer weak to the Rock-type (important because it is now no longer weak to Stealth Rock) as well as the Bug-type and Poison-types and most importantly reduces the double weakness it had to Ice.  Sure, it’s weak to Dark now, but the change to a Ghost-type helps this line more than it hurts it.  Plus, Decidueye is not a hard Pokemon to learn as you can learn a very offensive moveset with it, and knowing me, I like to finish my matches quickly, so an attacking Pokemon really gets the job done!  One thing to keep in mind though is that after clearly Wishiwashi, you’re going to need to get help from other Pokemon to clear the rest of the trials as the Rowlet line will not do well against the next trial where you face Salazzle and can be risky to use in battles it might still have an advantage in.  Rowlet was such a cute Pokemon that picking him really worked best when I was starting the story.  Dartrix looks really handsome, and Decidueye looks like a genuine badass while still looking like someone you could chill with.  So it’s safe to say that I liked this Rowlet line quite a bit AND has become my favorite Starter line since Gen. 3.

The Litten Line – If I had to go through the Sun and Moon adventure again and had to pick another Starter, I’d go with Litten.  Litten is just SO cute and adorable!  Honestly, with the exception of Tepig, Fire Starters normally hit the nail in the head when it comes to its initial form.  Then it will evolve into Torracat, and while some say it looks like mid-stage Syndrome hit the Litten line hard, I don’t see it.  If I’m being honest, Litten evolving into Torracat is actually a smooth transition.  Same can NOT be said about Torracat evolving into Incineroar.  The fact it goes from a still-relatively cute feline into some bipedal macho villain tiger that looks like it should be Tai Lung from Kung Fu Panda and not a Pokemon game can be, to say the least, offputting.  That being said, I can’t complain too much since it’s not Fire/Fighting like the Fire Starters were 3 generations in a row.  Instead, it gained the Dark-type, and quite frankly, it is a blessing it does.  Its initial type keeps it from being weak to Fairy (as well as the ever-irrelevant Bug), and it gains an immunity to the type Delphox got upon evolution.  So really, what new does Incineroar really have to fear when going into battle?  As a stand-alone Pokemon, Incieroar works despite losing a dickload of Speed upon evolving.  I do still like the design because he really feels like someone you can fight alongside, and he always looks like he’s raring for a battle, which is what I really like about Incineroar.  However, the weaknesses it still has are weakness that get used a lot, so Incineroar will need to choose its matches wisely.  Overall, I like this Starter line and think it’s a cool evolutionary line, though the final transition will raise more eyebrows than Dartrix becoming its final evolution Decidueye.

The Popplio Line – Let’s be honest, I was not impressed by the Popplio line at all.  Now, I have never hated Popplio like other people did, but I also did not think Primarina was the “redemption” people made it out to be.  Plus, not to be sexist or anything, but the whole line being a male after even becoming Brionne just doesn’t sit right with me.  To be fair, it should have gotten the Marill treatment where it could switch genders upon evolving, but instead of the females becoming a male, it’s the other way around.  But that’s the least of my complaints with the Popplio line.  If any Starter in Gen. 7 has mid-stage Syndrome, it’s this line with Brionne, simply the transitioning in both evolutions are both awkward from Brionne’s end of the stick and so the whole Starter line just comes off as unsteady to me.  Oh, and Primarina’s cry is god-awfully ANNOYING!  Sure, it has an Irish kind of tone that keeps it true to its Fairy typing, but hearing it every battle can be grating to the ears.  Also, during my adventure when I had to team up with Hau’s Primarina in the Aether Paradise, Primarina was basically Dusknoir 2.0, actively trying to kill my Pokemon during the battle while I was trying to win us the battle.  That being said, I do still have compliments to give to the Popplio line.  First, it gains the Fairy typing, meaning it is immune to Dragon!  When the Starter types all can’t hit dragons very hard, the Fairy typing really comes into handy, and when dealing with the final trial of the game, Primarina will make short work of that trial, so that’s something to smile about.  Also, the Water-typing keeps it from ever being weak to Steel types, so the only weakness it really gains upon evolving to Primarina is the Poison-typing.  Of course, with Team Skull having tons of Poison Pokemon at their disposal, you need to give it some help if you have any hope of beating Team Skull.  Oh, and don’t even TRY putting it up against the Ultra Beasts.  Xurkitree and Kartana/Celesteela will slaughter Primarina and make it look like an accident, and if you wanna capture Guzlord, Primarina will just kill that, so yeah.  Design-wise, I do like Primarina and its signature Z-move suits it well, and I can’t really hate Popplio either as Popplio has a campy look I do like with the circus approach and all.  Overall, the Popplio line just doesn’t match up well to the other Water Starters in previous generations, although it will beat out Feraligatr for me as I don’t really like Feraligatr that much.  On its own it’s good enough, but it could definitely have stood to be better because there just so much about it that didn’t sit right and that is a shame.

And that’s it for the Starters!  Tell me what you thought, and if you wanna be tagged for future updates, comment below.  I will tag some people who have done Pokemon things like the BB and Survivor and what not as well as some other people.  If you don’t wanna be tagged, just request so.

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I feel so woozy Mar 20, 2017
I feel like singing that one Flo Rida song called Right Round
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As I was reading and partaking in various Pokemon Survivor/Big Brother votes and what not, I came up with a thought.  I had already done my Bottom 100 Pokemon last fall, but I think now that we've had Pokemon Sun/Moon for some time, I could review every Pokemon introduced in Gen. 7 by talking about what I liked and disliked about each one, and talk about how the changes to each of the previous Pokemon affected my thoughts on them (whether it ruined a Pokemon for me or redeemed them in some way, shape, or form).

To follow this series, just PYN in the comments below saying you're interested in what I have to say.  I'll edit this to include tags once I get a tag list going.

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