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Jan 5, 2017 by Icarus_Mark
Season 1 Cast:
melindaMrskk - Zela Ivine (21, Nature Female) - EPISODE 1
Macda27 - Mac Anderson (18, Fire Male) - EPISODE 1
coolKat - Katalia Kishukoi (18, Nature Female) - EPISODE 1
RyanAndrews - Kitty Chester (16, Ghost Female) - EPISODE 1
IceIceBaby - Vixella Vox (72, Darkness Female)- EPISODE 2
Garrett_Auckland - Beckett Allen (18, Mind Male) - EPISODE 1
Katherinee_ - Alycia Anderson (17, Ice Female) - EPISODE 1
QueenMichelle - Saara Aalto (29, Steel Female) - EPISODE 1
Kelly2722 - Brooke Lively (18, Human Female) - EPISODE 1
imprincearthur - Shawn Mott (23, Light Male) - EPISODE 1
MrPokeguy9 - Daniel Tonge (21, Strength Male) - EPISODE 1
Spencer_Bledsoe - Spencer Thompson (17, Human Male) - EPISODE 1

Guest Characters/Supporting Cast:
Axel Anorends, aka "Alex Anderson" (22, Ice Male) - EPISODE 4

Jjred45 - JJ Slone (19, Light Male) - EPISODE 1 - EPISODE 8 - DEAD (facial corrosion and impact with wall by Beckett)
tkoj555 - Addie Singer Santos (18, Ghost Female) - EPISODE 1 - EPISODE 14 - DEAD (struck by lightning)


As of right now, I am working on the 15th episode of Season 1, and the season finale will come after that.  Just like the midseason, there will be a Q & A after the Season 1 Finale, but HOWEVER, there is another announcement I'd like to make.

Now, this series has already introduced several people who are not in the main cast, such as Jarvis, Axel, and Christine, as well as many others who did not receive names.  However, there are two such characters that I think I can put up for consideration to move into the main Season 2 cast.  How this will work is I will provide which characters I am putting up and put down code names for them, and then if either appeal to you, you may mail me an application to become that character for Season 2, name and all.  The best application I get for these characters will get to have that character in addition to what they already have.

So here are the 2 candidates.

Candidate 1 - Code Name: Arctic
First Met: In an Episode 12 flashback of Axel that took 6 years before the main story
Name of your Character (First and Last): You get to decide the name
Age: She was a young adult in the flashback, so she should be in the 26-32 range.
Occupation (what does your character do coming into the story): Dog sledder
Human or Evolutionary (select power if Evolutionary): You will get to decide, though it is recommended she be an Evolutionary
3 character traits: You get to decide.  If you have trouble deciding, just look back at the story and pay attention to what has already been established about her.
Short bio (please be realisitic): You may include whatever you want, but it should include her past as Axel's teacher and it needs to say something about her having grown up in the Alaskan Arctic.

Candidate 2 - Code Name: Roseblade
First Met: Episode 14 in the police station battle when Addie borrowed her mind
Name of your Character (First and Last): You get to decide the name
Age: You get to decide the age.  However, since she is a cop, she should at be, at the youngest, in her mid-20's.
Occupation (whatdoes your character do coming into the story): Cop
Human or Evolutionary (select power if Evolutionary): You will get to decide
3 character traits: You get to decide, but one of her traits must be strong-willed
Short bio (please be realistic): You get to decide the bio.

So yeah, if anyone wants either of these characters for Season 2, mail me an application for either character.  You may not apply for both unless you dd not already have a character who is still alive.



Sent by Garrett_Auckland,Jan 5, 2017
If you want Roseblade for Season 2 Garrett_Auckland, fill out the application for her character and mail me that application.  Best app for each of these 2 characters gets them.
Sent by Icarus_Mark,Jan 5, 2017

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