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  1. So is Natalie
  2. poor Nadiya
  3. Will Natalie split the prize
  5. LOL
  6. Ouch
  7. Jaclyn what was your biggest move?
  8. Personal life
  9. Natalie > Parvati
  10. If Jaclyn votes out Natalie
  12. Natalie just sealed herself
  14. Did Baylor just ask Natalie
  15. Jeff hinting @ spoiler?
  16. Time to vote out Baylor!
  17. Wait
  18. Why is there not more people
  19. I would've sent Missy to exile
  20. Just a thought
  21. How long until Survivor is on?
  22. Really want to join current rookies
  23. It might sound like
  24. ICONIC.
  25. Stress makes me eat so shit
  26. Will someone
  27. Help!
  28. Which tengaged alliance..
  29. I find it hard to believe
  30. Queen Ria!
  31. Skype me, bitch!
  32. Buying T$ via phone/text?
  33. I need more friends too!
  34. Just sent my BB UK app in!
  35. Nicki Minaj - The Pinkprint
  36. Isn't it funny how
  37. Anyone else read stars poll speeches
  38. Who wants to add eachother
  39. Is there new rules around here
  40. Stars support!!!

Amanda & McCrae under the chess table..

Jul 10, 2013 by Jouix
please don't let this happen (puke)

4:29 AM        Amanda thinks she's discovered places to have sex that wouldn't be on camera. One is under the chess table or under the DR table NT


LOL McCrae is cute though
Sent by sihz,Jul 10, 2013
Sent by k4r4k,Jul 10, 2013
wtf! LOL
Sent by _Aria,Jul 10, 2013

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