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  1. Ariana Grande is my straight crush.
  2. Is it smart
  3. Shoutout to my haters
  4. What made me laugh was
  5. Can we have a twist please
  6. Anyone wanna skype
  8. Is there a twist in tonights stars?
  9. Has it been confirmed yet?
  10. Ty for the gift hun!
  11. Next season
  12. am I rich?
  13. Where is Grodner and the reset button
  14. Christine is a BITCH
  15. They're using Nicole :(
  16. Literally crying my eyes out
  17. Jessie J, Ariana Grande + Nicki Minaj
  18. Chasing the sun <3
  19. I wanna do a vlog
  20. If a power move isn't made
  21. How gross
  22. People who filter others
  23. Gets high
  24. OMG I so hope Caleb goes
  25. My stars record
  26. Anyone looking for a spammer?
  27. Is this mean?
  28. Get her
  29. Stars support!
  30. GL people joining stars tonight
  31. Read my nomination blog please? :)
  32. Christine is gonna be the end
  33. Nominated for 4th in ☆
  35. Who on earth is
  37. Give me a shoutout in THG
  38. LOL irl.. perfect stars strategy?
  39. If Nicole is against the girls
  40. Haycole for life <3

Amanda & McCrae under the chess table..

Jul 10, 2013 by Jouix
please don't let this happen (puke)

4:29 AM        Amanda thinks she's discovered places to have sex that wouldn't be on camera. One is under the chess table or under the DR table NT


LOL McCrae is cute though
Sent by sihz,Jul 10, 2013
Sent by k4r4k,Jul 10, 2013
wtf! LOL
Sent by _Aria,Jul 10, 2013

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