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  1. Who's joining stars tonight?
  2. Liz is def going up
  4. Only reason I want Da'Vonne to go
  5. Dying @ the americans
  6. Has pov been played yet?
  7. me
  8. #StarsCoupon #TheDuel
  9. Support me in THE DUEL
  10. Selena
  11. Lmao filtered for supporting
  12. I think
  13. It's kinda hilar
  14. Lmao @ Da'Vonne
  15. Kinda glad Da'Vonne is most likely
  16. Jason talking about twin switch rn
  17. Shelli and Clay
  18. POV will be later today right?
  19. Lmao bye Da'Vonne
  20. It could go either way this week
  21. I will pmsl
  22. Um wtf
  23. Is BoTB confirmed for this week?
  24. Next hoh?
  25. Who's gonna support me
  26. So basically
  27. So is Jace def staying?
  28. Tbh if Audrey played stars
  29. Davonne is so freaking annoying
  30. This is cute tbh
  31. BTW
  32. I really really hope
  33. Literally cannot believe
  34. Clay is pissed at Audrey
  35. Shelli is pissed
  36. Shelli is onto Audrey LMAO
  37. Basically
  38. So, how will production save Audrey?
  39. Who's avatar is cutest?
  40. wow

Amanda & McCrae under the chess table..

Jul 10, 2013 by Jouix
please don't let this happen (puke)

4:29 AM        Amanda thinks she's discovered places to have sex that wouldn't be on camera. One is under the chess table or under the DR table NT


LOL McCrae is cute though
Sent by sihz,Jul 10, 2013
Sent by k4r4k,Jul 10, 2013
wtf! LOL
Sent by _Aria,Jul 10, 2013

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