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  1. He probably woke up this morning
  2. btw
  3. Ok, you're silly.
  4. Awkward
  5. when
  6. wth
  7. Help us
  8. Hangover from hell
  9. Support our boy in stars <3
  10. Wooo get it The Runaways
  11. Are all-in-one touchscreen PCs
  12. this assignment is killing me
  13. me when Zwooper version of stars
  14. Perez is unhinged
  15. Wait
  16. Not to be mean or anything
  17. I'm actually scared
  18. The best part about this is
  19. Maybe I'm just stupid?
  20. What the actual fuck is Perez doing
  21. just kidding
  22. Anyone kinda feel like
  23. Alicia slaying Katie Hopkins
  24. Cami Li still being a BITCH
  25. Katie Price going in CBB tonight
  26. Do I post which tengager
  27. When a tengager finds your
  28. CBB should be interesting tonight
  29. I watched Interstellar
  30. When it gets real
  31. G.R.L. - Lighthouse
  32. Cami Li
  33. Bad move Michelle Visage
  34. Anyone remember
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  39. Dragging my name up
  40. The people who make jokes

Amanda & McCrae under the chess table..

Jul 10, 2013 by Jouix
please don't let this happen (puke)

4:29 AM        Amanda thinks she's discovered places to have sex that wouldn't be on camera. One is under the chess table or under the DR table NT


LOL McCrae is cute though
Sent by sihz,Jul 10, 2013
Sent by k4r4k,Jul 10, 2013
wtf! LOL
Sent by _Aria,Jul 10, 2013

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