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  1. Save me, boos!
  2. You guys need to PM Jesus
  3. 18 in 246 days ❤️
  4. Sorta over josh tbh
  6. I should only talk in gifs for a day
  7. Any time i comment on any blog now
  8. I think I should be an inspiration to all
  9. I've never met any famous person
  10. The most iconic moment
  11. My blog pic >>>>> yours
  12. Daily reminder
  13. Okay TBB2 ranking
  14. I wanna do a PYN
  15. Rose Mulet >>>>> Malibu Barbie..
  16. Did Oscar just try to be Chima in this eviction..
  17. Who's gotten out on Tvivor 4 so far
  18. I had to neg Maddie's blog
  19. I feel like
  20. Josh >>>>>>>> Zach Rance
  22. I just want everyone to know
  23. Goodbye messages going out to erryone
  24. PYN for a goodbye message
  25. Message to the fatties
  26. BB18 SORTED
  27. BB19 SORTED
  28. Long live our reign
  29. OH, you're not a whore, Palmer!
  30. Renny Martyn vs Kathy Hillis
  31. Debbie ruined Survivor Tocantins
  32. Reasons Cody should've listened to Jess
  33. Is the movie Annabelle
  34. I want Survivor Legends
  35. I hope live on eviction night
  36. Mr. Mosby feminist icon
  37. Get that cigarette smoke out of my face
  38. Raven is actually playing a phenomenal social game
  39. I can't do the sorter for some odd reason
  40. Change is a powerful thing

Is phillip phillips gay?

May 12, 2012 by Kaseyhope101
Because Jillip would be a good couple...


Who is Jillip?

And he has a girlfriend, but he tries to bromance everyone.
Sent by konohavillage1,May 12, 2012
Sent by Kaseyhope101,May 12, 2012
Ohhhh. Why are people negging you? :s
Sent by konohavillage1,May 12, 2012
idk what phillip is but I know for a fact that Joshua is NOT gay
Sent by GurlBai,May 12, 2012

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