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  1. Ok... What the actual fuck is wrong with Ken
  2. Question
  3. Survivor Ranking Final 12
  4. I see it now
  5. Can Michigan pull a Nevada and flip already?
  6. America potentially allowing Trump to win the..
  7. Remember
  8. Is it just me
  9. Interesting to see
  10. Michaela Bradshaw
  11. My survivor ranking after ep 4
  12. What is up with
  13. The first three women out
  14. Is Danielle hated now?
  15. So we're Brooke and JL
  16. Is Dani Alex's target?
  17. Reasoning for why Lucy MIGHT not go home in..
  18. Survivor updated ranking
  19. Who is going home
  20. Question
  21. I love Michelle as a strategist BUT
  22. Has an ep for
  23. My survivor ranking
  24. When Mari was my favorite :(
  25. Survivor prediction after ep 1
  26. This is before I watch the season
  27. Am I the only one
  28. I feel like
  29. I had a really terrible nightmare lol
  30. Zakiyah
  31. Natalie is awesome
  32. I almost feel like a have an inner bully inside of..
  33. I feel like
  34. So Z knows
  35. Updated bb ranking
  36. Would James put Day up this week?
  37. Someone help me
  38. Do people really think it's good gameplay
  39. Is another guy winning BB18?
  40. I hope Davonne can last

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Ok... What the actual fuck is wrong with Ken Nov 30, 2016
I don't like him anymore. I love how he did the same thing Jessica did to him on the Lucy vote... I don't get it.
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Question Nov 10, 2016
If you could permanantly change your sex naturally at the cost of one year taken from your overall lifespan, would you do it?
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Survivor Ranking Final 12 Nov 9, 2016
1. Ken
2. Hannah
3. Jessica
4. Adam
5. Zeke
6. David
7. Chris
8. Brett
9. Sunday
10. Will
11. Taylor
12. Jay (I feel like I should like him more than Taylor and Will but I just hate him for the Michaela thing)

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I see it now Nov 9, 2016
F9 all men


I just want a man to go home. Any man! LMFAO (Except Ken)
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Can Michigan pull a Nevada and flip already? Nov 8, 2016
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America potentially allowing Trump to win the election... Nov 8, 2016
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