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  1. Is it time to go back to
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  4. Split split < 3 gotta love um
  5. I have like no stars support LOL
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  7. Why can't Nicki minaj
  8. Me playing the piano
  9. Serious question for everybody.
  10. Is there something
  11. What's the name of that google download thing
  12. Ok so Im in an ORG Survivor game
  13. I think somethings wrong with me
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  15. My mom just told an insurance company telephone..
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  17. Does anyone know
  18. Full survivor cast ranking
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  20. I guess I'll do a cast assessment
  21. Stars support
  22. Most everyone I have gotten close to I have..
  23. I told my mom that I was for sure gay today
  24. Ok I didn't realize what this was
  25. I join survivor and forget I join survivor lol
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  28. This Annika girl
  29. Troy is so smart
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  31. Stars support!
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  33. Is it bad that I now like
  34. My new survivor ranking
  35. Annika getting that scholar status.
  36. Stars support
  37. Annika and Troy FTW
  38. Stars support!
  39. My "allies" in minority
  40. THANK YOU TENGAGED! < 3333

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Is it time to go back to Jul 31, 2015
logging off for 45+ days?
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PYN for a stars shoutout Jul 27, 2015
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image(Random picture of Seohyun from Girls Generation used lol)

I'm nominated for 13th because I was someone who really enforced Lexxxy's nomination because I had heard about what a good stars game player he is and about how he has gone unnomed in the past. As a result, I  narrowly missed the chance of having the numbers and I was put up on the block in a split nomination. I heard that Ray liked to split noms, I guess I should have listened to the warnings lol :( I started out as one of 4 people who were not in the original majority chat, but I managed to flip things around for 1 round after the other 3 (Iggy, Mono and Beastly) had all been nominated by 15th place. I am a fighter and I would love to be given the opportunity to continue to play this game. Best wishes to Butcher. Hope you do well if I go.
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Split split < 3 gotta love um Jul 27, 2015
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I have like no stars support LOL Jul 25, 2015
That's what I get for logging off for 45 days? :P
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Why is there a rumor about tengaged shutting down? May 31, 2015
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