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  1. These stars noms blow
  2. I'm up for giving more shoutouts!
  3. PYN for a stars shoutout
  5. My friend got drunk...
  6. Question (do NOT reveal spoilers to me plz)
  7. Even though I didn't vote for her to return
  8. Is it time to go back to
  9. PYN for a stars shoutout
  11. Split split < 3 gotta love um
  12. I have like no stars support LOL
  13. Why is there a rumor about tengaged shutting down?..
  14. Why can't Nicki minaj
  15. Me playing the piano
  16. Serious question for everybody.
  17. Is there something
  18. What's the name of that google download thing
  19. Ok so Im in an ORG Survivor game
  20. I think somethings wrong with me
  21. My ranking of the pokemon gens
  22. My mom just told an insurance company telephone..
  23. Merry Christmas
  24. Does anyone know
  25. Full survivor cast ranking
  26. I need some new tengaged friends LOL
  27. I guess I'll do a cast assessment
  28. Stars support
  29. Most everyone I have gotten close to I have..
  30. I told my mom that I was for sure gay today
  31. Ok I didn't realize what this was
  32. I join survivor and forget I join survivor lol
  34. Updated Survivor ranking
  35. This Annika girl
  36. Troy is so smart
  37. Tengaged loving Julie
  38. Stars support!
  39. My new Survivor ranking
  40. Is it bad that I now like

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These stars noms blow Dec 24, 2015
Literally the only 2 people who I like in the game besides Edgar tbh.
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I'm up for giving more shoutouts! Dec 22, 2015
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PYN for a stars shoutout Dec 22, 2015
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NOMMED FOR 12TH Dec 22, 2015
imageMy game play has been all about taking out threats to my game at this point and I stirred the pot up quite a bit with my choices that I have personally made in order to advance myself further. I joined tengaged in 2010 and have not yet won a stars so it would be heavily appreciated if you, the tengaged public, would help me stay alive by not voting to evict me. Unfortunately, like the past two sets before me, I have been a victim of split nominations. I am really NOT ready to get evicted yet. I have a lot of fight left in me. Fuel my fire! Don't put it out just yet. It's only getting bigger and bigger. GL James.

   (TY TPI for making me a sign last night when I randomly asked)
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My friend got drunk... Dec 20, 2015
And literally ruined a party I went to last night for my niche of friends. Ugh, this is why I don't drink usually....
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Question (do NOT reveal spoilers to me plz) Dec 6, 2015
Does tengaged like or hate Tasha? I personally loved her in Cagayan but dislike her this season. Tengaged appears to either despise her or are split on their opinion I cant tell.
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