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  1. BB18 Boot order prediction
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BB18 Boot order predictionvote Jun 24, 2016
16. Glenn
15. Jozea
14. Victor
13. Bronte
12. Frank
11. Natalie
10. Davonne
9. Paul
8. James
7. Paulie
6. Nicole
5. Bridgette
4. Michelle
3. Corey
2. Zakiyah
WINNER: Tiffany

Points: 22 3 comments
Who is in the fatal five? vote Jun 24, 2016
Points: 30 4 comments
Even tho I hate Jozea and like Corey to an extentvote Jun 24, 2016
I died @ Jozea calling Corey out for using gay as an insult. Maybe he will learn to watch what he says now. :)
Points: 23 2 comments
Big brother ranking based on episode 2 Jun 23, 2016
Tiffany > Nicole > Davonne > James > Corey > Paulie > Bronte > Natalie > Bridgette > Frank > Michelle > Zakiyah > Glenn > Paul > Jozea
Points: 7 2 comments
Big brother 18 season premiere ranking Jun 22, 2016
1. Davonne: now Davonne isn't perfect and she definitely can be annoying but I found myself rooting for her because she was the underdog hero of the episode and she made me root for her entire team when I hate all 3 of them so that says something.

2. Bronte: OMG she will be entertaining me throughout this season. I just know it. I think she's going to make it pretty far since she will be immune for a bit. I was worried about her being first boot but now that she is safe for 2 weeks she has time to get her footing in the game.

3. James: I adore James. He's one of my favorite guys to play big brother recently. He's funny, entertaining, and I believe that he will do really well just like he did in seasons past.my favorite guy by far.

4: Natalie: I really like her!! She seems very promising and I actually feel like she's going to be a very strong player in the challenges. I definitely would not be surprised if she won an hoh or two. People were comparing her to Victoria but I don't think she will be like Victoria at all.

5. Bridgette: My pre season fave and she's so adorable. I'm definitely a fan but she's kinda lacking other than the fact that she's cute as a button. I would totally work with her though if I were in the Big Brother house. The only thing keeping her from being higher up is the fact that she's kinda bland.

6. Paulie: I'm surprised I liked him so much. Definitely a cool guy for sure. I could see him being one of my favorites as the time progresses. I hope he continues to impress me as I would love to root him on.

7. Nicole: ok so, I expected to like her a lot more than I actually did. She's kinda meh for me compared to Davonne and James. I still like her the most of her team though and I would be devastated if she went home so soon. I think the fact that she had two chances in the same season makes me like her a bit less.

8. Frank: Wrapping up the returnees... I actually don't hate this guy! I hated him in BB14 but I liked all the returnees in the first episode. I'm rooting for all of them to get out of the mess that three stooges, Paul, Zakiya and Jozea, put them in. He was kinda invisible in the ep though.

9. Michelle: She's a little bit too stuck up for my taste, but she's not too bad. I know she gets hate for "body shaming" but I didn't really think she was all that bad with it. She's definitely full of herself though and kind of annoying, but at least she's here to play the game.

10. Victor: He's funny in a douchebaggy kinda way. I have a feeling he's actually a sweetheart though. I think he's a little bit too annoying for my taste but I'm not gonna put him below the real trash of the cast. He's a character that I think will make me smile.

11. Tiffany: I'm really disappointed in her premiere episode. I still have faith in this girl though I'm just not feeling her in the premiere. She's boring, was out before Glenn in the competition, and plays her cards all wrong when it comes to revealing that she's Vanessa's sister. She just kinda bugged me for not holding up my high expectations.

12. Corey: I like the fact that he wants to work with Nicole. Other than that, he's meh. I'm indifferent on him and everyone above him I like in some way.

13. Zakiya: The first person I dislike and the only female at that. I think she's really fucking annoying and I knew I wouldn't root for her based on her interview and I'm not going to now. She's working with two of the most repulsive people in the game and I just flat out don't like her. Maybe I'll change my mind later on.

14. Glenn: I am PRAYING that he is the first person to go home. I don't like this guy at all. I was interested to see him play before the season started and the premiere sucked all of that interest away. I think he's going to be annoying as fuck and will probably go really early or float at best like a Joe BB14 type character.

15. Paul: I thought he or Bronte would be first boot and I knew he'd be a ticking time bomb. This guy needs to go. He is such trash omg! I at least thought he would be a time bomb that I liked!!! He needs to get the fuck off my screen asap and I think he's going to be out very soon especially if a vet wins the first hoh.

16. Jozea: Ok, at least Paul has some interesting quirks to his personality... This guy has legitamTely nothing positive contributing to the show. He is trashy in so many aspects. I'm really hoping he doesn't last too much longer because he's annoying and while he thinks he's the shit, he's really just... Shit.

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Is anybody willing to share their live feed info Jun 22, 2016
With me??
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