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  1. Is Hali Ford still returning?
  2. Is battle of the block
  3. How come
  4. Survivor winners prediction based on edgic..
  5. If Aubry wins survivor
  6. Does tengaged remember (bbcan blog)
  7. Keep the votes coming guys! I need to be on..
  8. I will plus spam if you take the time to do this!
  9. Hello Tengaged, can you do me a favor?
  10. I really want
  11. Going through my first hangover
  12. My ranking list of people who
  13. They keep voting off my faves lol
  14. Does the entire house think
  15. When I log onto tengaged
  16. Who is the BBCAN target?
  17. Loveita is stupid
  18. Anna
  19. Can
  20. I kinda want Loveita evicted this week :S
  21. Alecia forgetting to take the cap off the marker
  22. These stars noms blow
  23. I'm up for giving more shoutouts!
  24. PYN for a stars shoutout
  26. My friend got drunk...
  27. Question (do NOT reveal spoilers to me plz)
  28. Even though I didn't vote for her to return
  29. Is it time to go back to
  30. PYN for a stars shoutout
  32. Split split < 3 gotta love um
  33. I have like no stars support LOL
  34. Why is there a rumor about tengaged shutting down?..
  35. Why can't Nicki minaj
  36. Me playing the piano
  37. Serious question for everybody.
  38. Is there something
  39. What's the name of that google download thing
  40. Ok so Im in an ORG Survivor game

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Is Hali Ford still returning?vote May 31, 2016
Points: 39 1 comments
Is battle of the block May 30, 2016
Gonna return for bb18

Not gonna lie I miss traditional key ceremonies...
Points: 25 2 comments
How come May 28, 2016
Boy alliances never work in Survivor

and girl alliances never work in Big Brother?

Points: 47 6 comments
Survivor winners prediction based on edgic analysis alone. May 12, 2016
1. Aubry
2. Michele
3. Cydney
4. Tai


Aubry and Michele appear to both be front runners to win as winners often are people with CP ratings in most episodes. I would say Aubry has a slightly nicer balance of CP/CPP and MOR than Michele. Cydney has too many MOR edits pre-merge to win imo. Tai has tons of CPP ratings and those people are usually portrayed heroicly and get around 4th place. I have officially become THAT survivor nerd lol...
Points: 70 1 comments
If Aubry wins survivor Apr 27, 2016
As the edit suggests, my favorite thing about it would be someone winning who never possessed an idol.


(The last person to win without an idol was Denise)
Points: 67 10 comments
Does tengaged remember (bbcan blog) Apr 18, 2016
When Maddy backdoored her ally who was good at comps and therefore put herself in the shittiest position ever?

Why does tengaged support such a dumbass lol (and I don't even like Loveita but Maddy is the worst houseguest in there)

Points: 43 3 comments