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  1. I feel like
  2. I had a really terrible nightmare lol
  3. Zakiyah
  4. Natalie is awesome
  5. I almost feel like a have an inner bully inside of..
  6. I feel like
  7. So Z knows
  8. Updated bb ranking
  9. Would James put Day up this week?
  10. Someone help me
  11. Do people really think it's good gameplay
  12. Is another guy winning BB18?
  13. I hope Davonne can last
  14. So is it bad
  15. Tiffany is so annoying omg
  16. So Day is gone this week?
  17. Can
  18. When I like Frank more now
  19. The attack on France
  20. Big Brother ranking updated
  21. Can Michelle plz get a confessional and airtime
  22. I think tonight's vote
  23. Why do I feel like
  24. In league queue as a support
  25. My updated BB prediction
  26. When I'm legitimately sad
  27. Bridgette is actually
  28. OMG
  29. My current big brother ranking
  30. So is Day
  31. I like Paul's Riddle lol
  32. Eight pack pecking order in my eyes
  33. Did Zakiyah really make up
  34. Big Brother ranking after watching feeds for a..
  35. Tiffany needs to CHILL
  36. Watching Jozea and Victor strategize
  37. It looks like Bridgette fucked up last night
  38. BB18 Boot order prediction
  39. Who is in the fatal five?
  40. Even tho I hate Jozea and like Corey to an extent

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I feel like Aug 3, 2016
BB16, BB17 and BB18 are comparable to the redemption island, South Pacific, caramoan era of survivor.. We just need Cagayan to come along and make the series good again. Thoughts?
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I had a really terrible nightmare lol Aug 1, 2016
*double eviction*

Michelle: I have decided to keep my nominations the same!

Julie: either Corey or Paulie will be evicted from the BB house

*house guests vote to evict*

Julie: Paulie, you have been evicted... Congratulations you won the round ticket!!

Paulie: I'm coming for all you women!!

Julie: congratulations Paulie you have won hoh!!

Paul: Yo boys are making final 5!!!!

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Zakiyah Jul 28, 2016
Is really pretty. I'll give her that.
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Natalie is awesome Jul 28, 2016
I really hope she makes it far

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I almost feel like a have an inner bully inside of me Jul 28, 2016
Bc I hate Bridgette so much and love Big Meech now. I really just can't @ Bridgette supporters bc I feel like I'm the only one that sees how fake she is.
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I feel like Jul 27, 2016
The episode was so geared toward getting me to try to hate big Meech that it actually made her one of my favorites when I was meh about her before tonight.

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