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Kanto Survivor #21

Mar 20, 2017 by LittleMix
imageLast time on Kanto Survivor, no one won immunity and the tribes had to vote someone out, the results of each tribal are....
From each tribe:
Viridian voted out Cubone, Zapdos and Kangaskhan
Cinnabar lost Moltres, Eevee and Rapidash
Celadon snuffed Jolteon, Rhyhorn and Hitmonlee
And finally Fuschia got rid of Golduck, Chansey and Onix

The tribes merged and became the Indigo tribe.

The winner of individual immunity challenge is Articuno!

Indigo Tribe:
Kabuto (Cerulean, Viridian, Indigo)
Vaporeon (Lavender, Viridian, Indigo)
Diglett (Cerulean, Viridian, Indigo)
Jynx (Cerulean, Viridian, Indigo)
Growlithe (Saffron, Viridian, Indigo)
Vileplume (Lavender, Viridian, Indigo)
Gyarados (Pewter, Cinnabar, Indigo)
Nidoking (Cerulean, Cinnabar, Indigo)
Lapras (Pewter, Cinnabar, Indigo)
Dragonite (Vermillion, Cinnabar, Indigo)
Nidoqueen (Lavender, Cinnabar, Indigo)
Articuno (Saffron, Cinnabar, Indigo) Immunity wins 1
Alakazam (Pewter, Cinnabar, Indigo)
Mr. Mime (Saffron, Celadon, Indigo)
Pikachu (Lavender, Celadon, Indigo)
Paras (Saffron, Celadon, Indigo)
Charizard (Cerulean, Celadon, Indigo)
Squirtle (Vermillion, Celadon, Indigo)
Gengar (Cerulean, Celadon, Indigo)
Raichu (Vermillion, Celadon, Indigo)
Dewgong (Lavender, Celadon, Indigo)
Omanyte (Vermillion, Celadon, Indigo)
Ninetales (Lavender, Fuschia, Indigo)
Jigglypuff (Cerulean, Fuschia, Indigo)
Marowak (Vermillion, Fuschia, Indigo)
Beedrill (Vermillion, Fuschia, Indigo)
Mew (Lavender, Fuschia, Indigo)
Kadabra (Lavender, Fuschia, Indigo)
Starmie (Pewter, Fuschia, Indigo)
Horsea (Pewter, Fuschia, Indigo)

Tribal Council:
Indigo Tribe: Raichu, Squirtle, Mr. Mime, Starmie

Please vote out THREE from each tribe in section above.
We will eliminate 3 til the top 20, then eliminate 2 til top 10 then 1 til we have a winner. Final 10 will be jury, and we will have a top 2.

151st: Fearow (Cerulean)
150th: Muk (Pewter)
149th: Seaking (Saffron)
148th: Magnemite (Vermillion)
147th: Weezing (Pewter)
146th: Caterpie (Cerulean)
145th: Golbat (Lavender)
144th: Parasect (Vermillion, Purple rocks)
143rd: Wigglytuff (Vermillion)
142nd: Slowbro (Pewter)
141st: Grimer (Cerulean)
140th: Magikarp (Lavender)
139th: Weedle (Lavender)
138th: Wartortle (Pewter)
137th/136th: Sandslash  (Saffron)
137th/136th: Charmeleon (Vermillion)
135th: Doduo (Saffron)
134th: Tentacruel (Pewter)
133rd: Lickitung (Vermillion)
132nd: Ditto (Cerulean)
131st: Spearow (Saffron)
130th: Krabby (Lavender)
129th: Dugtrio  (Vermillion)
128th: Dodrio (Pewter)
127th: Nidoran (F) (Pewter)
126th: Nidoran (M) (Saffron)
125th: Kabutops (Vermillion)
124th: Hypno (Cerulean)
123rd: Pinsir (Cerulean)
122nd: Sandshrew (Pewter)
121st: Hitmonchan (Vermillion)
120th: Blastoise (Saffron)
119th: Exeggcute  (Lavender)
118th: Victreebel (Vermillion)
117th: Pidgeot (Saffron)
116th: Meowth (Pewter)
115th: Drowzee (Lavender)
114th: Tentacool (Vermillion)
113th: Dratini (Cerulean)
112th: Clefairy (Saffron)
111th: Metapod (Pewter)
110th: Koffing (Lavender)
109th: Exeggutor (Vermillion)
108th: Venomoth (Saffron)
107th: Weepinbell (Vermillion)
106th: Abra (Pewter)
105th: Raticate (Cerulean)
104th: Ivysaur (Saffron)
103rd: Arcanine (Pewter)
102nd: Haunter (Saffron)
101st: Graveler (Cerulean)
100th: Scyther  (Vermillion)
99th: Seel (Vermillion, Viridian)
98th: Slowpoke (Lavender, Celadon)
97th: Golem (Cerulean, Cinnabar)
96th: Zubat (Lavender, Cinnabar)
95th: Psyduck (Lavender, Fuschia)
94th: Gloom (Vermillion, Fuschia)
93rd: Shellder (Pewter, Celadon)
92nd: Clefable (Pewter, Celadon)
91st: Persian (Pewter, Cinnabar)
90th: Rhyhorn (Vermillion, Celadon)
89th: Kingler (Saffron, Celadon)
88th: Magmar (Cerulean, Viridian)
87th: Machamp (Vermillion, Viridian)
86th/85th: Pidgeotto (Cerulean, Cinnabar)
86th/85th: Tangela (Saffron, Cinnabar)
84th: Aerodactyl (Pewter, Celadon) MEDICAL EVACUATION
83rd: Rattata (Cerulean, Celadon)
82nd: Porygon (Saffron, Fuschia)
81st: Nidorino (Saffron, Viridian)
80th: Oddish (Cerulean, Viridian)
79th: Arbok (Vermillion, Celadon)
78th: Tauros (Lavender, Fuschia)
77th: Electrode (Pewter, Fuschia)
76th: Gastly (Cerulean, Viridian)
75th: Electabuzz (Vermillion, Cinnabar)
74th: Vulpix (Lavender, Viridian)
73rd: Omastar (Pewter, Fuschia)
72nd: Farfetch'd (Pewter, Cinnabar)
71st: Nidorina (Saffron, Cinnabar)
70th: Kakuna (Vermillion, Cinnabar)
69th: Voltorb (Cerulean, Fuschia)
68th: Geodude (Vermillion, Celadon)
67th: Dragonair (Pewter, Viridian)
66th: Machoke (Lavender, Cinnabar)
65th: Venonat (Cerulean, Celadon)
64th: Ponyta (Saffron, Viridian)
63rd: Cloyster (Lavender, Viridian)
62nd: Venusaur (Cerulean, Fuschia)
61st: Butterfree (Saffron, Fuschia)
60th: Snorlax (Lavender, Celadon)
59th: Poliwhirl (Cerulean, Fuschia) MEDICAL EVACUATION
58th: Mankey (Lavender, Celadon)
57th: Primeape (Saffron, Cinnabar)
56th: Ekans (Pewter, Cinnabar)
55th: Bulbasaur (Lavender, Celadon)
53rd: Staryu (Cerulean, Viridian)
52nd: Bellsprout (Saffron, Viridian)
51st: Machop (Vermillion, Viridian) QUIT
50th: Pidgey (Pewter, Fuschia)
49th: Poliwag (Pewter, Fuschia)
48th: Goldeen (Saffron, Fuschia)
47th: Charmander (Saffron, Viridian)
46th: Seadra (Lavender, Viridian)
45th: Mewtwo (Vermillion, Viridian)
44th: Flareon (Pewter, Cinnabar)
43rd: Magneton (Lavender, Cinnabar)
42nd: Poliwrath (Cerulean, Cinnabar)
41st: Chansey (Cerulean, Fuschia)
40th: Golduck (Lavender, Fuschia)
39th: Jolteon (Lavende, Celadon)
38th: Eevee (Lavender, Cinnabar)
37th: Rapidash (Saffron, Cinnabar)
36th: Kangaskhan (Saffron, Viridian)
35th: Zapdos (Saffron, Viridian)
34th: Cubone (Vermillion, Viridian)
33rd: Moltres (Vermillion, Cinnabar)
32nd: Hitmonlee (Saffron, Celadon)
31st: Rhyhorn (Vermillion, Celadon)
30th: Onix (Pewter, Fuschia)


I will remove people who don't comment on 3 of these in a row.


Sent by Icarus_Mark,Mar 20, 2017
lol  Didn't see the rules

Evicting Mr. Mime, Starmie, and Raichu
Sent by Icarus_Mark,Mar 20, 2017
Mr. Mime
Sent by Boots22,Mar 20, 2017
Squirtle Mime Starmie
Sent by rawr121,Mar 20, 2017
Raichu, Squirtle, Mr Mime
Sent by cotbey,Mar 20, 2017
Mr mime
Sent by xxxaria123xxx,Mar 20, 2017
Squirt Star Mime
Sent by SurvivorFreak13,Mar 20, 2017
Save Squirtle
Sent by LaFierceBrittany2,Mar 20, 2017
Raichu, Squirtle, Starmie
Sent by Javio,Mar 20, 2017
Everyone but Squirtle
Sent by DumbGinger,Mar 20, 2017
Raichu, Squirtle, Mr. Mime
Sent by Zrtuy,Mar 20, 2017
Mr. Mime, Raichu, Squirtle
Sent by SeanDouglas,Mar 20, 2017
Raichu, Mr. Mime, Starmie
Sent by andalarew_2231,Mar 20, 2017

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