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"See-naked-people" Eyeglasses!

Jul 4, 2010 by Lunnya
Mr. James bought a pair of eyeglasses that were equipped with the latest technology.

"When you look at women with this glasses, you'll see them completely naked." - said the vendor.

Mr. James left the shop with his new eyeglasses and was astonished. He put the glasses, naked women; removed the glasses, dressed woman. Wonderful. He was thrilled.

Mr. James headed home anxious to see his wife, Christine. When he arrived home, he put his glasses so he could admire her naked. He opened the door and saw Christine and his neighbor in the couch.

He removed the glasses, both naked, put the glasses again, both naked. Cleaned the lens and put them again, both naked, removed the glasses, both naked. Then, with a furious face said:

"Ah, damnit! This shit is already broken!"


Sent by jftrack107,Jul 4, 2010
hahahahya!!  Love your blogs!!!!  :D +2
Sent by Gemini,Jul 6, 2010

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