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Hey. Hola. Bonjour May 20, 2015
Someone talk to me!
Points: 21 3 comments
Anyone Having Facebook Problem May 6, 2015
I go to comment on any post in facebook and won't let me comment on mine or anyone.

Is that an problem to anyone?
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:'( Apr 26, 2015
Waking up in the morning to get ready for work and i get a heartbreak news. I never cried this much in my life. Now i dont feel like going to work but i need damn money to pay my stuff
Points: 67 8 comments
Happy Easter Apr 5, 2015
imageMy fellow bunnies :P

Points: 13 0 comments
Vlog Apr 4, 2015
Sorry no video. After i deep a big clean up on my computer it delete the app for doing vid.  But i will answer your question ladies and gentlemens

1) my question: why is ur avi so flawless? From iamcoole
Answer: cause my avi is always flawless. But to thanks to awesome friends of kine to send me such awesome gift

2) opinion from DaniD , JasonXtreme , ghrocky100
Dani: nothing much to say but i like your avi and u seem like a sweet gal
Jason: hello my canadian friend eh eh! Lol.i think i should know you more
Gh: you are something. Met you in a group. Sweet guy but a pain :p

3) Do you feel like we've grown apart
How close are we on a scale 1 - 10
Fave band from kkoster001
Answer: i think we have grown apart very quickly
The scale i would say before was between 7-8 now its down to 5.5 and my favorite band and still is. Its nickleback

4) opinion
Fave group you done so far
What is your dream job?  From beccajo16
Answer: we had our difference before but we are bestie! Your a good host and i hope school goes well :)
My fav group so far was very wayyy back was the continous hunger from an old host. It was fun while it lasted.
My dream job was to be a vet but im such an animal lover i wouldnt bare to see an animal to be put down. But i love one day to be a prof. Photography

5) opinion
Fav holiday
Fav movie
What makes you unique.  From blatastic1234
Answer: another fellow canadian of mine. And awesome host in the hunger games with such twisted plot (crazy one too) and u with the crave on the OJ :p
Fav holiday would be christmas. Only tine i get to spend time with family and friend. Fav movie. Step up and the fast and furious!  What makes me unique is my prrsonality. Can be bitchy have a sence of humour. But i care and love my friend and im also like a protector.

6) opinion
Why am i your fav. From westyman557
Answer: my loving. Spoiled. Crazy person of mine. We had our ups and down but we always love each other and ur not the only one that ur my fave :p

7) opinion
Marry. Fuck kill (me. Brian. Kyle). From giraffez
My fav person to talk such like girls and loving rupaul like mad people :p but i love you. Nothibg but an awesome gal of mine and always will be
Lol i dont like that game but
Marry kyle fuck brian and kill you xD

Here ya go folks. Love you all :)
Points: 6 3 comments
Task One : Poster Team Mar 20, 2015
imageGroup: Tengaged Apprentice
Host: tallarejaei

@girafez (coach)
Points: 172 25 comments