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  1. Woot woot. Its my birthday! :D
  2. R.I.P
  3. :(
  4. e-mail scam. IRL
  5. anyone who was affected by hurricane arthur
  6. damn the storm
  7. PYN
  8. Take the time
  9. All hell break loose!
  10. is it me?
  11. Vlog
  12. what do you guys think
  13. anymore question becore i start my video?
  14. making a Vlog
  15. what you think?
  16. Me when I'm mad about people criticizing a movie..
  17. PYN
  18. You though
  19. Happy Valentine Day!
  20. I ask myself
  21. happy new years everyone :)
  22. PYN
  23. Merry Christmas!!
  24. Join Plz
  25. As I
  26. Vlog!!
  27. post a question for the vlog
  28. Making a new vlog!!
  29. I need Vote
  30. Christmas
  31. A great Thanks
  32. For fun :P
  33. R.I.P Paul walker
  34. plz save me
  35. sponsor me plz
  36. what i think?
  37. Mortal Instrument
  38. I want snow
  39. November 11th
  40. Hey

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Woot woot. Its my birthday! :D Sep 10, 2014
Thats right! Its this birthday girl right here!

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R.I.P Aug 11, 2014
Robin williams :(
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:( Jul 22, 2014
Buddy whyyyy

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e-mail scam. IRL Jul 21, 2014
High alert. I just went to my email inbox and found a so called barrister alfred johnson telling me i have a death in the family in the U.S with 18.5 million u.s dollar in the bank. He was asking me for information. To say the least do not do it. Its a scam to get into ur bank account and personnal info. Just delete it right away!

Scared the jeebuz out of me!

FYI: i have no family in the U.S i lived in Canada
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anyone who was affected by hurricane arthur Jul 6, 2014
Or post tropical storm like in #MARITIMES
Hope everyone was safe
And many prayers
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damn the storm Jul 5, 2014
Lights flickering.
Big wind that carts are weeeee across the parking lot.
Heavy rain
And people are damn driving around and shopping in stores.
-.- people have no hint that their is a storm around
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