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Me when I'm mad about people criticizing a movie and a book Apr 12, 2014
"oh people just shut up. All I hear is this. "movie suck, they shouldn't do a movie, book is better" well im sorry to bust your damn bubble. they can't make the movie all perfect and have every detail in the book throw to a movie. So shut up and watch a movie. KTY"
This is how mad I am when people can't just watch a movie without criticizing it.
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PYN Mar 12, 2014
I feel I should do sign, I did them once, but was never able to post them, but now I can

so Pyn your name and I will do a sign for you

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You though Feb 23, 2014
He/she was your friend but they suddenly took you off. talk to them but all they give is excuse thats another word of saying

"im a high level and i dont talk to low level"
i just found that pointless as hell. Everyone should be treated equal. Heck i do talk to high and.low level people.

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Happy Valentine Day! Feb 14, 2014
To all my friends and my t-hubby :P

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I ask myself Jan 28, 2014
Why did I wake up at 6am when my alarm is set at 7am. -_-
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happy new years everyone :) Jan 1, 2014
Lets hope 2014 can be better then 2013!!

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