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Memories Nov 13, 2015
Comment here on the best memories you had throughout your whole life.

For me, is taking a trip to Switzerland anf Italy. Besy trip and worth it.
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PYN Nov 12, 2015
And comment how many language you know

Me: i know french and english!

Points: 93 11 comments
Happy Halloween!! Oct 31, 2015
Jack Skellington: [singing] There's children throwing snowballs / instead of throwing heads / they're busy building toys / and absolutely no one's dead!
Points: 29 3 comments
Happy Thanksgiving Oct 12, 2015
To all canadian who celebrates it.

Gobble gobble :D

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Your Horoscope Sep 25, 2015
piddu : You're putting a lot of pressure on yourself to make sure that you're progessing more these days, but sometimes, you have to allow yourself the little bumbs in the roads that can put you behind if you're not careful.

logie56 : you may be taking a hard look at your career and where you can make some changes so it's a more fulfilling one today. If you find thay center, ground yourself and keep things stable when frustrations pops up.

jayelveeisback : you might be feeling a little withdrawn here lately, Mercury retrogate doing some heavy lifting inwardly. It's time to go inside, time to refelct, and to reconnext with the wisdom that lies within. Your inner voice may have some things you need to hear.

gagaluv : taking a little time to flesh the dreams out and turn them into plans will help you alot right now. Today all the thoughts and ideas maybe shifting in just the right directions to help that along in a productive and optomistic.

TDBigBrotherLover112 : if you find yourselves yawning a bit through your day. It may not just be a late night that has you drownsy. Perhaps examine some of those thoughta that drifts in and out of your daydreams, you may find insights there you didnt realize you had about how to solve some issues.

maggiewong :Be careful what you wish for over the next 24 hours because you may get more than you expected. You may decide later that you don’t want what you wished for after all – but you won’t be allowed to change your mind.

kingofclubs808 : you may have some new ideas hitting you today. It's time to atar implementing them - and trusting that you are going to get thinga on track. Have a little faith in your dreams

pleaseletmestay : you are actually more in control then you realize. It may not be readily apparent, but taking charge today and being firm is the way to go:  you need changes, and changes you will have - but you absolutely have to stand up for them. You are your own power animals! Grrr

macda27 : fellow goats, there is no need to apologize for what you want, need, and asking for it. There's nothing to be sorry for, not even at all. If reaching out for what you want or need makes you nervous: consider how much you help others and understand you deserve good things, too.

rain848 : if things feel a bit off kilter, today, don't worry about it to much. You have the power in you to adapt and adjust, to make the necessary changes, to break free, and start again when you need to. Patterns laid now will bring positives changes, soon.

xxThornWYZ : you may find yourself feeling more optimistic - but you might also be a little bit concerned about some people around you and reminding them that there are in fact, better things, there are more hopeful thoughts and words may be just the answer to getting them.

turkeylover : check macda one. You and him share the same horoscope.

amylou8251 : check thorn one You and him sharr the same horoscope
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Come forth my precious! (PYN) Sep 25, 2015
imageFor i will read into your future. Either from love. Fortune. Or maybe catastrophic.

Dont be shy. I wont bite

Pyn your name and your date of birth (only month and date)
Then ill post what your horoscope says

Here is your horoscope :)

Edit: this is for the apprentice group task. And love to give a great big thank you. Keep plusing and/or comment and i wouldnt mind plussing you guys stuff in return. Feel free!
Points: 127 14 comments