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Hopingvote Oct 1, 2014
To have a good day cause my friend is coming down for a visit, but to have the bad news to come to term that one of my fav cat gizmo is passed away. Luckily I was not working cause I would just bawled my eyes out in the middle of work. He was a pest but a loving cat, He will be miss among my family. Miss him already :'(
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Graduates! Sep 29, 2014
Last year I graduate HS, now Im a graduate College, who is very proud to make it very far and I had many supports from friends and family :)

If you want to know what I graduate and my studies. I did Digital photography , taking me a whole level on the photography world. The person who stood mostly by my side as my long time friend is ruefan11. (even tho he sass me to keep going ;) )
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please join Sep 24, 2014
A thrilling group fulls of mysterious
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Woot woot. Its my birthday! :D Sep 10, 2014
Thats right! Its this birthday girl right here!

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R.I.P Aug 11, 2014
Robin williams :(
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:( Jul 22, 2014
Buddy whyyyy

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