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30 Fun Yes or No Questions

Dec 6, 2009 by Megan
Have you ever been out of your country

Have you ever failed a quiz
yes :(

Have you ever failed a test
yes :( :( :(

Are you a good singer
haha no

Are you a good artist
nah not really. i kinda suck

Are you emo

Are you normal

Do you like facebook games
yes they are so fun

Do you like talking to friends on facebook
yes of course

Are you outgoing
no way

Do you always want to be outside when your sick
uh no i want to sleep when i am sick

Do you have a sister(s)

Do you have a brother(s)
yes 1 brother

Do you have a pet(s)
yes a rabbit

Do you like to watch and play football
i dont like to play it but yes I love to watch The Dallas Cowboys. Go Cowboys Go.

Are you athletic

Are you shy

Do you like every animal
ya pretty much

Are you allergic to any animal
no not that I know of

Do you get sick alot

Have you ever had swine flu
no and I hope i never do

Do you like/love video games
yes i love it so much

Are you selfish

Do you think your beautiful

do you look in the mirror to much
no not really

Do you like playing instruments
uh no cause i suck at it

Do you like listening to rock music

Do you like country music

Do you like rap music

Are you addicted to facebook


I kinda like the Cowboys too
Sent by The_Domany,Dec 6, 2009
go giants +
Sent by jdog,Dec 6, 2009
Sent by snowflake3,Dec 6, 2009
is megan a complete wacko?
YES x 100000000
Sent by donkeypoon,Dec 6, 2009
Haha.. I found this yes or no video funny
Sent by akashjain,Oct 2, 2011

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