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  1. I just had a youtube survey ad
  2. First day back at class today
  3. Despite what's happened to me
  4. It's honestly shocking
  5. It's been a long day
  6. From birth to death
  7. TAR premiered today?
  9. What the fuck?
  10. checking in from class
  11. Do you ever have elaborate daydreams
  12. Is Steve leaving for sure?
  13. I'm most curious
  14. I lost my virginity
  15. I had a really productive day
  16. Debbie just hit the wall
  17. I'm actually obsessed with Dan and Phil
  18. A true throwback
  19. Everyone on Tengaged in a fight
  20. All lives matter
  21. Phil
  22. I'll gift the first person
  23. Thinking of dropping my night class
  24. Can't take the heat
  26. I literally hate Meg
  27. Ugh
  28. I just had a really bad dream
  29. um
  30. The final monologue
  31. Ugh
  32. Arwen is a forgotten goddess
  33. I carry mace and so should you
  34. I'm confused?
  35. Nigel Thornberry
  36. John is a clumsy God
  37. John please get that veto babe
  38. It began with the forging of the great rings
  39. Can you all please stop feeding the troll?
  40. You can't understand

BB15 All Stars 2 prediction cast

May 9, 2013 by Moonfelar
Danielle BB14
Shelly BB13
Kalia BB13
Kesha BB10
Jen BB8
Jessica BB8
Michelle BB11
(Alternates: Renny BB10, Libra BB10)

Dick BB8
Shane BB14
Frank BB14
Ian BB14
Russel BB11
Jeff BB11/13 (unfortunatly)
KevinBB11 or RaganBB12 to fill the gay spot
(Alternates: Brian BB10, Dominic BB13)


honestly if they dont bring back jen bb8 then i will be livid
Sent by obscurity,May 9, 2013
Kalia< 3 hopefully dick never comes back ew
Sent by prince_Eric,May 9, 2013

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