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  1. I'm personally rooting
  2. Will it be used to save
  3. This would be way more epic
  4. James did the same shit last season
  5. Frank's didn't have any confetti
  6. Victors dumb ass
  7. Remember when Paul was the worst
  8. OMG Paulie is trying to look exactly like
  9. Wow I wasn't prepared for how bad Victor is
  10. This is the Brantsteele I promised
  11. On brantsteele
  12. About to do a brantsteele
  13. When will your fave?
  14. No title
  15. "There goes...
  16. Ranking Johto Pokemon #95
  17. I feel like someone exists
  18. Ranking Johto Pokemon #96
  19. OMG YA'LL
  20. Ranking Johto Pokemon #97
  21. Ranking Johto Pokemon #98
  22. Ranking Johto Pokemon #99
  23. Ranking Johto Pokemon #100
  24. Ranking Gen 1 Pokes #138
  25. Can ya'll believe
  26. Ranking Gen 1 Pokes #139
  27. Remember that iconic moment
  28. The moment you realize
  29. I'm ready
  30. Smash 5 roster just leaked
  31. What is your fave video game ost?
  32. Ranking Gen 1 Pokes #140
  33. No title
  34. That feel when
  35. Ranking Gen 1 Pokes #141
  36. Why are people acting as though
  37. The Tiff vs ???
  38. They had to show the evictees
  39. Did ya'll see Victor's dick
  40. Your fave was slain

BB15 All Stars 2 prediction cast

May 9, 2013 by Moonfelar
Danielle BB14
Shelly BB13
Kalia BB13
Kesha BB10
Jen BB8
Jessica BB8
Michelle BB11
(Alternates: Renny BB10, Libra BB10)

Dick BB8
Shane BB14
Frank BB14
Ian BB14
Russel BB11
Jeff BB11/13 (unfortunatly)
KevinBB11 or RaganBB12 to fill the gay spot
(Alternates: Brian BB10, Dominic BB13)


honestly if they dont bring back jen bb8 then i will be livid
Sent by obscurity,May 9, 2013
Kalia< 3 hopefully dick never comes back ew
Sent by prince_Eric,May 9, 2013

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