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BB15 All Stars 2 prediction cast

May 9, 2013 by Moonfelar
Danielle BB14
Shelly BB13
Kalia BB13
Kesha BB10
Jen BB8
Jessica BB8
Michelle BB11
(Alternates: Renny BB10, Libra BB10)

Dick BB8
Shane BB14
Frank BB14
Ian BB14
Russel BB11
Jeff BB11/13 (unfortunatly)
KevinBB11 or RaganBB12 to fill the gay spot
(Alternates: Brian BB10, Dominic BB13)


honestly if they dont bring back jen bb8 then i will be livid
Sent by obscurity,May 9, 2013
Kalia< 3 hopefully dick never comes back ew
Sent by prince_Eric,May 9, 2013

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