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  1. I'm going to bleed out
  2. An old lady was in the produce department
  3. I feel bad
  4. LOL
  5. Can somone please tell me
  6. The funny thing about
  7. I don't understand people?
  8. Ella Enchanted is a quality film
  9. Dear close talkers,
  10. The SSB4 roster blows
  11. Thanks, Obama
  12. Ughh
  13. Can't help but be disappointed Smash roster..
  14. In case any smash fans weren't aware
  15. They should just give Derrick the money
  17. Who were they planning on voting out?
  18. Victoria Justice's tits are nice
  19. OMG
  20. What the fuck?
  21. SOOO
  22. It's couldN'T care less
  23. This is a quality insult
  24. IDGI
  25. Siberia was not a reality show at all
  26. Jeff and Jordan should invite Kalia
  27. Reality shows
  28. Is it weird
  29. Alice, do not react
  30. Oh GLaDOS
  31. The moment when
  32. As Jesus once said
  33. I just made a brantstelle
  34. Why do people never learn?
  35. LOL the Southern US is
  36. I don't get how people
  37. As the twist that was supposed to save Frankie
  38. My dog likes it when I sing to him
  39. Drunk driving is inexcusable
  40. I do hope people boo Frankie though

BB15 All Stars 2 prediction cast

May 9, 2013 by Moonfelar
Danielle BB14
Shelly BB13
Kalia BB13
Kesha BB10
Jen BB8
Jessica BB8
Michelle BB11
(Alternates: Renny BB10, Libra BB10)

Dick BB8
Shane BB14
Frank BB14
Ian BB14
Russel BB11
Jeff BB11/13 (unfortunatly)
KevinBB11 or RaganBB12 to fill the gay spot
(Alternates: Brian BB10, Dominic BB13)


honestly if they dont bring back jen bb8 then i will be livid
Sent by obscurity,May 9, 2013
Kalia< 3 hopefully dick never comes back ew
Sent by prince_Eric,May 9, 2013

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