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Nominated for 6th in Stars

4thMay 19, 2017 by NotAfraid
Hey guys this is Gabbie coming to you live from the stars house.  I have been a counter in this house pretty much every day.  I have managed to stay off the block from 15th until now.  I've been playing this game to the best of my abilities getting people to trust me to advantage myself further into the game. Through out this game I have managed to keep people I wanted safe by being manipulative.  I hope you can give me a save because I have truly worked my ass off.  I just need that final push tengaged please help me reach my goal.

Oh and one more thing good luck Mahalpin11... and I challenge you to a dance off ;)
(please excuse my terrible dance moves)


lol +14 gl
Sent by Carlo_Costly,May 19, 2017
i liked the rabbit drop or the falling off the bed move the best
Sent by vansreborn,May 19, 2017
Gabbie <3
Sent by BaconBae,May 19, 2017
Sent by karim,May 19, 2017
Gabbie you look so good rn
Sent by TotalDramaLover1234,May 19, 2017
Sent by nqii7,May 19, 2017
Why are clothes on
Sent by sihz,May 19, 2017
Why are clothes on?
Sent by JetsRock12,May 20, 2017

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