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  1. I just watched the BBUK fight
  2. does any1 want to do a BB19 draft w/ me
  3. Isabelle is the true people's housemate
  4. good morning
  5. my name is brenda
  6. what is everyone up to
  7. Happy birthday Sergio!
  8. BEYONCÉ??
  9. name a more iconic duo
  10. hey
  11. I love Paul but
  12. omg talent
  13. the BB19 twist
  14. A showmance bedroom?
  15. Can we tempt Jillian
  16. everyone vote
  17. new preseason ranking
  18. who said it
  19. Alex wins Week 1 HOH
  20. Ika's interview with Josh
  21. Jillian is easily the worst person on this season
  22. Ika's ET Canada interviews are up
  23. No title
  24. BB19 Pre-Season Cast Ranking
  25. I just slept for 14 hours
  26. Elena had my fav interview tbh
  27. Cody is interesting
  28. top 9 ranking
  29. I'll be shocked if a girl wins this season
  30. I'll be there for Matthew
  31. I'm wet........
  32. #PacerPower
  33. ranking so far
  34. Cameron is Johnny Mac 2.0
  35. as long as Josh gives me good TV
  36. ok my official pre-interview top 3
  37. Matthew is the only hot guy
  38. Houseguest Ages & Locations
  39. whoever dressed the BB19 cast
  40. no offense

The veto meeting is gonna be wild

Mar 20, 2017 by Patrick319
Kevin is planning to call out Cass while Dallas plans out to call out Dillon to prove his loyalty to the vets. Like what. #bbcan5


Sent by Ethan000,Mar 20, 2017
it already happened
Sent by Funnehliner,Mar 20, 2017
funnehliner did everyone call each other out?
Sent by Patrick319,Mar 20, 2017
Dallas towards Dillon happened but idk about the rest
Sent by Funnehliner,Mar 20, 2017
Dillion and Dallas got into a screaming match. Kevin pussied about (like always) and Cass is currently manipulating votes so emily goes.
Sent by evildoer666,Mar 20, 2017

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