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Survivor Cagayan *Spoilers!!!!*

Dec 16, 2013 by RealityShowExpert


Ok so some of you have to be wondering whoms in the cast... well I'll tell you I don't know everyone in the cast... all I know is about half of the cast and their placements. So take what I say with a grain of salt and here we go :D

Here's the official  partial cast leak...

-Jefra Bland: Former Miss Kentucky (age 23) - Beauty

-Particia "Trish" Hegarty: Pilates Studio Owner (age 48) - Brains

-Spencer Bledsoe: Student at University of Chicago (age 21) - Brains

-Jeremiah Wood: Model (age 34) - Beauty

-L. J. McKanas: bartender/lounge owner (age 34) - Brawns

-Alexis Maxwell: Student at Northwestern University (age 21) - Beauty

-Brice Johnston: Philadelphia Socialite (age 26) - Brains

-J'Tia Taylor: PhD in Nuclear Engineering (age 34) - Brains

-Clifford Robinson: Former NBA Athlete, currently a Non-Profit Operator (46) - Brawns

-Garrett Adelstein: Poker Player (age 20's-30's) - Brawns
Brawns ||| Garrett - Clifford - L.J.

Beauty ||| Alexis - Jeremiah - Jefra

Brains ||| J'Tia - Brice - Spencer - Trish

The rumors are that believe it or not.... The Beauties go on a 3 loss streak.... and among the 3 loss are 2 randoms we don't know of yet.... and Jeremiah. (My Speculation is the women team up on the men, but idk? we'll wait and see)

From there the Beauties actually gain control and the Brains go to tribal where J'Tia is voted off.... Yeah yeah, you can start your negging just about now -_-... This is just what i've been told.

*Tribal Dissolve*

It is unclear where everything stands from here on whom's on what tribe dissolve... yet we do know it's the Beauties dissolving into the Brains and Brawns.

From here apparently the merge starts at 11 and this is the rest of the Pre Jury Boot list

12th: A Random (Sources say from the Beauty tribe though).

From here the basis is that 6 to 5 basically come merge and the Brains pull a move that apprently goes down in the history books for Survivor

Jury Boot List

11th: Clifford
10th: A Random (From Brawns)
9th: L.J.
8th: A Random (From Brawns)
7th: Trish (From Brains)
6th: Garrett (Brawns)
5th: Spencer (Brains)
4th: A Random (last of the Brawns)
Final Three are all from The Brains Tribe

F3: Brice
F3: Speculation (Woman)
F3: Speculation (Male)

There you have it everyone!!! Your first official partial boot list :D!


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