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  1. I Wish I Could Get Good At Guitar...
  2. What A Weird String Of Days...
  3. Fuck.
  4. Damn.
  5. Gotta Make It Out Alive.
  6. My Internet Sucks.
  7. Whoops.
  8. Steve Smith...
  9. This Is Ground Control To Major Tom.
  10. Simona...
  11. Keep Digging.
  12. I Make Appearances At Social Events...
  13. Can Bad Things Ever End Well?
  14. I Have To Dry My Shirt Off...
  15. Why God's Phone Die Everytime That I Call On Him?
  16. You Know When...
  17. I'm Making The End Game Even More Difficult.
  18. Great Song.
  19. For The First Time Since 2009...
  20. Avett Brothers Man...
  21. Ever Wonder Which Love Song...
  22. I Was A One-Hit Wonder In My Own Hometown.
  23. All I Can Taste...
  24. You Were Worth The Sunburn.
  25. Shark Attack Epidemic
  26. Yeah Fuck Game of Thrones
  27. Probable Narcissistic Selfie Warning...
  28. I'm Gonna Come Out On Top.
  29. Any Seal Friends Out There Still Awake?
  30. Help!
  31. I Am Not A Dog.
  32. Nightcrawler Is A Great Movie.
  33. I'm Playing A Game That's Impossible To Win.
  34. There Are Porn Stars...
  35. Three Girls In A Row...
  36. If Only..
  37. I'm A Rock.
  38. I'm A Carolina Boy.
  39. Hola
  40. I Think My 21st Birthday..

It's A Bad Week To Be A Seal

Jul 29, 2013 by Seal


swim fo yo life fool
Sent by Alyssia,Jul 29, 2013
thank the lord
Sent by JeanTheBean,Jul 29, 2013
Sent by kimmal8,Jul 29, 2013
well gl to ya
Sent by Caliboy,Jul 29, 2013
It's not that easy being green.
Sent by BengalBoy,Jul 29, 2013

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