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  1. Survive And Advance
  2. What Should I Do For Dinner?
  3. When You Accidentally Sleep Til 7 PM.
  4. Anybody Like Folk Music?
  5. There Was A Point In Time...
  6. The Last Time I Played A Game...
  7. Anybody Listen To The Avett Brothers?
  8. Ramsay Bolton.
  9. People Who Purposefully Post Bannable Things...
  10. Luther Is A Fantastic TV Show.
  11. LemonFace Would Be The Perfect...
  12. Jenzie Would Be The Perfect One Night Stand.
  13. Boobies.
  14. 3rd Straight Day...
  15. The Kids Are Alright Is A Great Movie.
  16. Anybody Ever Been Subpoenaed...
  17. Dream Girl Has Dark, Super Curly Hair.
  18. What's The Median Tengaged Age?
  19. I'm Nervous...
  20. Damn I'm Actually Kinda Conflicted...?
  21. God Damn Awful Time For School To End.
  22. Souls Like The Wheels
  23. Semester Is Over!!
  24. One More Exam.
  25. I Feel Like A Fish Tryna Breathe Outta Water.
  26. Has There Ever Lived A Better Harmonizing Duo?
  27. My Hair Is Getting Long As Balls.
  28. You And I, We're The Same
  29. Say Love...
  30. This Exam Gon Kick My Bootie.
  31. One More Year...
  32. Portuguese!?
  33. You Know Those Giant Blow Up...
  34. I Don't Think I Have A Chance...
  35. First Exam Today.
  36. Who Was Browning?
  37. Guys.
  38. Half Tabbin'
  39. Bartended All Day.
  40. Presentation In The AM.

It's A Bad Week To Be A Seal

Jul 29, 2013 by Seal


swim fo yo life fool
Sent by Alyssia,Jul 29, 2013
thank the lord
Sent by JeanTheBean,Jul 29, 2013
Sent by kimmal8,Jul 29, 2013
well gl to ya
Sent by Caliboy,Jul 29, 2013
It's not that easy being green.
Sent by BengalBoy,Jul 29, 2013

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