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  1. When ur dad trades u for a camel
  2. Honestly still the biggest icon on this site
  3. Angie Bowie in BB was too much
  4. Trump isn't racist
  5. Donald Trump is a true icon
  6. To make things straight
  7. Maddie in Sia's dance videos
  8. Stars be like
  9. What time does stars enroll
  10. Tag your lover
  11. Jews are gross
  12. 'Real women have curves'
  13. When u hear ur neighbours calling their dog
  14. I watched Dance Moms
  15. The US needa calm down on porn
  16. Trump or Putin
  17. When the OT can't play guitar
  18. When both tribes legit suck so bad at deal
  19. I've never seen something so realistic
  20. Is it just me
  21. Who remembers
  22. Me looking at roadkill: ew that's gross lol
  23. Can someone post something nice
  24. The hardcore way to make 2 minute noodles?
  25. Friends are like balloons
  26. Balloons are weird presents
  27. I still don't get why, like, underage gay boys
  28. Hi
  29. I'm going to literally lose it
  30. Dreams suck in the sense that
  31. A blind man walks into a bar.
  32. When ur so excited u can't type properly
  33. PYN
  34. I don't see how people can be so
  35. Is the Ocean salty because
  36. Something only skyler would say
  37. I turned my whole browser French
  39. I'm a muva fukin
  40. I love this pic

'Real women have curves'

Jan 10, 2017 by Shonaynay


LOL hey that looks like me
Sent by IceBeast,Jan 10, 2017

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