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I almost died

Jan 5, 2017 by Steven999
So while I was taking a shower, I felt like I was having a panic attack for no reason so I wasn't worried. But then it got really bad that I had to get out of the shower to grab my clothes. I couldn't do anything because I felt so dizzy and that everything is spinning out of control. I collapsed and fell on the trash bin and hurt my back. While still going out of control, I somehow managed to put on my shirt and a towel around my waist. I left the bathroom and threw myself at me bed. That was one of the worst experiences I have ever had, I swear I thought that I was dying. I'm still in shock, I can't even study for my test. The doctor says that there's nothing wrong but I still feel terrible. Help :(


ive felt like that before

it usually happens if the water is too hot/maybe you just got up or havent eaten or had anything to d rink

my theory is that your blood pressure gets really low due to those factors and it makes u lightheaded/almost pass out
Sent by lemonface,Jan 5, 2017
yeah ^ its probably because you havent eaten or drank enough ina  while
Sent by Jordanxo,Jan 5, 2017
It happens
Sent by WannaBeeFriends,Jan 5, 2017
I leave the bathroom door open while I shower. If it gets too steamy I get dizzy. I hope is just that for you. ❤
Sent by TaraG,Jan 5, 2017

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