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  1. had 3 nightmares in a row
  2. Things Ziggy did: THAT
  3. My ass looks GREAT today
  4. Everyday by Ariana Grande
  5. I heard that Arya kills Cersei
  6. I think there's a flaw in my code
  7. The Fosters
  8. I'm surprised that the houseguests
  9. Christmas canceled this year?
  10. Imagine if Alex did not win the first POV
  11. Erin literally would've gotten Paul out
  12. 40 more days
  13. "You're not a Charlie Day stan"
  14. Can't wait for The 100
  15. I just had a nightmare
  16. Frank: I nominated you week 1
  17. My new blog pic
  18. Daily appreciation blog
  19. Fat Asian Trash is going next
  20. Lol if Mark wins POV
  21. Katy Perry canceled her tour
  22. Happy 34th Birthday
  23. Why is Julia Nolan
  24. Kaseyhope101
  25. So Jordyn Rose
  26. Zuelke vs. Kaseyhope101
  27. Thoughts on BB4 Cast
  28. Thoughts on BB3 cast
  29. Thoughts on BB2 cast:
  30. Christmas won HoH
  31. Imagine a Raven and Alex final 2
  32. Relatable AF
  33. Daenerys moans
  34. But it’s the devil that's trying to
  35. What's up with these trash Double Evictions?
  36. Christmas should've been medivaced
  37. Feeds are still off
  38. Ching Chong Panda Cunt
  39. Fine Marlena wins HoH
  40. I'm in my underwear right now

Someone gift me :(

Jan 6, 2017 by Steven999
I'll return the favor with sexual slavery. Just gift me something


Maybe in 54 years. That's how long it'll take me to get the money. And I don't want your body. I'd rather have the soul. ;)
Sent by Thirteen,Jan 6, 2017
Thirteen it's ok. You can have my soul regardless
Sent by Steven999,Jan 6, 2017

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