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  1. I hate it
  2. Almost over
  3. When I audition for Survivor
  4. My brother just called Camila hot
  5. What a vile creature
  6. Abi, Wenworth or Ciera?
  7. Crickets
  8. We need Fiji returnees
  9. I thought she would be the next Victoria
  10. Ask me
  11. I'm disgusted
  12. If you were a killer
  13. Any good horror movies?
  14. What's your fav Disney movie?
  15. Updated my friend's list
  16. Sabrina must come back for BBCAN5
  17. Stupid bitch!
  18. I hate U I Love U
  19. For me, it's between
  20. Ok let me just say.........
  21. Stars support
  22. I hope he joins the next Stars game
  23. If Ariana sings Moonlight Acapella
  24. Halsey is a flop
  25. I haven't seen Moana yet
  26. Someone called me fake and shady
  27. Favorite Ariana Grande songs:
  28. Casted my vote
  29. Katie Collins needs to return wtf
  30. I'm giving Sierra a chance
  31. For season 40 of Survivor
  32. Moonlight by Ariana Grande
  33. Natalie White is underrated
  34. My brother HATES
  35. Exposing someone
  36. Someone has a crush on someone here
  37. PYN
  38. I don't want a top blog
  39. BB8 Rankings
  40. It's Friday the 13th

Someone gift me :(

Jan 6, 2017 by Steven999
I'll return the favor with sexual slavery. Just gift me something


Maybe in 54 years. That's how long it'll take me to get the money. And I don't want your body. I'd rather have the soul. ;)
Sent by Thirteen,Jan 6, 2017
Thirteen it's ok. You can have my soul regardless
Sent by Steven999,Jan 6, 2017

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