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  1. Amanda Zuckerman better come back for BB19
  2. I'm like stressed right now
  4. Why does everyone love Becky Burgess????
  5. Sharon should've won BB9
  6. Kevin and William still cuddling
  7. I hope Emily leaves this week
  8. If i hate you
  9. I hated Becky from BB17
  10. When is your birthday?
  11. Is anything happening on the feeds?
  12. BBCan5 ranking:
  13. Jackie is fake AF
  14. Remember when Amanda and Danielle fought?
  15. Opinions on Chris Pratt?
  16. PYN
  17. Survivor Blog Series
  18. Imagine this was the Game Changers cast
  19. BBCan5 episode 2 thoughts.
  20. Pet peeve of mine
  21. Homophobic people are ignorant
  22. I officially have a bully
  23. So proud of my man Troyzan
  24. I am crying :(
  25. Opinion on Andrea Boehlke?
  26. Survivor player you are most like?
  27. Oh Malcolm
  28. Final 2 of Game Changers:
  29. Predictions for 2017:
  30. My Winner pick for Game Changers:
  31. Thank you Sandra Diaz-Twine
  32. Jameka clapping in Dick's face
  33. My knee hurts
  35. I can't believe this
  36. My hair
  37. what do you do
  38. I'm just.........Steven
  39. We all know that Kaylabby will be staying
  40. 2 months

I'm gonna flop tommorow's test

Jan 7, 2017 by Steven999
I can't understand fucking math, I wanna die.


dont worry steven you'll do great. what kind of math?
Sent by greenranger8,Jan 7, 2017
If ur taking algebra 2 I can help
Sent by C00LDUDE1000,Jan 7, 2017
Sent by greenranger8,Jan 7, 2017

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