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  1. Jillian is the worst imo
  2. My BB19 Team:
  3. Who are the 4 BB19 returnees?
  4. Something bad will happen very soon
  5. Stop trying to make Addison happen
  6. I heard rumors
  7. I'm Alex Drake
  8. PLL was stupid
  9. I think I'm psychic
  10. PYN and I'll predict your future:
  11. I'd like to punch him
  12. Overwatch stats not updating
  13. Shower Harvey is A.D.
  14. Me @ Mr. Hastings being A.D.
  15. I hope A.D. is not Spencer's twin or some shit
  16. Hannah/Spencer > Emily > Aria
  17. Happy PLL Finale Day everyone
  18. Trust me
  19. Just received the worst news of my life
  20. Jennifer, you look like a clown.
  21. Morgan Willett returns
  22. I actually feel bad for
  23. Hi everyone
  24. You & I
  25. PYN for an honest opinion
  26. I texted my crush (For the first time, it was..
  27. Selena Gomez <3333
  28. PYN
  29. PYN
  30. I want to apply for T-Brother
  31. I need someone to talk to.
  32. his birthday is at the zoo
  33. Rihanna's Best Songs (in no order):
  34. Best Ariana Grande songs (in no order):
  35. Survivor season 35 spoilers
  36. Jillian is canceled already
  37. Morgan Willett ENDED NEELY
  38. You're dumb
  39. PYN for a tbh:
  40. I just adopted a squirrel

Someone please kill me

Jan 7, 2017 by Steven999
I'm not ready to take the test. I'm gonna fail :(


Sent by Memphis_Grizzlies,Jan 7, 2017
Good luck. Math was always my absolute worst subject. If I got 70% I considered it a huge success.
Sent by Thirteen,Jan 7, 2017
Thirteen nothing makes sense. Sometimes, I'm good at math when it has nothing to do with fucking shapes and sizes
Sent by Steven999,Jan 7, 2017

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