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  1. 3 episodes in
  2. Fingers crossed
  3. Please kill yourself
  5. I love Neda
  6. Emily does have a personality
  8. Fuck, Mary, Kill (Survivor Edition)
  9. Why did everyone turn on Neda?
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  11. Emily needs to go tonight
  12. Amanda Zuckerman better come back for BB19
  13. I'm like stressed right now
  15. Why does everyone love Becky Burgess????
  16. Sharon should've won BB9
  17. Kevin and William still cuddling
  18. I hope Emily leaves this week
  19. If i hate you
  20. I hated Becky from BB17
  21. When is your birthday?
  22. Is anything happening on the feeds?
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  24. Jackie is fake AF
  25. Remember when Amanda and Danielle fought?
  26. Opinions on Chris Pratt?
  27. PYN
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  30. BBCan5 episode 2 thoughts.
  31. Pet peeve of mine
  32. Homophobic people are ignorant
  33. I officially have a bully
  34. So proud of my man Troyzan
  35. I am crying :(
  36. Opinion on Andrea Boehlke?
  37. Survivor player you are most like?
  38. Oh Malcolm
  39. Final 2 of Game Changers:
  40. Predictions for 2017:

I've been told

Jan 10, 2017 by Steven999
That I sound just like Galaxies on call. Now I wanna kill myself.


I don't know what Galaxies sounds like. Is it really that bad?
Sent by Thirteen,Jan 10, 2017
Thirteen I've never heard him, but my friend told me that we have the same voice and same "Calafornian Accent"
Sent by Steven999,Jan 10, 2017
Very interesting. I used to use Skype and go on calls. But it was always so uncomfortable for me. A lot of awkward silence because of how shy I am so I vowed never to do it again.
Sent by Thirteen,Jan 10, 2017
His voice isn't bad at all.
Sent by Druhhbby2,Jan 10, 2017

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