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  1. PYN
  2. some people can't take rejection
  3. My pyn blog expired, but will finish it still
  4. PYN to see how you are doing in frooks.
  5. ❤ Happy Birthday Waianae ❤
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  8. How do you get health?
  9. My favorite comment of the night........
  10. ❤ Grats to the new tg couple ❤
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  15. dé-jà vu
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  18. OMG RANDO!!!!!!!!
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  22. How long do blogs last?
  23. Tag A Sweetie!
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  26. Niko!!!!
  27. I want to be in this casting!!!!
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  29. That kitty design in shops!!!
  30. In a rookies charity
  31. Is that map thing still on snap?
  32. My TBrother Favs
  33. neg if hot, plus if not
  34. Funniest thing I heard today....
  35. Where is my niko?
  36. Please take a sec, listen and comment what you..
  37. random hug
  38. Pyn for a random GIF
  39. My worse puzzle ever in WOF..
  40. I am ranked......


Sep 5, 2016 by TaraG
@cococolin is such an attention ho, tengaged has temporarily shut him down from blogging.
That is all.



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omg tara ily
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